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About Us

Welcome to SiteNerdy, the best guide to a successful online presence.

Here, we assist you with easy-to-read articles to help you understand the overall parts of websites. Plus we provide easy, free guides and tutorials for building and growing websites.

Also, we provide tons of tutorials for SEO, marketing, security, speed, etc. So, you can improve your site, reach more audiences, extend your business/blog, and make your online presence more credible.

Our Goal

We, SiteNerdy, try to be more than just informative. Primarily, we aim to make beginners and non-techy users able to create and handle their online presence by themselves.

As website and marketing experts, we realize the need for websites for the growth and success of every industry. And, we believe every venture, either small or large, should have an online presence for success.

You’ll be relieved to know that you can make your website on your own. That means no developers’ cost, no relying on others, and site designing freedom in your own hands.

Developing websites may seem a little bit technical. Don’t worry! We’re destined to help you create an awesome website in the easiest way possible.

Not only this much. You’ll find lots of guides and tutorials needed for a successful online presence in our blog. From defining a common web-related terminology to step-by-step tutorials, from a detailed product review to traffic gaining strategies, SiteNerdy has it all.

Also, we tend to think a little differently. In between our blogs, you’ll find some smartest and unique ideas that work, but others don’t talk much. That’s what separates us from other blogs you find on the internet.

That’s not all! We aim to help everyone with better solutions for any kind of website issues. For that, we stand in your shoes, go through things ourselves, and see what problems you might encounter as beginners. Then, we provide the best solutions accordingly.

Our Team

We’re a small team of experienced scholars sharing different backgrounds. However, we share a common passion for helping others with what we can do best.

We have combined expertise in WordPress, web development, marketing, and writing. And, we work together to share our experience by creating the best articles here at SiteNerdy.


We’re funded through referral earnings. We’ve included affiliate links to the products in or articles. And, if you buy products directly from our site through the links, then we’ll get a little commission. This doesn’t add any cost to you.

We’re here to help you but still, we need some capital to keep operating. So, if you want to help us, you can buy products through our referral links.

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