How to Write Our Story for a Wedding Website?

Are you wondering how to write our story for a wedding website? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. 

A wedding website is a perfect way to share the details of your special day. Adding an “Our Story” section on a wedding website allows you to share your love story. You can also personalize the wedding website and give guests an insight into relationships

However, it’s understandable that crafting a story that reflects your love story and personality can be daunting. However, fear not!

Here, we’ll guide you through writing an engaging “Our Story” section. Also, we’ll share some inspiring wedding sites. So, let’s dive in and make your love story shine on your wedding website!

Importance of “Our Story” on Wedding Websites

Our story section on wedding websites is an essential component that personalizes the event and engages guests. It also provides pre-event information, builds relationships, and creates a memorable experience.

Let’s look at the importance of adding an “our story” section on a wedding website. 

  • The “Our Story” section on wedding websites allows you to share a unique journey and love story with guests. 
  • It provides an opportunity for personalization, enabling couples to showcase their personalities, backgrounds, and how they met. 
  • A well-written “Our Story” section can be engaging and intriguing for visitors. 
  • Also, the story can inspire people, creating an emotional connection between you and your guests.
  • It also provides important pre-event information. Including details about the proposal, engagement, and other significant events. 
  • Additionally, guests will have insight into your journey, allowing them to feel more involved in the celebration.
  • Sharing a couple’s story can help build relationships between you and your guests.
  • Lastly, it adds more depth and meaning to the event, making it more than just a typical wedding.

With that, let’s move on to our next section on how to write “our story” for a wedding website. 

How to Write “Our Story” for a Wedding Website?

Here we’ve mentioned some simple tips on writing our story section for your wedding website. Follow them and write your story for your big day on a wedding website.

A. Start With The Basics

When writing “Our Story” for your wedding website, it’s essential to start with the basics. This means outlining the key facts and moments that led up to your relationship. For example, how you met, when and where your first date was, and when you officially became a couple. 

Start Your Story With Basics

Moreover, starting with these basics provides a foundation for your story. It allows your readers to understand your relationship. It helps you stay organized and focused as you write your story. Hence, making it easier to add more detail and depth.

B. Share Your Journey

After laying out the basics of your relationship, it’s time to dwell deeper and share your journey as a couple. This is where you can showcase your personalities and how you’ve grown together.

Highlight Key Moments For Your Wedding Website Our Story
Highlight Key Moments For Your Wedding Website Our Story

Firstly, consider highlighting some key moments in your relationship that are significant for both of you. For example, there may have been a specific trip or event that brought you closer together. Or a moment when you realized you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together.

Moreover, share what you’ve learned about yourselves. Also, talk about how your partner has helped you to become a better version of yourself. You can use terms like “we’ve learned to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” etc.

Mention How You've Grown in Relationship
Mention How You’ve Grown in Relationship

Finally, reflect on what you’ve done as a couple to grow and strengthen your relationship. Perhaps you’ve tried new things together, taken up a hobby, or attended couple’s therapy.

C. Add Personal Touch

To create a compelling “Our Story” section on your wedding website, adding a personal touch is essential. This is your opportunity to share your unique journey as a couple and highlight what makes your love story unique.

You can start by including anecdotes or stories that are meaningful to you both. Consider the significant moments in your relationship. Like your first date or the time you realized you were in love. 

Include Anecdote Or Stories on Your Wedding Website
Include Anecdote Or Stories on Your Wedding Website

Moreover, mentioning inside jokes or references can add humor and personality to your story. This is a chance to showcase your shared sense of humor or interests. It’ll also let your guests get a glimpse of the fun-loving dynamic you have as a couple. 

In this section, you can reveal your personality and quirks. You can reveal your favorite hobbies. Or a tradition you’ve created. 

D. Mention Timeline

One of the essential sections of your website is the “Our Story” section. There you get to share how you met, how your relationship blossomed, etc. 

To begin, start with a brief introduction about yourselves as a couple. Then you can mention when and how you met. Whatever it is, include the year or month and the location where it all began.

Furthermore, include significant milestones in your relationship. Like, did you go on a memorable first date or have a funny inside joke that always makes you laugh? These little moments are what make your love story unique and special.

Next, provide a timeline for the readers to follow. Arrange the story chronologically, from the beginning of your relationship to where you are now. You can also include pictures or videos to make the story more engaging.

E. Write Individual Stories

To share your love story with your guests, you can write individual stories from your perspective. Start writing your story in the first person. This will help to create a more personal and intimate tone. 

Also, express your feelings and emotions about how you and your partner met. Was it love at first sight, or did it take time for your feelings to develop? 

Include Individual Stories About Each Other
Include Individual Stories About Each Other

Next, include your perspective in the story. You can talk about what it was like getting to know your partner. Or share the challenges you faced early on in your relationship. Sharing these experiences can help your guests understand your story’s depth. 

As you write, remember that this is your chance to share your love story with your guests. Be sure to express yourself in a way that feels authentic to your experience. And most importantly, have fun with it!

F. Conclude With Big Day

Another important aspect of writing “Our Story” for your wedding website is to conclude with the big day. To conclude your story, you can add sentences expressing your excitement for the big day. 

For example, you can write, “We are thrilled to get married on this day. And we can’t wait to celebrate with our loved ones”. Also, you need to write this part in the first person which allows you to convey your feelings. 

While you want to include all the important details, keep your love story concise and to the point. So you want to keep the reader engaged without overwhelming them with too much information.

Following these tips, you can write a beautiful and memorable love story for your wedding website. 

6 Best Wedding Website “Our Story” Examples

You can find several wedding websites online. Here’s a list of the best wedding website examples to get inspiration. Among them, let’s deeply know some popular ones!

In this article, we’ve handpicked 7 popular wedding websites and ‘our story’ examples. So, let’s begin!

1. Jared and Monica

Jared and Monica are a couple who tied the knot in December 2022. And they have created a wedding website to share their love story with family and friends. The website provides information about the couple, their love story, and their upcoming nuptials.

Jared and Monica Wedding Website Our Story Examples

The website’s homepage features a beautiful photo of the couple and a welcome message. You can easily navigate to different sections using the menu at the top of the page. Furthermore, their “Our Story” section explains how Jared and Monica met and fell in love.

2. Victoria and Edwin

Victoria and Edwin were excited to announce their wedding in June 2023. So, their wedding website features beautiful couple photos. 

Victoria and Edwin Our story Example for Wedding Website

You’ll also get all the details of their upcoming nuptials at that time. For example, the venue of the ceremony and reception. It also includes a section providing information about accommodations and transportation options. 

Besides, you’ll find their beautiful engagement photos and heartfelt messages to their guests. At the same time, they express their excitement and gratitude for the love and support of their friends and family. 

3. Daniela Moe

Daniela Moe is a beautiful wedding website that shares their love story and wedding details with their guests. Upon entering the website, you’ll see a stunning photo of the happy couple. As well as a brief introduction to their story. 

Daniela Moe Wedding Website

In the “Our Story” section, Daniela and Moe share their journey from meeting in a coffee shop to getting engaged. The couple’s story is heartwarming and beautifully written. Therefore, making it a joy to read. 

Additionally, the “Wedding Details” section provides all the necessary information for guests. Including the wedding date, time, location, and dress code. The couple also includes an RSVP (Reservation) form to make it easy for guests to confirm their attendance.

4. From Heart to Heart

From Heart to Heart is a wedding website created by Sandy and Sumi. The couple shares their story and reflections on their love life using this website.

From Heart to Heart Wedding Website Example

The website has a clean, minimalistic design, a white-grey background, and a simple navigation menu. The home page features the image of the couple. You’ll also find their moments together presented using various photos. 

Moreover, you can send wishes and blessings to the couple through their website. Also, the website includes all the detailed information about the ceremony and reception. Making it easy for the guest to attend the wedding. 

5. Artem and Julia

Artem and Julia’s wedding website beautifully showcases their love story and upcoming wedding. The website is available in English and Russian, reflecting the couple’s heritage and cultural background.

Artem and Julia Best Wedding Website Example

The “Our Story” section allows visitors to read about how Artem and Julia met and fell in love. Moreover, this section is filled with gorgeous photos of the couple and is written in a romantic and engaging tone. 

Moreover, the website includes a section for wedding details. Where guests can find all the information they need about the ceremony and reception. There are details about the date, time, and location of the wedding. As well as information on nearby hotels and transportation options.

6. Marina e Eduardo

While browsing through the pages of the Marina e Eduardo wedding website, you’ll get a glimpse into the beautiful love story. You can take a moment to participate in the poll question on where they should spend their honeymoon.  

Mariana e Eduardo Wedding Website Our Story Example

Moreover, check out the recent photos of the happy couple. As well as read all about their journey in the “Our Story” section. From how they met to the proposal, it’s a heartwarming love story.

You’ll also learn about their religious ceremony to celebrate their union. You can find more information about the ceremony and the party venue on the website. Along with the RSVP (Reservation) section for attendance confirmation. 

Are you new to site creation? Then, take the help of our guide on how to create a website from scratch.


That’s all for now!

In this article, we looked at how to write “our story” for a wedding website. We hope this article helped you add a fantastic “our story” section to your wedding website.

Also, let us know how you’ll add your story to your wedding website. You can share your top tips and tricks in the comments section below.

Besides that, we’d also love to hear your thoughts on this article. So, please feel free to comment on any queries or suggestions below. 

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