Popular Types of Websites

Wondering what are the most popular types of websites that you can build in 2021? Don’t worry. We’ve listed popular types of websites to help you with that confusion.

There are huge numbers of websites out there on the web. You can possibly find websites for every niche out there.

Among more than a billion websites on the web, some types of websites tend to gather more traffic and gain more popularity than others. When starting with a website, it’s important to know these popular types of websites.

From the list of various website building platforms, you can choose the best among them based on your requirements and cost.

To help you with that, we’ve got a list of the most popular types of websites in 2021.

Let’s start with this.

Most Popular Types of Websites in 2021

If you are planning to make a website, then you need to decide which type of website you want to make. So, read to the end and decide for yourself, which website type is best for you.

1. Business site

Forbes Website

A business website is one of the most popular types of websites out there. Many different business organizations use these sites as their online identity or market. They use business sites to promote and sell their product and also provide customers with an easy connection with the company.

Business websites are a very broad category that can also include other different types of websites. For example, a personal blog that monetizes off of stuff it sells online can also be called a business site along with an eCommerce website. There’re many different business websites but the common point of all is that it helps the business or organization grow rapidly.

They also help the company to communicate with the customers and get their feedback. An elegant site helps to signify the credibility of the business. Therefore, most of the businesses already include a site.

You can start a business website if,

  • You want a platform to share your business information.
  • You’ve got an existing business and want to expand it online.
  • You want to increase your clients and customers for your business.
  • You’ve got a business idea and want to start the business online.

You can start building your business website in no time using WordPress and the bundle of themes it provides. For more information, you can check our article on why a website is important for a business.

Some of the most popular business websites on the web are:

2. Personal site

Gates Notes Type of Personal Website
Gates Notes

Personal websites, as the name suggests, are very popular types of websites that people use to share their personal ideas, feelings, and stories. It acts as an online diary for an individual where they share their take on different topics. These websites mostly include different media like images and photos to make the content entertaining.

Although the main intention of the website is not to make money, many personal websites evolve into revenue generators after a good amount of traffic. This has motivated many individuals to create personal websites and you can find them all around the web.

You can start with a personal site if you

  • Want to express your creativity and write stories and articles on the web.
  • Like to maintain regular and up to date journals.
  • Want to share your daily lifestyle.

You can easily start sharing your stories, writings, and express your creativity on the web by starting a personal website. WordPress makes it easy for you to start. You can head on to how to start a website for more guidance.

Some of the popular personal websites are:

3. eCommerce Website

Daraz eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites are online stores or shops where people can buy and sell products. You might have come across different eCommerce stores and also bought some on your internet journey. All those websites that allow you to buy items are eCommerce sites.

These websites include an attractive design to showcase their product and allow customers to easily buy or sell items. If you aim to sell your products and services conveniently, then this is the right website to start.

eCommerce websites include different features like filtering products, payment portals, shipping methods, and more. These might seem very complex to include on your website when starting but you don’t have to worry. There are plenty of platforms that allow you to build an eCommerce site very easily and start selling your products.

You can start an eCommerce site if you

  • Want to sell your products and services online.
  • Want to start an online store.
  • Have an existing store and extend its reach.

Some of the most popular eCommerce websites on the web are:

Here we have listed the best eCommerce platforms to make a powerful online store, which you might want to check.

4. Blog Website

Mashable Blog Website

Blog websites contain informative blog posts and are popular types of websites that are run by an individual or a group of people. They consist of blog posts on different topics and are mostly not constricted by any niches.

Blog websites have a conversational style of writing and provide a casual read to the viewer. The writers frequently and regularly update the website with new blog posts. They are user-friendly and interactive which also allows the views to easily interact and put forward their comments.

Blog websites have been on a steep rise in popularity and many people are creating these websites. Also, people have been creating blogs on various topics like fashion, lifestyle, food, pets, travel, etc. For more information, you can check our guide on the most popular types of blogs.

You can easily create a website for blogging using different platforms on the web. One of the most popular and user-friendly platforms is WordPress. It helps you start with website building very easily.

People also tend to confuse blogs and websites with each other. Check our article on Blog vs Website for more information.

If you are a beginner and want to start your own blog then you can go with free blogging platforms anytime.

You can start a blog website if you

  • Love writing new and interesting things.
  • Want a platform to publish different articles.

Some of the popular blogging websites are:

5. Educational Website

Khan Academy Popular Type of Educational Websites
Khan Academy

Educational websites are the types of websites that aim to provide different educational resources and tips to people that are eager to learn. There are many different educational websites on the web. Some are associated with institutions while some provide education with no association.

Schools, colleges, or universities use these websites as a way for students to get up to date with new information or routines. They also use websites to provide students with different educational material for their studies. People can also check these websites to gain information about the institutions.

There are also different types of educational websites that provide online courses and certifications. You can log onto the site and buy different courses they provide to learn. Some websites provide sharable and authentic certificates for course completion. These provide people with the convenience of learning anywhere they want.

You can start with an education website if you

  • Want to provide people with different learning materials.
  • Have an existing education institute.
  • Want to create an online learning platform.

We’ll help you through starting your site in our article on how to start a website.

Some of the most popular educational websites are:

6. Portfolio Site

Messi Portfolio Website
Messi Portfolio

Portfolio websites are sites devoted to showing examples of past work. People can show potential clients the quality of the work they provide and can use a portfolio website to collect some of the best samples of past work they’ve done. This type of website is simpler to build than a business website and more focused on a particular task: collecting work samples.

This type of website is most common for creative professionals and freelancers that are hired based on demonstrated skill. This can also be a more efficient alternative to a business website that serves a similar focus.

Portfolio websites help people show their skills and work to attract potential clients or rank high in the hiring process. Although they are very simple-looking sites with few pages, they are elegant and perfectly reflect your personality and work.

You can start a portfolio website if you

  • Want to showcase your skills and projects.
  • Are changing or looking for a job.
  • Want to get into freelancing and attract clients.

Having a professional portfolio site is very advantageous and it might even be a major factor in you getting a job. If you want to present your skills and work nicely then starting a portfolio site is a great choice. Furthermore, you can find plenty of examples on the web.

Some of the most popular portfolio websites are:

7. Brochure Websites

Starbucks Brochure Website
Starbucks Brochure Website

Brochure websites are used to present overall information about a company, business, or product in a simple yet attractive design. They are mostly used by different companies to showcase and advertise their product and services.

Brochure websites act as a catalog of a product or service and consist of information like contact details, company details, and other information. It also works as a cheaper alternative to advertising your business as you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money on hosting a brochure with 2 3 pages.

You can create a Brochure website if you

  • Want to advertise your product and services.
  • Want an elegant site to show information about a product or service.

 You can easily use different platforms available on the web to start with making your brochure website.

Some of the famous Brochure websites are:

8. Entertainment Website

IMDB Entertainment Website

Entertainment websites focus more on providing information and views in the form of fun and interesting content. They are constantly updating new interesting information regarding different entertaining topics like celebrity gossip, game updates, memes, and more. They try to make the site as engaging and fun as they can.

These easy-to-navigate and user-friendly websites mostly host different portals where people can also share different stuff. They mostly include support for videos and images which makes the site visually elegant and interesting.

If you can grasp some entertaining topic that has a fan base, then you can easily rank high with your entertainment site. People are always looking for entertainment and these sites help in that. It is a great site to get started.

  • You’re an entertainer and want to entertain more people online
  • You have a unique entertainment business idea

Some of the most popular entertainment websites are:

9. Social Media Websites

Instagram Social Media Website

Who doesn’t know about social media? It has almost become the most crucial thing in our daily life. And the website that pops up when you think of the word is one of the social media websites too.

There are more than 3.8 billion social media users out there on different platforms. These websites are a daily necessity and a great platform to share different ideas and promote your work. This makes social media sites a never-dying hub for traffic gathering.

This traffic also guarantees that you are always heard which pulls more and more people. There literally are all kinds of people on social media so you won’t have to look around for the target audience too.

Social Media websites allow you to

  • Share different images and media files
  • Be up to date with different events happening.
  • Be in constant contact with your friends and families.

There are different social media websites out there and some of the most popular are:

10. Non-profit Websites

Acumen Non-profit Website

Non-profit organizations are a bliss to the world. They are constantly trying to help people in need by different methods. But it is impossible for a small group to fund or organize all these tasks. This is where non-profit websites come in.

These non-profit websites are mostly hosted by non-profit organizations as their presence on the web and as a donation portal for their work. They can also include different information about them on the site which makes them credible and trustworthy.

They can also easily include a donation portal and help information on their site. Having a website helps people make donations to the organization and gain more information on what it is currently working on.

You can start with non-profit websites if you

  • Have an existing organization and want to increase members.
  • Want to help people in need by collecting donations.

Some of the popular non-profit websites are:

11. News Websites

The New York Times News Site
The New York Times

It is very important to be aware of what is happening throughout the world. And a reliable way for that is through news websites. News websites as the name suggests are popular types of websites that daily post different articles and posts regarding what is happening in various parts of the world.

News personnel constantly collect different information and news on various events that are happening in the world. They can easily deploy a website to publish the news in a simple yet elegant way. This will help them inform the general public in more ways. The media’s main aim is to keep their readers constantly informed about different events and starting a news website can help them with that.

Although some of these news websites are run by leading media groups, there are plenty of websites that are not associated with any channel. Their only source of an audience is the website and they constantly work to satisfy the audience and provide recent news. Starting a news website is not limited to those media groups.

You can start with news websites if you

  • Have existing news media and want to increase its range online.
  • Are a starting journalist.
  • Want to publish news and update people on different events.

Some of the leading news websites are:

12. Search Engine Websites

Google Search Engine Popular Type of Websites
Google Search Engine Website

Search Engine websites are types of websites that help people search for different information on the web. These websites search the web for different results that are relevant to user’s search entries. They display lists of results according to users and display different information related to the search.

Search engines have databases that store a huge number of web pages that it goes through from the web. When a user searches for any particular keyword, the search engine goes through all the stored web pages and lists out the most relevant web pages matching the keyword.

The most relevant one will inevitably get the majority of the traffic searching for the keyword than the other. So, it is only natural for websites to pursue the top ranking in relevancy. Your content needs to be search engine optimized so that it can rank higher during a search.

As many of us already know, Google is the most popular search engine out there. It handles around 92% of the total searches on the web.

Some search engine websites on the web are:

13. Crowdfunding Websites

GoFundMe Crowd Funding Site

Crowdfunding is collectively gathering funds for different projects, organizations, or an event from different willing people. These types of websites are very famous among people with new and innovative ideas to start their business. Fans of various movies or entertainment media also use this platform as a way to fund conventions and gatherings.

This is also a great help for a startup. Startups mostly had to go around looking for large investments from a limited number of people but crowdfunding websites have changed it. Startups with genuine and great ideas can easily appeal to people and get funds to start with their business.

Crowdfunding websites allow the fundraiser to easily display their reasons and need for the funds. And, they can also set their target amount from the sites. This works as a great platform for starting businesses to flourish and people that want to contribute to something they like.

Crowdfunding sites help

  • To funding different startups
  • On the treatment of medical conditions
  • People complete their degrees and more

Some of the famous Crowdfunding sites are:

14. Community Forum Websites

Stack Overflow Forum Website
Stack Overflow

Community forums or internet forums are types of websites where people can engage and talk about different topics in the form of comments. They are quite unlike chats and mostly have a paragraph or more of messages. People can easily comment on the forum to express their thoughts and ideas on a discussion or even start a new discussion.

They are also known as message boards as it allows people to add new messages or topics to discuss on the site. People can now attach replies and public messages to the topic and interact with each other.

A community forum is a great way to learn about any topic from a different perspective and share different views. They also allow people to add different content to the site. It is a great way to learn a lot about different cultures and traditions through these forums.

Some of the popular community forum websites are:

15. Membership website

Smart Blogger
Smart Blogger

Membership websites are types of websites that are created by businesses and companies for the purpose of sharing information with their members. They are sets of protected web pages with content available to members with specific authority. Only authorized people can access the site and the information on the web.

There are a lot of ways for people to subscribe to the membership to access the site. Some sites require people to subscribe to their services or buy different products to access the site whereas some also provide it for free. They can also include recurring subscriptions or one-time subscriptions for the membership.

These sites allow you to specify different levels of membership authority and different levels of access according to the need. This ensures your content is accessible by members with proper authorization.

Membership sites are more complex than other types of websites. We suggest you go with a qualified web developer to create your own membership site.

If you want to,

  • Share exclusive content like ebooks, music, etc. to registered members
  • sell online courses and make money
  • Create any type of subscription-based service website

Some of the popular membership websites are:


We hope this article has helped you know what are the popular types of websites in 2020 and which is the best for you to start with. Also, we wish you all the best in starting your websites and will be happy to help you throughout the journey.

Want to create an amazing website right away? Then, check out the step-by-step guide on ‘How to Build a Website?’.

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