WordPress vs Blogger

Do you know which is a better blog platform between WordPress vs Blogger?

WordPress and Blogger are the 2 preferred blogging platforms on the web. They both are best in their own ways.

In this article, we’ll discuss and compare WordPress vs Blogger side by side, and we’ll assist you to choose the most effective one for yourself.

About WordPress

WordPress is an open-source software which is free to use and may easily be customized. It’s the foremost popular Content Management System (CMS) for building an internet site, blog, or an online store.


WordPress is also considered as the simplest and beginner-friendly platform. It has been a go-to platform for both web developers and growing entrepreneurs.

WordPress is typically available in two different flavors: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is a fully-hosted blogging platform where you’ll simply sign-in and begin creating your blog. Whereas WordPress.org is a free WordPress software that you simply can download and install on your own web-server to make a website.

About Blogger

Blogger is a free blogging platform, owned and hosted by Google. It’s an easy blog site that allows you to create and immediately publish your blog online.


Blogger is a free blog hosting service that allows you to create a blog completely free of cost. You furthermore might get a free Blogspot subdomain for your new blog.

Your free blog address would look like this www.sampleblog.blogspot.com.

Ease of use – WordPress vs Blogger

Most of the beginners who are hooked into being a content creator aren’t so technically skilled. The thing that they actually need could be a simple platform where they can brag their talent.

WordPress – Ease of Use

WordPress is beginner-friendly and setting up a blog using WordPress is straightforward and quick. It allows anyone to create powerful websites and blogs easily without hiring a developer.

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

It is not that tough to put in WordPress even for the first time, but the whole process isn’t as nearly easy as fixing a Blogger account that takes just a couple of clicks. That’s because you need to purchase a domain name and web hosting subscription.  

WordPress is simple to set up that even anyone including beginners can understand and find used to it with an easy guide.

Blogger – Ease of Use

Blogger is a very simple blogging platform. It provides a free blog hosting service, so you simply need a Google account and you’re good to go. Then log in to Blogger, choose a template, and you’re able to start running your blog and publishing posts.

You don’t need to pay money for any registration fee, sub-domain fee, or hosting fee. Moreover, it doesn’t ask you to possess technical knowledge either. You’ll use Blogger even though you’re not technically fluent.

Although setting up maybe a very simple process, and basic customization is often done in ease. But if you wish to customize your blog further than you’ll need some HTML skills.

Ownership and Control – WordPress vs Blogger

You must have full ownership of your blog. It provides you the liberty to try anything, including the way to handle it, the way to monetize it, and when to shut it down. It’s an important part to think about while choosing a blog site.

WordPress – Ownership and Control

WordPress is a free open-source platform available for anyone to download, use, and modify at no cost. Once you download the installation files, it becomes your responsibility. From the very moment you begin hosting a site, you get the sensation that it’s yours. 

Although you’ll probably be paying a few dollars a month for hosting, the website remains yours. So, it’s possible to try to do whatever you would like with it — move it, expand it, change it, delete it, etc.

You have complete ownership of your website. Therefore, it gives you the authority to feature anything you would like within the content section. You host your own files and may design it however you wish.

Blogger – Ownership, and Control

Since Google hosts all the websites on Blogger, so, you never really own your blog on Blogger.  They have their set of rules and conditions that are necessary to follow, which suggests that guys at the corporate get to undertake anything they have with the service.

Also, if you don’t like how the server performs or if you would like to vary some things about accessibility, Google won’t allow you to try too much. The control is in their hands, and you will hope that their decisions will affect you nicely.

Flexibility – WordPress vs Blogger

In today’s date websites are far more than simply places to display digital content. They need to be interactive and interesting. However, your options will depend entirely on the blogging platform you select.

WordPress -Flexibility

The reason behind WordPress being one among the so-called popular platforms is because it’s incredibly flexible. The open-sourced nature of WordPress allows you to implement all types of features that cater to your audience’s needs. You’ll be able to easily extend it to add new features.

Plugin Feature in WordPress
Add Plugins Feature on WordPress

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins that allow you to switch, and extend the default features. The free plugins are available directly from WordPress.org. 

The premium plugins are available at marketplaces like CodeCanyon and the third-party developer websites. The third-party creators make new features available all the time. 

With the plugins, you’ll be able to implement e-commerce systems, fun widgets, and a number of other extras on your WordPress site. 

Blogger – Flexibility

On Blogger, you don’t get as many customization options as you’d on WordPress.

Gadget Feature on Blogger
Add Gadgets Feature on Blogger

Blogger provides some limited number of templates which are very basic and common. They have limited functionality and Blogger doesn’t have many plugins as WordPress does.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of those features is that they’re limited. The worst part is there are not many alternatives that you simply can choose between.

Appearance and Design Option -WordPress vs Blogger

The appearance or the look of your blog plays an important role in attracting users and interesting them on your site. Having a well-designed website can attract new visitors.

WordPress – Design

In WordPress, there are over 7,500 free themes available which you can download and use completely free of cost. Themes are what determines most of the design in WordPress. 

All the themes available in WordPress are beautiful and utilize modern design principles to form your blog look fresh. You’ll simply look for the theme, you would like based on what your site is about.

WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes

If you can’t find the proper look from the choice of free themes, there also are premium themes available. Although they are available at an extra cost, they might offer something unique.

You can also work with third-party developers to make your own theme. Ultimately, WordPress provides you with complete control over how your site looks and feels.

Blogger – Design

Blogger platform doesn’t have plenty of design options to settle on. The themes available are quite basic that you simply can see that have been used by thousands of other sites.

Blogger Themes
Blogger Themes

Once you select a theme, there are again followed by a limited number of customization tools. Although, those available tools are user-friendly and comparatively useful.

As in WordPress, Blogger doesn’t provide you with the foremost freedom when it involves appearance.

Portability – WordPress vs Blogger

At some point within the future, you’ll want to move your site to a different platform and hosting provider for increased flexibility. So, it’s essential to see whether your blog platform has secure options to move to a different platform or not.

WordPress – Portability

Using WordPress, you’ll be able to move your site anywhere you would like. You can move your WordPress site to a brand-new host, change the domain name, or maybe move your site to other content management systems. The method is easy and comparatively painless.

Blogger – Portability

You can move your blogger site to a different platform but it’s a really complicated task. There’s a big risk that you will simply lose your SEO rankings, subscribers, and followers during the move.

Bloggers do allow data export, but the reality is that Google stores your data for an extended period of time even after you’re through with them.

Support – WordPress vs Blogger

We know that even experienced users need help from time to time. Regardless of how much you know about WordPress or Blogger, we’re convinced that you’ll simply need support at some point. Hence, you need a blogging platform with an honest support team.

WordPress – Support

The WordPress community is large and supportive. WordPress has many people that use this platform around the world, which makes it easier to get help.

Official WordPress Support
Official WordPress Support

There are official support forums for questions and answers for every theme and plugin and for any problem that the user might run to. While it’s not similar to having a dedicated support team, you’ll get tons of great information from those active forums.

If you’re using a paid version of WordPress, you’ll have access to a dedicated support team. You’ll be able to get 24/7 active support community and repair, support is taken care of regardless of the condition.

Blogger – Support

Blogger contains a small support team that gives very limited support. The community isn’t very active and your choices for the support are very limited.

Official Blogger Support
Official Blogger Support

The community does attempt to make things a bit better. Like WordPress, Blogger does have a user support forum where people can ask questions and find help. But, all the answers to its question are answered by the other Blogger users. So, there’s no guarantee that the knowledge you get is genuine.

SEO – WordPress vs Blogger

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help get your site noticed on search engines like Google. This is often an ideal marketing technique if you would like to produce free organic traffic from search engines. 

Simply, SEO is the process of  modifying your content in a way it gets better ranking in search results. When your site ranks high in Google’s search results, your site gets more visitors. 

WordPress – SEO

WordPress has a built-in feature as on Blogger for SEO. It automatically generates title tags and meta descriptions for all of your pages and posts. 

Plus, there are many plugins that are focused on SEO. These tools work within the WordPress platform for efficiency.

WordPress being a self-hosted platform, it might help you to urge your viewers from other search engines also.

Blogger – SEO

Blogger is a property of Google, so Blogger has an advantage to its built-in tool feature. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful SEO tools available. Because it shows you what your audience is trying to find and may assist you to come up with keywords to implement into your content.

However, Blogger would only assist you to get views through Google searches. Since Google owns your content, it’s extremely difficult to take care of your SEO rankings.

Security – WordPress vs Blogger

Hacking, fraudery, and malware attacks are increasing in recent years. Thus, having a correct security feature may be necessary for today’s time. Choosing a secure blogging platform may provide your visitors with some peace of mind.

WordPress – Security

Generally, WordPress is pretty much secure on its own. However, the platform doesn’t have its own security systems built-in security measures as Blogger does. That’s because it’s a self-hosted system. You’re accountable for implementing your own security protocols, managing your server’s resources, or creating backups.

Here are some tips on how to secure a WordPress site – choose a secure hosting, use a security plugin, create backups, use two-factor authentication, enable web application firewall, etc. 

Blogger – Security

Blogger is a service provided by Google, which has its advantages and drawbacks. When it comes to security, Google’s technology is extremely beneficial. Because they make sure that the servers are safe and in good condition.

You don’t need to worry about creating backups, managing resources, or investing in additional security systems.

Since you do not have control over it, Google can pack up the service anytime when it wants to. Then, you cannot do anything to resume your blog when the Blogger site is down.

Monetization Option – WordPress vs Blogger

If you’re going to become a full-time blogger, and need to start out making money off your blog, then, you would like to own a blogging platform that gives an excellent monetization option.

WordPress – Monetization

WordPress is quite a self-hosted free service that you simply have full control over, and you’ll choose what percentage ads to display in each site, select a price, and lots of more. You’re not restricted to point out ads and monetize your blog as you see fit.

There are different types of free and premium plugins available from which you’ll monetize your blog.

WordPress Plugins for Monetization
WordPress Plugins Option for Monetization

Not just blogging, but you’ll be able to use it to make an online store and other professional business sites from which you’ll also earn some money.

Blogger – Monetization

Like in WordPress, you’ll also earn money from your Blogger blog. Except for that, you would like to first add Google AdSense to your blog then you’ll show ads on your blog.

Google AdSense Feature
Google AdSense Feature

Blogger lacks some features like online store features, so you can’t have a store selling your products like in WordPress.

Pricing – WordPress vs Blogger

As a beginner blogger, you want to be clear about how much it costs to line up a blog. You must choose the platform based on how much you are willing to spend on that blog.

WordPress – Pricing

WordPress is a free blog platform. Although, you’ll have to buy your hosting and domain name to start out a blog. It’d cost you around $15/year for a website name and around $8/month for hosting. Some popular companies like Bluehost offer both services at a discounted price; WordPress hosting at $2.75/mo. with a free domain. 

While using WordPress it does cost you a small amount of money, but to seem at the brighter side you’ll also get greater control over your site, and allowing you to produce growth.

Blogger – Pricing

Blogger is also a free blogging service with an all-in-one platform. Because it provides both free blog hosting and a free Blogspot subdomain. But if you would like your own domain, then you will need to get it separately from a domain registrar company and connect it to your Blogger site.

Although Blogger seems to be a free service, it still lacks many of the tools you would like to achieve traffic and exposure.

WordPress vs Blogger Comparison Table

Ease of useEasy to learn and use.Very quick and easy to set up.
OwnershipYou own it and control it.Limited control, as Google owns it.
FlexibilityYou can add more features to your site.Common and limited options to choose from.
CustomizationYou have complete control over the look of your site.Limited.
PortabilityHassle-free switch from one to another.It’s hard to switch from Blogger to another platform.
SupportCommunity, pay for service.Limited support, support forum.
SEOHelps you to get viewers from search engines.Help you to get views through Google searches.
SecurityDepends on you.Good, Google supported security.
MonetizationProvides e-commerce features.Lacks e-commerce features.
PricingFree software. But you need to pay for hosting and domain.Free.
WordPress vs Blogger Comparison Table


Both Blogger and WordPress have plenty to offer. Both are widely used blog platforms. But since you would like to settle on one. It comes right down to the purpose of your blog entirely.

If the purpose of your blog is to share your thoughts and make fun content, then Blogger could be your go-to platform. However, it doesn’t have enough features for your professional growth.

But if you’re trying to find something professional and provides you with tons more control over the design, feel, and content you’ll publish on your blog then you ought to go along with WordPress.

If you would like to monetize your blog and still grow your audience, WordPress is the way to go. With the thousands of accessible plugins, the creative possibilities are endless.

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