Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress survey plugins available? 

Making sure that your website runs well is important, but how would you do that? A simple answer would be to ask your customers. And WordPress survey plugins help you do just that.

A survey plugin is a tool that helps you interact with your site’s visitors. We can hold surveys in many ways but the easiest one would be to put them on your website. That would allow them direct access to most of your users. 

Using survey forms, you can collect honest reviews about your site. With the information collected, you can make the right decisions to grow and improve. 

There’re a lot of things to think about when deciding on a survey plugin but don’t worry, we have your back.

Choosing the Best WordPress Survey Plugins for WordPress

On WordPress, setting up surveys is easy. Choosing only one is the hard part. Free plugins are distracting. But they don’t give good results when they collect customer feedback.

If you still need help, take a look below at some of the most popular WordPress survey plugins. Our team has done its research and picked out plugins that’ll help you create and use surveys.

Now let’s get started.

12 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for 2021 (Compared)

We have both free and premium survey plugins in this list. Go through the descriptions, features and pricing before choosing the right plugin. All the plugins are tested and works well.

1. YOP Poll

YOP Poll Best WordPress Survey Plugins

YOP Poll helps you build surveys and polls and places them on your WordPress site easily. Compared to other plugins, it gives more details on what visitors are doing on your site.

 It also allows you to manage your surveys through your WordPress dashboard


  • Allows you to create, edit, and delete your polls at any time, if needed
  • Schedule multiple polls at once.
  • Provides flexibility when presenting the results.
  • Users have the freedom to view older poll statistics
  • Can limit voting rights to just guests, or users, or both.


YOP offers more features if you decide to upgrade. It even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Three premium plans are provided, and they only require payment once.  

The only difference between the three plans is the number of sites the plugin can be used on. The Personal Plan ($17) is only for one, the Plus Plan ($27), can be expanded to 3 and the Expert Plan ($57) can go all the way up to 7.

2. Modal Survey

Modal Survey Free WordPress Survey Plugins

Modal Survey is one of the best survey plugins around. It helps you get opinions from your users through attractive polls. You can buy the plugin at CodeCanyon, where it was voted #1 for best WordPress Survey Plugin.

Its quality of support is rated better than TotalPoll Pro.  You can build your surveys with plans that are better than the free plugins you may have used in the past.


  • Copy and share data with other websites.
  • Allows surveys to have multiple right answers for questions
  • Change questions based on the user’s previous answers
  • Shows messages like ‘Good job’ and ‘Try again’ according to the user’s score
  • Users have their own personality tests.


You can buy the Modal Survey plugin for a one-time payment of $35. You can also extend the support for an extra $11.25.

3. Crowdsignal Forms

Crowdsignal Forms Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Crowdsignal (formerly known as PollDaddy) is one of the top plugins used to easily create surveys and polls. It’s a simple but powerful tool. It was made by Automattic, who’s also known for creating

This plugin has a drag and drop technique which helps create surveys quickly. This makes it easier to use than other plugins. 


  • Admin can customize it however they wish
  • 20 unique styles available for the questionnaires
  • All responses can be seen while they are being answered
  • Keep the poll results private or display them to the public
  • Suspicious IP addresses are filtered


Crowdsignal Forms has four plans. With the free version, you can get upto 2500 responses but there is a limit on data export. 

  • Upgrading to Premium costs $15 per month, offering unlimited responses and data exports with 24/7 email support. 
  • The Business Plan costs $45 per month and offers no Crowdsignal branding with full customizations and offline surveys. 
  • The Team plan costs $29 a month, including all features of the Business plan while allowing team members to work together on projects and keeping everyone’s data in the same place.

4. Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin is a popular quiz and survey plugin. It’s a free WordPress quiz and survey maker. It is a cheaper alternative to SurveyMonkey.

This plugin is a great marketing tool. It is famous for creating content that engages users and helps in growing the site.


  • Users who complete the surveys get a thank you in their emails
  • Hints for questions are available
  • Quizzes and surveys can be set to have time limits
  • Supports multiple-type questions
  • Users can share their results on their social media


While you can get many features including the ones mentioned for free, Quiz Survey and Master offers upgraded versions as well. 

  • The Individual Addons plan offers individual pricing for each addon and costs $10 per year.
  • The Starter Bundle costs $79 per year and includes 10 add-ons plus the common ones.
  • The Premium Bundle comes at $147 per year and contains all addons that are available in the plugin.

5. WP-Polls

WP-Polls Free WordPress Survey Plugin

WP-Polls is a user-friendly WordPress survey plugin that can create polls for you easily. Unlike other plugins, it doesn’t have a form builder. It’s best for creating simple polls and does so without much trouble.

This plugin has features that make it look like a quiz. It only offers radio buttons or checkboxes for users to choose answers, so it may feel very limited. 


  • Responds very quickly
  • Adds images
  • Questions can be created in any language
  • Has a clone button to duplicate polls and themes
  • Can create unlimited polls


WP-Polls is a free plugin that doesn’t come with any upgrades. All of its features are free to use and it can be downloaded straight from the WordPress website.

6. Watu Quiz

Watu Quiz Free WordPress Survey Plugin

Watu Quiz is an excellent plugin that has been around for 10 years. It helps you build surveys, quizzes, and exams. It’s commonly used in online classes because of its ability to accept long questions and grade them.

Unlike other plugins, it doesn’t have a drag and drop feature. Instead, you can add the questions by yourself.


  • There is no limit to the number of surveys and polls created
  • Shows users with their results
  • Admins and users receive the answers through their email
  • Users can continue a previous survey or quiz they didn’t complete
  • Admin can collect contact information from participants, creating a chance for marketing


This plugin offers a premium version called WatuPro at a one-time payment of $47. There is also the WatuPro + Intelligence Module package which comes at $87, and the WatuPRO Full Bundle which includes the core WatuPRO plugin and other addons for $137.

7. Poll, Survey & Quiz

OpinionStage Free WordPress Survey Plugin

Even though it has a long name, Poll, Survey & Quiz by Opinion Stage stays loyal by providing all the features that are written on it. Unlike other WordPress survey plugins, it has a more affordable price.

You get the option of either beginning from the very start, or simply choosing one out of the hundreds that already exist. It’s a good plugin with a lot of power underneath.


  • Contains a lot of other content besides surveys
  • Prevents voters from voting more than once
  • Each survey’s style can be made according to what the admin likes
  • Pop-ups can be used to show surveys randomly
  • Admin gets a report on the lead answers of each poll


Opinion Stage offers a free version that has many features, including the ones already mentioned. The paid version has additional features like adding your own logo, interacting with hundreds of emails and many more. It comes at the cost of $65 per month with a free trial of 7 days.

8. HubSpot

HubSpot- CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics

 If you’re curious to know what your users really think about your website, then Hubspot is the way to go. It’s a user-friendly WordPress survey plugin that prefers using forms, unlike other plugins.

With HubSpot, you’ll be getting user information as well as qualitative feedback from your website’s visitors.  Survey results are directly added to the plugin’s database and can be seen from the dashboard on WordPress.


  • Visitors can participate in live chats
  • A free list builder gathers and puts together the contacts.
  • Can work with other WordPress forms and survey builders 
  • Each contact’s activity is recorded.
  • Shows website’s growth on the dashboard


The HubSpot plugin is free to use and doesn’t charge anything.

9. NEX-Forms

NEX-Forms Free WordPress Survey Plugin

NEX-Forms is the best WordPress forms plugin available for creating simple to complicated forms. It’s very flexible and gives you more freedom than other plugins to design them in your own style

Users can leave comments on how they would like the site’s forms to look and the plugin can create them accordingly. This makes it feel more user-friendly. You don’t need to have any programming knowledge. You can build and style in just a few clicks.


  • Uses math logic to calculate costs
  • Submitting a form doesn’t refresh the page.
  • Admin can see where form submissions come from
  • Forms accept payment directly.
  • A single website can have an unlimited number of forms


The NEX Forms plugin can be bought for a one-time fee of $39 with a 6 month support guarantee. The support can be extended upto 12 months for an extra $12.75.

 10. Popup plugin by Getsitecontrol

Popup plugin by Getsitecontrol Free WordPress Survey Plugin

Popup plugin by Getsitecontrol is a wonderful WordPress survey plugin that creates popups for any kind of site. It can make short and attractive surveys. Also, it helps to promote your website by designing the pop-ups to appear at the right time and place.

Using this plugin, you can build different versions of the same survey or poll. This helps you in finding out how each survey looks from a different view. 


  • Sends automatic email responses to people who’ve answered surveys
  • Promotional banners are available
  • Contains high-quality images for pop-ups
  • Reports are easy to understand.
  • The audience is targeted by location, language, and many more


Getsitecontrol comes with three pricing plans. The Small plan costs $7 per month, the Medium plan $14 per month and the Big plan comes at $28 a month. The only difference between them is the number of views they offer.

11. WPForms


WPForms is the easiest WordPress survey plugin out there. It creates WordPress contact forms quickly. Yet, it’s a very powerful plugin that lets you create any type of online form.

User experience is the most important at WP Forms. It has a feature that guides and teaches you to build your first form in just a few minutes. It also shows how you can add a form to your website.


  • Customize survey fields.
  • Collects user signatures.
  • Shows a ‘thank you’ message to users, or directs them to another page
  • Is 100% friendly for all devices (mobile, tablet, computer)
  • Guarantees money back.


The free version of WP Forms creates basic surveys, but it also offers four upgraded versions with a better survey experience. 

  • The Basic plan costs $79 per year and comes with features like 1 year of updates, spam protection, and several more.
  •  The Plus plan costs $199 per year, includes all the Basic plan features, and offers more like Newsletter Forms and being used on 3 sites.
  • The Pro plan costs $399 per year, comes with all Plus plan features and more like Paypal, offline forms, and is limited to 5 sites. 

Finally, we have the Elite plan costing $599 per year and having all features that WP Forms offers. 

12. Formidable Forms

Quiz - Formidable Form Builder Plugins

Formidable Forms is one of the most popular WordPress survey plugins. It has hundreds of positive reviews and over 300,000 active installations. It’s also the most advanced and offers much more than the other plugins.

This plugin is the best to connect your survey forms to marketing services through emails. It comes with beautiful form designs to capture the visitors’ attention. It offers advanced data reporting features like its fellow plugin, WP Forms.


  • Includes online calculator forms
  • Admin can create an order form, donation form, or purchase form to make payment easier for users
  • Advertise the site by sending data anywhere.
  • Change email form to match with the website
  • A submitted form goes straight into the WordPress database so the admin doesn’t lose any information


Although the free version of Formidable Forms has all the basic tools needed to create a form, upgrading it can make them better.

  • The Basic version costs $79 per year and offers unlimited forms, unlimited entries, a year of updates, and many more.
  • The Plus version costs $199 per year, includes all the features of the Basic plan, and has more additional ones like surveys and polls.
  • The Business version costs $399 per year, has all features included in the Plus version, and offers many more like user registration, signatures, and being used on 10 sites.
  • Lastly, we have the Elite version which comes at $599 a year. It includes all the features that come with the plans above and more. Hubspot Forms and usability for an unlimited number of sites are a few of them.


Now that we’ve gone through all of the WordPress survey plugins that were picked out for you, which one did you think would be the easiest to use? Or which features interest you the most?

If you still find yourself having trouble picking just one, put your trust in us and choose any of the plugins mentioned above. The best recommendations would be YOP Polls, Modal Survey, and Crowdsignal Forms.

If you have time, then please don’t hesitate to browse through this site. We have a large variety of articles dedicated to WordPress users. Whether you need a better ranking or are just looking for themes, we have it all.

You can also check our articles on how to start a WordPress blog and collection of best free WordPress themes.

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