Best CDN Providers for Video Streaming

Are you looking for the best CDN providers for video streaming? And want to distribute your digital content globally in a  smooth way? If yes, then this article is exactly what you’re searching for.

No doubt, video streaming takes up huge files resulting in the poor performance of your website. For this reason, a lot of individuals use a video CDN (Content Delivery Network). As it helps you host your video material smoothly while keeping a low latency.

Thankfully, there are a handful of CDN providers that provide you with its content delivery service. Yet, choosing one from the plenty is definitely tough and time-consuming.

Hence, we’ve brought you the handpicked list of the best CDN providers for video streaming in this article. 

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Introducing CDN 

Before proceeding to the list, let’s explore CDN a bit more.

Simply, you can understand CDN (Content Delivery Network) as a collection of geographically dispersed servers. 

Now, you might be wondering what a CDN does. Basically, CDN holds temporary copies of your website content in several geographically dispersed servers.  With that, users can easily access your website from their local area.

Introducing CDN
Introducing CDN

To understand more, let’s look at an example. 

Consider a visitor from Japan looking up to your US-hosted website. So, if you’re using a CDN, then your site’s content won’t be delivered from a US server. Thus, the visitor will receive your content via a CDN server close to Japan.

As a result, your website loads quicker and your web content is delivered seamlessly without interruption. 

Why Choose CDNs for Video Streaming?

Now that you know what a CDN is, let’s explore the key reasons in favor of using one for streaming video.

  • Effortless Video Streaming: As you know CDN aids in linking several servers globally. This shortens the routes for video streaming on a user’s device. Further, resulting in an instant load of your video content.
  • High-Quality Videos: Regardless of the video size, CDN helps you deliver pleasant high-quality videos to your viewers. Consequently, this improves the streaming experience as well as boosts your brand’s value.
  • Minimum Lags: Nobody enjoys watching videos that frequently lag or delay. But, if you use CDN, then your viewers can watch videos with fewer lags and disruptions.
  • Better Security: CDNs add an extra degree of security to your network to guard against dangers and online attacks. This increases the security of your video streaming website.
  • Uptime Service: It routes traffic to other servers when one server becomes congested. So, when there’s a sudden increase in traffic, a CDN keeps your site from crashing. 
  • Improves SEO: A fast-loading website is well-liked by search engines. CDN hence improves the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your video streaming website.

Want to know more benefits? Browse our article ‘Do you need a CDN’ for more information. 

How to Choose the Best CDN Providers for Video Streaming Sites?

You must carefully choose a reliable CDN provider if you want to receive the best CDN service for your video streaming. So, check out the criteria listed below to pick the finest CDN provider for your video streaming website.

  • Ease of Use: To begin, simplicity and convenience is the key factor to look at, especially for new users. Perhaps you should avoid using complicated CDNs.
  • Performance: Next, you must evaluate whether the CDN has all the components. That is required for a speedy video streaming website. Also, check if it offers uptime service assurances.
  • Network: It’s crucial to consider how many servers a CDN offers overall. Also, you need to confirm whether the servers are located both globally and in your desired region.
  • Support Service: Consider the various customer support options offered by the CDN provider. So, you can quickly set up and use the service without any hiccups.
  • Pricing: Last but not least, several CDN providers offer a wide range of pricing plans. Hence, you should pick the option that fits your needs and your budget.

Now, let’s get right on the list of the top CDN service providers for streaming videos!

9 Best CDN Providers for Video Streaming 2023

Heading forward, these are the top best CDN providers for video streaming. Each provider offers you distinct capabilities perfect for your video streaming website.

So, meticulously go through its description, key features, pricing, support service, and more to make the best deal.

1. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the best CDN providers for your video streaming website. It has a vast worldwide network of data centers spread across 270+ cities and more than 100+ countries. Plus, each data center caches your static site material to make it quickly accessible to users.

CloudFlare CDN Provider for Video Streaming

On top of that, it comes with its video streaming product called Cloudflare Stream. It’s essentially a streaming service for broadcasting video via the Cloudflare CDN.  Indeed, its worldwide network guarantees quick delivery and fluid video playback for viewers in any region.

Key Features

  • Decreases the original web hosting server’s bandwidth usage. As a result, you’ll save more bandwidth.
  • Includes load balancing tools that can figure out which data center is the most effective for a given request.
  • Delivers a top-notch live streaming experience to any number of users worldwide and over a wide range of connections.
  • Cloudflare Stream features an integrated web player. Plus, works with all of the most popular video players.
  • Instantly encrypts and transmits the best quality for every viewer. Whether they are using 4G on their phone or viewing at home on a large screen.


You can use Cloudflare CDN for free for personal projects if you wish to. On the free version, you get features like unmetered DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection, an SSL certificate, etc. 

Meanwhile, you can pick one of the following high-end plans for special features. 

  • Pro: Costs you $20/month. Along with free features, you get Web Application Firewall (WAF), image optimization, etc.
  • Business: Costs you $200/month. All Pro features. Plus 100% uptime SLA, PCI compliance, and more.
  • Enterprise: Specialized plan with yearly billing, all business capabilities, and role-based account management.

Similarly, Cloudflare Stream features cost you a total of $78/month. During a month, you can stream 500 GB of HD content from this library. With about 72,000 minutes of watching time to a worldwide audience.

Customer Support

Talking about support, Cloudflare definitely provides trustworthy customer service. Now, if you go to the Cloudflare official website, then you can find the Resources section in the navigation. 

CloudFlare Customer Support Options
CloudFlare Customer Support Options

Similarly, in the footer menu, you can see the separate Support column. Where you can find direct links to the Help Center, Cloudflare Status, Trust & Safety, etc. All of these help you in any case of emergency. Thus, you can totally rely on Cloudflare for your video streaming.

On top of that, you can directly connect via the Contact Support team and get in touch with the Cloudflare community.

User Reviews

Final Verdict

To sum up, Cloudflare is one of the most reliable CDN providers for video streaming. The fact that it provides you with a specialized Cloudflare Stream package is noteworthy. This indicates that you receive a special streaming function with a dependable CDN.

2. KeyCDN

Next up, we’ve got KeyCDN which makes up our list of the best CDN providers for video streaming. Importantly, each edge server in KeyCDN is designed with 100% SSD coverage and optimum hardware resources.

KeyCDN Provider for Video Streaming

Additionally, it provides a low-cost method of quickly delivering high-resolution videos with its unique Video CDN solution. It’s well-tuned for all kinds of video and HTTP live streaming to minimize hiccups. 

On top of that, it has 60+ data centers located throughout 40+ nations and 6 continents. Hence, Key CDN guarantees a lag-free user experience whether you want to serve on-demand media or HTTP live streaming.

Key Features

  • Carefully control who has access to your videos. You can restrict access to only certain people thanks to its Secure Token feature.
  • You can eliminate outdated cache or specific pieces of content using the instant purge feature.
  • Provides thorough real-time reports with traffic information to aid in user experience improvement.
  • Supports all popular video and audio formats. Including FLV (Flash), MP4 (HTML5 videos), WMV (Windows Media), MP3, and more.
  • Every plan includes potent features like HTTP/2 integration, SSL certificates, etc.


The KeyCDN service’s premium price tiers vary depending on the server region you choose. The available prices are:

RegionFirst 10 TB (per month)Next 40 TB (per month)Next 50 TB (per month)Over 100 TB (per month)
North America Europe$0.04/GB$0.03/GB$0.02/GB$0.01/GB
Asia Oceania$0.08/GB$0.06/GB$0.04/GB$0.02/GB
Africa Latin America$0.10/GB$0.08/GB$0.06/GB$0.04/GB

For over 100 TB requirements per month, you can directly contact their sales team for discounted volume pricing.

Customer Support

Coming to the KeyCDN support service, you get a professional technical support team. That’s available to you 24/7 at no additional cost. 

Likewise, you can find a separate Support section on the navigation bar of the official KeyCDN website. On clicking it, you can find various support for various troubleshoots, integrations, and zones. 

KeyCDN Support Options
KeyCDN Support Options

Also, you can find quick links to Getting Started, Knowledge Base, and Support Request

User Reviews

Final Verdict

Overall, KeyCDN is completely trustworthy due to its extensive reach and storage capacity. It has exceptional speed and distributes your video material quickly over its extensive worldwide network.

Compared to Cloudflare, its data centers are minimal. But you cannot disregard its SSD servers built with a cutting-edge TCP stack. This guarantees that your video streaming loads quickly. Thereby, providing the best possible video viewing experience for every visitor, regardless of their location.

3. Bunny

Just like its name, Bunny is one of the finest CDN providers for video streaming that truly hops. It comes with cutting-edge CDN, edge storage, and optimization services. Thus, you can now speed up your video content at a rabbit pace. 

Bunny CDN for Video Streaming

Similar to Cloudflare and KeyCDN, Bunny also comes with its own Bunny Stream and Video CDN package. To be precise, these are simple yet potent stream packages that eliminate the headache of video transmission. Consequently, you get the lowest latency and greatest video quality with no buffering.

Also, this CDN provides strong security measures. You can limit access to your video streaming based on a user’s location and at what times. Also, it safeguards your content against assaults.

Key Features

  • Provides a network backbone with 80 Tbps+ and 114+ worldwide PoPs (Points of Presence). This ensures a wonderful video streaming experience.
  • Includes the swiftest worldwide networks supported by hardware built on the NVMe interface and an intelligent routing engine.
  • Take advantage of strong capabilities built particularly for video delivery. such as token authentication, player customization, AI content labeling, etc.
  • Complete control over video management With only a few API(Application Program Interfaces) calls and full webhook connectivity.
  • Its servers are equipped with SSD technology. This provides your video media files with millisecond latencies.


Based on two main factors, BunnyCDN offers premium plans. Namely, Standard Network and Volume Network.

i) Standard Network: Under this scheme, you get region-based pricing with access to the entire network (114 PoPs).

Europe & North AmericaAsia & OceaniaSouth AmericaMiddle East & Africa

ii) Volume Network: It’s ideal for high bandwidth projects with a single global rate (10 PoPs).

First 500 TBFrom 500 TB – 1 PBFrom 1 PB – 2 PBFrom 2 PB+
$0.005/GB$0.004/GB$0.002/GBContact Sales

Similarly, for Bunny Stream, you get the Encoding and Transcoding for free. Meanwhile, the video stream CDN starts from $0.0005/GB and storage from $0.01/ GB. This includes free player, distributed video storage and so much more. 

Customer Support

Bunny claims to provide the best customer support in the CDN business. It’s well equipped with a super effective and knowledgeable support team available 24/7. With an average response time of 5 minutes and 100.000+ tickets solved.

Bunny Customer Support Options
Bunny Customer Support Options

You can quickly reach out to the team via its Contact Us page for support, billing, and any kind of other issues. On top of that, you can browse its Blogs and Bunny Academy to get more information. 

User Reviews

Final Verdict

Summing up, BunnyCDN is definitely among the best CDN solutions for providing lightning-quick video content delivery. Along with a consistent user experience, and great performance. 

On top of that,  BunnyCDN’s infrastructure is built to scale with any project. The amount per month can range from a few TB to hundreds of PB. This actually makes achieving lightning-fast video performance at any scale simpler than ever. 

4. Sucuri

You might have definitely heard about Sucuri as in for your website security. Delightfully, it also provides you with a decent CDN ideal for your video streaming. It can certainly be less than Cloudflare or Bunny. But it properly balances the demands for security along with fast and fluid video transmission.

Sucuri CDN for Video Streaming

Moreover, Sucuri’s CDN offers cutting-edge functionality and capabilities at a reasonable cost. To be precise, it provides CDN services via a network of 12 data centers spread across five continents. Meanwhile, the one in Brazil and one in Australia are edge servers among these locations. 

Key Features

  • Includes 15 PoPs across the continents (except Africa) for quick delivery of your video content.
  • Automatically caches your website’s content and increases the performance of video streaming by 70% on average.
  • Simple and straightforward setup process. Just add your web server login information and make a DNS change.
  • Comes with a potent WAF to stop threats or DDoS attacks and prevent website downtime.
  • Supports all the popular website-building platforms. Including WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc.
  • Monitor your website for malware and hacking threats. Moreover, you also receive regular updates and alerts. 


According to the demands of its users, Sucuri provides you with a variety of premium price options. The following Firewall with CDN Plans is available if you only require the firewall and CDN service:

  • Basic Firewall: Costs $9.99/month for 1 site. Includes CDN speed enhancement, advanced DDoS mitigation, WAF, etc.
  • Pro Firewall: Costs $19.98/month for 1 site. Includes all the basic features, plus SSL support and monitoring.

Similarly, you can also access all the Sucuri features with its Website Security Platform Plans:

  • Basic Platform: Costs $199.99/year for 1 site. Offers WAF, malware and hack removal, website security scan every 12 hours, etc.
  • Pro Platform: Costs $299.99/year. All the basic features. Plus, you get advanced SSL support, advanced security scan every 6 hours, etc.
  • Business Platform: Costs $499.99/year. All pro features. Plus, you get a website security scan every 30 minutes.

What’s more, Multi-site and Custom Plans are available for use on 5+ sites and to acquire enterprise-level functionality.

Customer Support

Speaking of Sucuri support service, then you can find Immediate Help right on its website navigation. With that, you can quickly chat with the support team and get your issues fixed. Even more, it provides you with the contact number for a quick call and a quick link for the support ticket

Sucuri Immediate Help Options
Sucuri Immediate Help Options

Similarly, you can explore its Knowledge Base where you can access information on vast niches. Like Billing, Website Monitoring, Malware Removal, Backups, etc. 

Likewise, you can find direct links for SiteCheck, Status Report, and so forth in the support column of the footer navigation. 

User Reviews

Final Verdict

In a sense, you can think of Sucuri as a one-stop shop for cloud-based security that also provides Sucuri CDN service. Comparatively speaking, it differs significantly from the other dedicated CDN providers. Yet it is completely trustworthy.

On top of that, its cutting-edge firewalls prevent unauthorized access to your video streaming content. And this ultimately distinguishes it from the rest of CDN providers.

5. Akamai 

As one of the earliest CDN services in the world, Akamai is fantastic for your website’s video streaming needs. It has more than 240,000 servers spread over more than 130 nations.

Akamai CDN for Video Streaming

Moreover, Akamai’s infrastructure well supports on-demand video hosting and streaming. Also, you get analytics, video security, privacy controls, and HTML5 video distribution. Including compatibility with a broad variety of codecs and protocols.

With that, you can create exceptional digital video streaming experiences. All you need to do is trust the Akamai Intelligent Edge’s efficiency and capacity. That helps you in the seamless delivery of your video content. 

Key Features

  • Enhance user experiences with video streaming while boosting API performance and availability.
  • Provides dependable, top-notch video content safely and at scale. Also, use reliable, live load testing to stress test your websites and applications.
  • Use media analytics to examine the effectiveness of video delivery, viewer interaction, and audience behavior.
  • Automatically improve and optimize visual content for each user and each device.
  • Comes with high-performance on-net edge delivery for better live video streaming experiences.


There is no mention of this CDN’s pricing anywhere on the website. Thus, you need to speak with their billing team. Alternatively, you can join up for the free trial to learn more about the pricing.

Customer Support

Coming to support, Akamai does provide you with decent customer service. On its website, you can find the Contact Us section in its navigation. With that, you can reach out to the Contact Sales team for pricing details and any other kind of issues. 

Akamai Support Contacts Options
Akamai Support Contacts Options

On top of that, you’ll also get various support centers’ contact numbers based on your region via its Customer Support page. That way, you can reach out to the technical experts in any kind of emergency.

Besides, you can explore its Resource Library, Learning Hub, and blogs for more knowledgeable information.

User Reviews

Final Verdict

In short, you should definitely opt for Akamai if you’re seeking CDN with the finest security. It covers all of the fundamental and sophisticated security features. Such as DDoS protection, remote work security, account takeover protection, and so forth.

Plus, it’s designed to deliver dynamic content flawlessly even under high demand. Moreover, you cannot disregard its on-net edge delivery features. Hence, Akamai CDN is well-loved for offering the most lag-free live-streaming experience on all devices.

6. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is among the best CDN providers for video streaming. As the name implies, it’s backed up by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It has low latency and high traffic speed for delivering your video material seamlessly. 

Amazon CloudFront CDN for Video Streaming

Notably, there are 450+ internationally scattered PoPs with advanced network mapping and intelligent routing. As a result, you can instantly reach the other side of the world. 

Moreover, it integrates with AWS Media Service and AWS Elemental. Consequently, your viewers can see your video streaming promptly, and play it consistently on any device.

Key Features

  • Uses AWS Route 53, AWS Shield, and AWS WAF to protect against DDoS assaults.
  • Scale automatically to provide over-the-air (OTA) software updates and game patches. Along with IoT upgrades at scale and high transfer rates.
  • Encrypt traffic and set access controls to increase security. Plus, provides AWS Shield Standard to stop DDoS attacks.
  • Use serverless computing technologies to adapt the code you execute at the edge of the AWS CDN. 
  • Abe to generate a unique SSL certificate without cost and apply it to a CloudFront distribution.


Amazon CloudFront comes with a Free Tier model for free of cost. Here, you get 1 TB of data transfer per month, 10 M of  HTTP or HTTPS requests, 2 M of CloudFront Function calls per month, and more. 

Meanwhile, it also provides a variety of paid-price plans for additional functionality. The pay-as-you-go pricing model serves as the foundation for the on-demand pricing plan.

Depending on the area you choose, this package offers Internet data transfer (per GB). For instance, in the US, Mexico, and Canada, the first 10TB of data transmission per month costs $0.085.

For more information, you can check out this Amazon CloudFront pricing page. 

Customer Support

Coming to the support service, Amazon CloudFront certainly provides you with reliable support service. You can quickly explore the available support options via the Support section right on its navigation.

With that, you get direct access to the Contact AWS page. Here, you can find general support services like sales support and compliance support. Also, you can opt for Premium Support in case of any necessity. That starts with the cost of $29/month.

Amazon CloudFront Knowledge Center
Amazon CloudFront Knowledge Center

Besides, you can always explore the AWS Knowledge Center. Here, you can find tons of articles and detailed documentation regarding various topics. This helps you solve subtle concerns on your own.

User Reviews

Final Verdict

In summation, Amazon CloudFront offers an excellent global CDN network that spans the majority of the world. Also, it supports the delivery of video-on-demand libraries. Conversely, you can decide to live stream the video stream to a large audience.

This makes it perfect for your video streaming website despite a few drawbacks. Like no servers in Africa and paid support, among others.

7. CacheFly

Similarly, we’ve CacheFly on our list of the best CDN providers for video streaming. Using this CDN, you can spread your video over the network with the maximum throughput and reach. Further, making your video content endlessly scalable with less than 1s latency.

CacheFly Video Streaming CDN

In fact, you can find exclusive Ultra Low-Latency Video Streaming to deliver video content to a wider audience. This package is primarily Web-Socket based and comes with features like Live Video workflow. Thus, you have total control over how to distribute live video content and a constant quality experience.

Key Features

  • Includes more than 60 PoPs all around the globe to reach your audience wherever they are.
  • You have exclusive access to the storage optimization system. This allows for a 100% cache-hit ratio.
  • Advanced Playback to synchronize playback across various players, browsers, applications, and devices.
  • You can use Adaptive Bitrate Streaming technology to automatically create renditions based on network bandwidth.
  • Contains a sophisticated automatic image optimization service. Any mobile user can now experience even the heaviest webpage without lag.


CacheFly provides you with the following premium performance CDN price tiers:

  • Essential: Manage up to 10 domains. Includes 10TB global delivery per month, standard support, etc.
  • Growth: Manage up to 20 domains. Includes 100TB global delivery per month, optional image optimization services, gold support, and others.
  • Performance: All Growth features. Plus unlimited global delivery along with custom SSL support, elite managed support package, etc.

Nevertheless, CacheFly strongly follows the billing on your terms. So, to learn about the exact pricing, you can get in touch with the team directly. Visit the CacheFly pricing page to find out more.

Customer Support

You may rely completely on the customer support team at CacheFly. As it provides you with 24/7 priority support to quickly respond to any issues and concerns. You can quickly reach out to the team via the Contact page. Here, you can directly put forward your concerns and talk with the experts. 

CacheFly Customer Support Options
CacheFly Customer Support Options

On the footer menu of CacheFly, you can find the quick link to the Support page. With that, you can explore its support process briefly. 

Also, you can find the Knowledge Base. This can help you start on your own. And provide you with a thorough overview of reports, account settings, and CDN features.

User Reviews

Final Verdict

In essence, CacheFly CDN solutions are tailored to your specific requirements. Particularly, it layers your video streaming solution on top of its dependable and strong worldwide network. That too with extremely low latency. 

Hence, it provides you with complete control over your video streams. And, thereby you can precisely deliver them where you need to with the best possible experience.

8. Fastly CDN

As its name implies, Fastly is one of the decent CDN solutions that offers a fast and individualized experience worldwide. Basically, it compresses your content in real-time in addition to caching your site’s content and serving it to users. Consequently, this speeds up your website and enhances the user experience.

Fastly CDN for Video Streaming

Moreover, it comes with its own Streaming Media Delivery. It’s designed with performance, configuration, and real-time visibility in mind. Additionally, it has a 252+ Tbps capacity and is expanding. As a result, it rapidly scales to suit the biggest video and streaming services needs in the market.

Key Features

  • Maintain a PoP as a shield for your origin server by using the origin shielding feature. This guard against unforeseen traffic peaks on your server.
  • Enables the distribution of all popular HTTP video streaming formats on any setup, whether public or private.
  • Allows you to integrate Media Shield. So, you can create a single origin for many CDNs and boost your performance and availability.
  • Displays data passing through Fastly in real-time log streaming. You can use that to boost the site’s performance.
  • Carries out health checks on the origin server following the check frequency setting you choose.


Fastly provides a free Trial plan. Essentially, you can test $50 worth of traffic here. Following that, you’ll be on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Meanwhile, for additional features, you can select from the premium pricing plans listed below:

  • Essential: Includes 3TB global delivery per month, 30 MM Image Optimizer, secure up to 10 websites, and others.
  • Professional: All Essential Plan features. Plus, includes 100MM Image Optimizer images per month, 10TB global delivery per month, and more.
  • Enterprise: Offers unlimited global delivery per month, custom Image Optimizer images, custom TLS, etc.

You must, however, get in touch with the Fastly sales team to know about its price and purchase the plan.

Customer Support

Fastly CDN provides you with dependable support service. For that, you can simply scroll down to the footer section on its official website. There, you get to see a separate Support column with quick links to Support Center, Contact Us, and more. 

Fastly CDN Support Service
Fastly CDN Support Service

Similarly, you can also explore its Resources page. Here, you can dig into all the ways that Fastly can help you do more. Meaning, there are several articles on different topics that provide you insight into the respective field.

On top of that, Fastly also offers a variety of support packages to satisfy your demands. Namely, they are Standard, Gold, and Enterprise. Depending on your need, you can definitely opt for these support services. 

User Reviews

Final Verdict

In short, Fastly provides low-latency streaming delivery and little rebuffering occurrences. Further, delivering live and video-on-demand experiences at broadcast quality everywhere, on any device.

Plus, you cannot ignore the significant highlights of this CDN. Such as optimum configuration, real-time control, safety measures, scalability, etc. Consequently, making it your go-to CDN provider for video streaming. 

9. CDN77

Last but not least, we’ve got CDN77 which makes up our list of the best CDN providers for video streaming. It’s quick and has 33 POPs worldwide with a terabyte backbone network. Along with complete customizability over everything.

CDN77 for Video Streaming

Moreover, it comes with an exclusive Video CDN precisely built for video streaming websites. It well supports all the video formats such as MP4, HLS, etc across all platforms and gadgets. Further, delivering live and on-demand videos with the utmost speed and fluidity, wherever your viewers are.

In addition, this CDN offers multilayer caching to add caches in many layers. Consequently, there’s less delay and a higher strike rate when viewers stream the video content on your website.

Key Features

  • Comes with filters specific to each PoP. Thus, CDN77 recognizes and stops the assaults through traffic monitoring.
  • You can switch to a backup server, implement custom rules to change HTTP headers, and do a lot more.
  • With API-based transcoding, create files with several bitrates. And offer them via a CDN in the formats of your choice.
  • Includes secure tokens, IP & geo-blocking, SSL, multi-DRM, and patented DDoS defense.
  • Other video features include transcoding into adaptive profiles, HTML5 player with audience metrics, etc.


CDN77 provides you with its premium services in 3 distinct ways. They are Predefined Monthly Plans ( Up to 150 TB), Custom Monthly Plans ( 150 TB – 50 PB), and High-Volume Plans (50 PB – 500 PB+).

For Predefined Monthly Plans, it provides you with the following pricing scheme:

Monthly TrafficPriceOverages
6 TB$199$0.033/GB
25 TB$385$0.015/GB
50 TB$580$0.012/GB
100 TB$990$0.010/GB
150 TB$1390$0.009/GB

Meanwhile, for Custom Monthly Plans and High-Volume Plans, you’ve to request tailored prices from the sales team. 

Customer Support

Regarding the support service, CDN77 claims to provide 24/7 customer support for any kind of assistance. You can easily opt for its support service via its Contact US page. 

CDN77 Support Page
CDN77 Support Page

With that, you can discuss the technical details of the use case along with its pricing. Or, opt for any kind of technical support that you might need during any course of time. 

Likewise, it also provides an extensive Knowledge Base. You can explore this page to find out various detailed articles on CDN resources, storage, streaming, and more. Consequently, this helps you get a handful of insights on your own.  

User Reviews

Final Verdict

To sum up, CDN77 provides access to a video CDN and cutting-edge cybersecurity services. Also, comparatively speaking, this CDN’s popularity can be credited to its dependability and scalability. 

In fact, it’s well-trusted by some well-liked and popular video streaming companies. Like TedX, Udemy, Eleven Sports, etc. Hence, this guarantees the fastest and smoothest delivery of live and on-demand videos. All of which are enticing qualities for streaming video.

Do you want to know more ways to optimize your video streaming website speed? Then, definitely browse our article on how to optimize your website speed for rigorous insight.


And that’s all, folks! We’ve come to the end of our article on the best CDN providers for video streaming.

Hopefully, we believe you can now make the finest pick on the available CDN providers. And provide a smooth and seamless video streaming experience on your website.

If you’re still confused, then we’d suggest going for Cloudflare or Bunny. As both of them are quite well-loved with specific features built precisely for video streaming.

Still, if you’ve got any kind of queries or confusion, then do let us know in the comment section below. We’re more than happy to help you out.

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