Best ActiveCampaign Alternatives & Competitors

Are you looking for the best ActiveCampaign alternatives and competitors? Or do you want to strategize your email marketing techniques using a platform other than ActiveCampaign? Then, this is the article you’ve been searching for. 

No doubt, running an email marketing campaign is a way to boost your sales and get your brand to potential customers. Undoubtedly, ActiveCampaign is a prominent platform that offers extensive features like email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools.

However, ActiveCampaign is one of the most expensive email marketing platforms available in the market. Also, ActiveCampaign is not a cup of tea for everyone.

Therefore, we’ve listed below the 7 best ActiveCampaign alternatives and competitors. Also, it’s a good idea to research the various ActiveCampaign alternatives that offer complete marketing solutions at an affordable price.

Now, let’s get started!

What is ActiveCampaign? – Overview

ActiveCampaign is one of the finest all-in-one marketing platforms, including email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools. It gives you full control over your email campaigns. And allows you to send a one-time email to anyone from your contact list.


Additionally, it comes with an advanced segmentation and filtering tool. So that, you can group or segment your contact based on location, age, and interest to send each contact what they want to see. Besides, you can keep track of your customers’ data with the help of CRM email and sales automation.

Indeed, you can quickly set up autoresponders for a succession of messages such as welcome, thank you, registration successful, etc. Also, it offers 4 types of forms: Inline form, floating box, modal pop-up, and floating bar.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to deliver dynamic messages. So that, it recognizes where customers are in the purchase cycle and alerts sales when leads are ready to engage and convert.
  • You can engage your customers in a meaningful way by answering inquiries, recommending products, asking for their feedback, etc.
  • ActiveCampaign lets you set specific goals and track them to help you measure your marketing and see what happens at each step of your funnel.
  • With this, you can make marketing and sales more efficient with personal and integrated multichannel campaigns.
  • Allows you to create beautiful, responsive email templates in minutes or import the email templates using its intuitive drag-and-drop email designer.
  • Additionally, it comes with smart CRM email and sales automation helps you keep all your customers’ data organized in one place.
  • You can personalize the transactional emails your customers receive using contact data like name, date of purchase, and more.
  • Also, lets you add notifications from within your sales automation campaigns to notify your sales team when it’s time to follow up with your clients.


ActiveCampaign comes in four premium pricing plans – Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. Based on the contact/subscriber list of up to 500, let’s look at the following pricing and features:

ActiveCampaign Pricing
  • Lite ($29/mo when paid yearly) – Includes marketing automation, unlimited email sending, segmentation, subscription forms, autoresponders, site & event tracking, etc.
  • Plus ($49/mo when paid yearly) – Includes all the features of the Lite plan, landing pages, Facebook lead ads, contact scoring, SMS marketing, conditional content, and more.
  • Professional  ($149/mo when paid yearly) – Includes all the features of the Plus plan, split automation, predictive content, marketing attribution, site messages, website personalization, etc.
  • Enterprise  (Lets you customize the plan that’s right for you) – Includes all the features of the Professional Plan, custom reporting, unlimited email design testing, unlimited users, custom domain, and more.

Why Do You Need ActiveCampaign Alternatives & Competitors?

If we just look at the ActiveCampaign customer review from G2 Review, then it has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating evaluated by 10,000+ real customers. Similarly, with the Trustpilot user review, it has got 3.6 out of 5 stars given by 623 users.

This shows that ActiveCampaign is quite an average email marketing platform. You can find several platforms that offer better features than ActiveCampaign at an affordable price.  

Hence, here are some of the reasons that you might need to look for an  ActiveCampaign alternative:

  • ActiveCampaign doesn’t come with a beginner-friendly interface and has a steep learning curve at the beginning.
  • Although it has an in-built CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, it’s still not robust and is slightly confusing to understand.
  • It comes with a basic reporting system tool that is unable to provide information on campaign activations or deal and contact status.
  • Besides that, it doesn’t have multiple options for contact sorting. Rather contacts are automatically sorted alphabetically by email.
  • In comparison to other platforms, ActiveCampaign has got quite expensive pricing with higher-end plans.

With that, let’s look at the ActiveCampaign alternatives and see how better they’re against ActiveCampaign.

Summary of Best ActiveCampaign Alternatives & Competitors

ActiveCampaign AlternativesStarting PriceMonthly EmailSubscriber/Contact ListsLanding PagesUser Ratings

7 Best ActiveCampaign Alternatives & Competitors 2023

We’ve compiled a list of the finest ActiveCampaign alternatives, along with their key features, support service, user rating, and so on. So, let’s explore each ActiveCampaign alternative to see which one suits the best for your website.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the pioneer platforms in the email marketing industry. It allows you to connect with your customer with the help of email marketing and automation tools.


Moreover, it offers tons of drag-and-drop email templates to choose from, or you can use its email builder to create your own. Even it allows you to send personalized transactional emails to update your customers on their purchases or account activity with confidence.

Indeed, it included built-in predicted demographic tools. This way you get to know your clients so you can create the right campaigns to appeal to them.

Mailchimp Key Features & Advantages Over ActiveCampaign

  • It comes with a Content Optimizer that’ll help you optimize the content of your emails. 
  • Mailchimp includes a landing page builder that allows you to create fantastic landing pages.
  • Comes with a form builder tool that lets you access signup form templates and build, design, and edit customer signup forms.
  • Its Sent Moment Optimization features let you figure out when your consumers will most likely engage and send emails at the right time. 
  • Additionally, you can track your marketing campaign through emails and social media accounts. 
  • For best results, you can target your messages based on your customer’s purchase behavior, app activity, etc. 
  • Also, it comes with A/B testing that lets you test different versions of a single email to see how small changes can impact your results.

Mailchimp Cons

  • Not so beginner-friendly.
  • Also, it doesn’t offer an email scheduling feature in the free plan.

Mailchimp Pricing

Coming to the pricing section, Mailchimp comes with 4 different plans, they are Free, Essential, Standard, and Premium. Now, let’s look at the pricing below based on the contact/subscriber list of up to 500:

Mailchimp Pricing
  • Free Plan –It’s a free plan so you can sign up for free and start using it. It includes 500 contacts with a daily limit of 2,500 email volumes, a website builder, marketing CRM, 1 user, landing pages, reporting, campaign insights, etc.  
  • Essentials Plan – $13 per month with 5,000 monthly email sends and 3 users. Also, it includes behavioral targeting, pre-built templates, removing Mailchimp branding, A/B Testing, and all the Free Plan features.
  • Standard Plan – $20 per month with 6,000 monthly email sends and 5 users. Also, it includes audience insights, custom-coded templates, social post scheduling, dynamic content, and more. And, all the features of the Essentials Plan. 
  • Premium Plan – $350 per month with 150,000 monthly email sends and unlimited users. Also, it includes advanced segmentation, comparative reporting, multivariate testing, phone support, and more. And, all the features of the Standard Plan. 

Mailchimp Customer Support

Without a doubt, Mailchimp provides 24/7/365 problem-solving experts for everyone out there. You can receive support via email support, live chat support, and phone support. Nevertheless, Mailchimp has also put out step‑by‑step videos and tutorials. Hence, you can browse through its Help Center to discover tutorials, webinars, FAQs, etc. 

Mailchimp User Reviews and Ratings

Final Verdict

Hands down, Mailchimp is one of the most comprehensive marketing tools that comes with a powerful automation system. Unlike ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp is quite affordable and has a user-friendly interface.

Indeed, it contains notable features like forms, landing sites, automated drip campaigns, and much more. Thus, Mailchimp is on the list of good alternatives to ActiveCampaign that you won’t regret trying for sure.

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a powerful email marketing service that makes it one of the best ActiveCampaign alternatives. It’s a user-friendly platform that helps you grow and guide your business with robust marketing sales tools.


Additionally, you can easily set up the CRM that helps you organize your team and build your customer relationships without any hassle. You can keep track of all your customer details in one place. Besides, it lets you upload the contact info of your customers and organize them effectively.

Furthermore, to help you grow your email contact, it comes with a form builder to build professional signup forms in minutes. Indeed, it helps you to build the perfect Facebook ads to achieve your business goals and reach a larger audience. 

Sendinblue Key Features & Advantages Over ActiveCampaign

  • You can promote your time-sensitive and special events by sending bulk SMS marketing campaigns to a contact list from your database.
  • It lets you automate certain tasks by defining an automation workflow – a set of rules and conditions that trigger the actions you want to automate.
  • Includes powerful contact segmentation that lets you divide your contact list into smaller groups of contacts with similar characteristics. 
  • Sendinblue comes with pre-made landing page templates or lets you build from scratch using the drag-and-drop landing page builder.
  • It allows you to create your own subscription forms and integrate them into your posts, pages, and sidebars to grow your customer list.
  • Also, it comes with a real-time statistics dashboard. It includes openings, clicks, bounce reports, and other metrics to provide advanced insights.

Sendinblue Cons

  • Expensive paid plans.

Sendinblue Pricing

Looking at the pricing plan, Sendinblue has four pricing plans – Free, Starter, Business, and Enterprise.

Sendinblue Pricing
  • Free Plan – With this free plan, you can send up to 300 emails per day and also comes with page tracking, SMS marketing, sales CRM, advanced segmentation, email templates and designer, and real-time reporting.
  • Starter Plan – The pricing of this plan starts from $25 per month for 20,000 email volumes and increases as the number of monthly email volumes increases. With this, you’ll get basic reporting & analysis, no daily sending limit, and email support in addition to all the Free Plan features.
  • Business Plan – This premium plan starts at $65 a month. And this plan is regarded as the most popular plan for pro marketers. It includes everything from the Starter Plan with full access to tools like advanced statistics, multi-user access, and phone support.
  • Enterprise Plan – This is a customized pricing plan that allows you to curate your plan based on your requirement. However, this plan starts at $1000 per month with unlimited contacts. If you go with this plan, then you’ll get access to advanced tools like enterprise-grade security, and sub-account management with everything from the Business Plan.

Sendinblue Customer Support

Although Sendinblue is user-friendly and simple to use, it still provides customer support via chat, email, and phone assistance. However, you can check out their Help Center from their official website. Besides, you can enroll in their Sendinblue Academy program and increase your marketing and sales skills.

Sendinblue User Reviews and Ratings

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Sendinblue is definitely one of the decent alternatives for ActiveCampaign. It’s an all-in-one platform that makes it easier to manage your marketing campaigns, transactional emails, and SMS messages.

Similarly, it comes at a cheaper price than ActiveCampaign and also has strong reporting and analytics tools. And thereby, it makes up one of the best ActiveCampaign alternatives.

If Sendinblue doesn’t satisfy your need, then you can check Sendinblue alternatives!

3. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a full-fledged marketing tool that gives everything to run beautifully designed email marketing campaigns to grow your business. You can craft eye-catching and engaging emails in moments that captivate your audience.

Campaign Monitor

Similarly, it’s a full analytics suite that gives you an aggregate view of the overall performance of your emails. Indeed, it includes geography, acquisition, and engagement per campaign. 

In addition, it seamlessly connects to hundreds of pre-built apps and integrations so you can seamlessly connect your eCommerce platform, CRM, or website. Also, it offers scalable tools covering different marketing operations, content, customer service, sales, and ad campaigns.

Campaign Monitor Key Features & Advantages Over ActiveCampaign

  • Campaign Monitor offers transactional email services. This lets you trigger automatic emails based on the interaction your audience has with your business.
  • Comes with email templates that are completely customizable using a drag-and-drop builder.
  • It comes with a Link Review tool that notifies and alerts you every time you miss or have broken links in your current email.
  • Additionally, it allows you to create hyper-targeted segments and deliver highly customized emails tailored to the specific interest of the individual customer.
  • Provides actionable insights to help improve your strategy and prove the return on your email investment.
  • Offers an SMS marketing service that helps you amplify your email marketing with the power of SMS.
  • Also, it includes signup forms to create an email newsletter signup forms and actively grow an engaged list in the process

Campaign Monitor Cons

  • Limited customer support options.

Campaign Monitor Pricing

The premium Campaign Monitor platform comes with three pricing plans – Basic, Unlimited, and Premier.

Campaign Monitor Pricing
  • Basic ($9/month) – At this pricing, you’ll get 2500 monthly send volume, 2FA verification, drag-and-drop-builder, customizable template library, free image gallery, segmentation tools, and email support.
  • Unlimited ($29/month) – Includes unlimited monthly email send volume, unlimited multiple users,  time zone sending, priority email support, design & spam testing, unlimited automated emails, and more.
  • Premier ($149/month) – Includes unlimited monthly email send volume, unlimited multiple users, advanced engagement segments, send time optimization, advanced link tracking, email section locking, and more.

Indeed, you can choose the right plan for your business based on your list of contacts. 

Not just that, you also get a free trial in which you can create an account and send a campaign to up to five subscribers.

Campaign Monitor Customer Support

Looking at the customer support of Campaign Monitor, it provides email support to its users. The best part is that premium users can receive priority support. Even more, it offers links to review and design & spam testing.

Moreover, it also has a huge Resources Hub for its customers that includes blogs, guides, collections, webinars, videos, and more.

Campaign Monitor User Reviews and Ratings

  • Trustpilot’s TrustScore of Campaign Monitor is 4.6 stars out of 5 stars by 135 users
  • Click more recent user reviews.

Final Verdict

Summing up, Campaign Monitor is an excellent all-in-one email marketing platform that makes your job easier when it comes to sending out promotional emails.

Consequently, it’s an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. Also, it allows you to send targeted information to a larger number of subscribers while maintaining complete control over your emails.

No doubt, Campaign Monitor is one of the viable ActiveCampaign alternatives available in the market.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an affordable email marketing software that can make your email marketing more personal for your subscribers. In addition, it allows you to easily send announcement emails to a specific segment of your list or subscribers with certain tags.


With its customized audience segmentation system, you can create groups of subscribers based on tags, their location, and whatever you like. Some other notable features like clean formatting, quick content, instant images, clickable call-to-action buttons, and more.

Likewise, it includes eCommerce features to help you start selling your digital products in a minute.  For instance, payment integration, discount incentives, a tip jar option, embedding a “buy now” button, etc.

ConvertKit Key Features & Advantages Over ActiveCampaign

  • Offers customizable landing page templates and 100,000+ stock imagery from Unsplash to help you get started.
  • It lets you automate your emails by setting simple automation rules, RSS feeds, and conditions in advance.
  • You can have a clutter-free writing experience with its inline styling options to add buttons, images, or videos to your email.
  • Allows you to use it to sell digital products and subscriptions directly to your audience and earn a living online.
  • It allows you to set up simple automation rules, RSS feeds, and ad conditions in advance to automate your emails. 
  • Also, it seamlessly integrates with 3rd party tools like Shopify, Squarespace Stripe, etc.

ConvertKit Cons

  • Doesn’t offer a drag-and-drop builder feature.
  • Also, offers limited customization options for templates.

ConvertKit Pricing

Coming to the pricing section, ConvertKit offers 3 different pricing plans – Free, Creator, and Creator Pro

ConvertKit Pricing
  • Free – It’s a forever free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers. It includes unlimited landing, customizable domain, unlimited forms, audience tagging, and segmentation, subscriber tagging, list growth reporting, etc.
  • Creator – The cost of this plan depends upon the number of subscribers. Therefore, it costs $25/mo for 1,000 subscribers, $41/mo for 3,000 subscribers (billed annually), and so on. It includes all the Free plan features, automated email sequences, visual automation builders, etc.
  • Creator Pro – Similar to the Creator Plan, the starting cost is $50/mo for 1000 subscribers and $66/mo for 3000 subscribers, billed annually. It offers features like subscriber scoring, a newsletter referral system, advanced reporting, and more.

ConvertKit Customer Support

In terms of customer service, ConvertKit provides quite satisfactory support with 24/7/365 availability. For pro users, it offers priority live and email support. Whereas, free users can join their community support for more help and support. Indeed, it also comes with a huge knowledge base, live on-demand video workshops, and blog articles.

ConvertKit User Reviews and Ratings

Final Verdict

ConvertKit is a cloud-based email marketing tool that makes email marketing more personal for your subscribers by sending them personalized content. It lets you set an opt-in form, an email signup form that gives your visitors an option to receive emails in the future.

Nevertheless, ConvertKit is one of the best ActiveCampaign alternatives. 

Learn about ConvertKit alternatives and competitors from here. This helps you select a suitable email marketing platform for your website.

5. GetResponse

GetResponse is an ideal marketing solution that can help you engage your customers and boost your online sales.


Even more, you can use SMS marketing automation that lets you reach your customers directly.  As a result, you can send bulk SMS campaigns automatically based on selected conditions, user behavior, or contact information.

Likewise, it comes with a suite of eCommerce-focused tools to enhance sales and business growth. Thus, you can promote, sell, and grow your eCommerce business with promo codes, abandoned carts, recommendations, etc.

GetResponse Key Features & Advantages Over ActiveCampaign

  • It uses autoresponders that can send messages sent automatically to subscribers based on time or a particular event.
  • Moreover, it offers various newsletter templates that are designed for different marketing goals and occasions. 
  • Get an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder that lets you create beautiful, responsive emails.
  • It allows you to connect and interact with anyone anytime and anywhere through webinars, screen sharing, polls, and surveys.
  • With Time Travel and Perfect Timing tools, you can send SMS when your recipients are most likely to engage with it.
  • You can use it to track and rate your visitors’ actions to develop unique contact profiles based on specific data and criteria. 
  • Also, it allows you to generate a stream of leads with an automated lead generation campaign built with a few clicks.

GetResponse Cons

  • No Google Analytics Tracking feature is available in the free plan.
  • Also, it has a complex email automation structure which is quite overwhelming for newbies.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse has four pricing levels: Free, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and eCommerce Marketing

GetResponse Pricing
  • Free – The free plan includes 2,500 newsletters per month, a website builder, a custom domain, and signup forms. 
  • Email Marketing – Pricing starts at $15.58 per month. It includes autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, unlimited website builders, and email scheduling. 
  • Marketing Automation – It starts at $48.38 per month for up to 1000 contacts. This plan comes with marketing automation, webinars, event-based automation, sales funnels, advanced segmentation, etc. 
  • eCommerce Marketing – This plan starts at $97.58 per month that includes unlimited automation, eCommerce segmentation, promo codes, abandoned cart recovery, web push notifications, etc. 

GetResponse Customer Support

When talking about customer support, GetResponse provides 24/7/365 support to answer your queries. It offers live chat support to its customers and also an email support service in 8 different languages. 

Similarly, if you’re looking for support via other means, then check out their knowledge base, case studies, blogs, and more. You’ll be glad to find these resources that provide solutions for common issues while surfing them.

GetResponse User Reviews and Ratings

Final Verdict

Unlike ActiveCampaign, GetResponse helps you visualize visitors that land on your site and take action with its Conversion Funnel tool. Indeed, you can get a web push notification and a social Ad creator. Plus, you can also monitor Facebook and Google ads.

Moreover, it’s packed with features for eCommerce websites and integrated with various platforms like Magento, Shopify, etc. Thus, GetResponse is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to ActiveCampaign.

6. MailerLite

MailerLite is one of the most outstanding ActiveCampaign alternatives available in the market. It’s a fantastic email marketing tool that helps to grow your email list, increase sales, and enhance your business.


Nevertheless, it lets you build advanced marketing workflows in the intuitive automation builder. And use triggers to automatically deliver emails or update custom fields.

Some of its exceptional services include drag-and-drop builder, pre-designed templates, segmentation, embedded forms, pop-ups, eCommerce campaigns, and more.

MailerLite Key Features & Advantages Over ActiveCampaign

  • As it well-integrates with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, you can monetize your audience.
  • You can send personalized content to every subscriber with segmentation, tagging, and personalization features.
  • It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to create responsive email templates that look good on any device.
  • MailerLite lets you create your email more personal by including dynamic content blocks, your name, and your return address.
  • Indeed, you can monitor subscriber activity and use real-time reports to track their engagement, metrics, and overall growth.
  • Allows you to set up RSS campaigns to notify subscribers about new content, and auto-resend campaigns to increase engagement.
  • Also, it offers subscriber and email list management features that make adding, managing, filtering, and organizing your subscribers easier.

MailerLite Cons

  • A limited number of monthly emails for free plans.
  • Also, no 24/7 live chat support in the Free and Growing Business plans.

MailerLite Pricing

The pricing of MailerLite is based on the number of subscribers you have. So, here we’ve got the free and paid pricing plans for 1000 subscribers. 

MailerLite Pricing
  • Free – For up to 1,000 subscribers, you can use MailerLite for free. Also, it comes with 12000 monthly emails, 1 user, an email automation builder, 10 landing pages, email support, etc. 
  • Growing Business – Starts at $9 per month billed yearly. This plan comes with unlimited monthly emails, 3 users, 24/7 email support, unlimited templates, unlimited websites, auto-resend campaigns, and more. 
  • Advanced – Starts at $19 per month billed yearly, comes with unlimited monthly emails, unlimited users, promotion pop-ups, Facebook integration, custom HTML editor, and much more. 
  • Enterprise – This pricing plan is for a large organization where you can customize your plan based on your needs. This feature includes all from the Advanced Plan plus a dedicated success manager, custom landing page design, dedicated IP & deliverability consultation, etc.

MailerLite Customer Support

From a customer service point of view, MailerLite provides one of the best customer support services to their customers. You can check out their Knowledge Base to get quick answers to the most common MailerLite questions. 

For more, go through their Resources section, where you’ll find video tutorials, blogs, email marketing guides, etc. Even with that, it offers dedicated 24/7 live chat and email support.

MailerLite User Reviews and Ratings

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, MailerLite is an excellent email marketing tool for small businesses to large organizations. The best part is you can access all the necessary features that optimize your marketing within MailerLite’s free plan.

Nevertheless, its premium plans are quite affordable and user-friendly too. Whereas ActiveCampaign comes with a slight learning curve. Hence, we can say that MailerLite is an excellent ActiveCampaign alternative.

7. AWeber

AWeber is another best ActiveCampaign alternative that helps automate email follow-up and newsletter delivery to grow customers. It gives you access to 600+ email marketing and newsletter templates and lets you create mailing lists and design newsletters.


Similarly, it comes with AWeber’s Smart Designer tool that lets you build a gorgeous email template in seconds. In fact, it gives you all the knowledgeable insights on your campaign using its library of pre-built reports and analytics.

Moreover, it helps you set up your Google Analytics ID in minutes to track the success of your landing pages. Also, you can send time-optimized emails that let you send emails at the right time with a single click.

AWeber Key Features & Advantages Over ActiveCampaign

  • Get thousands of free high-quality stock images in integration with Canva without having to leave your AWeber account. 
  • You can use tags and custom fields to create dynamic subscriber segments to send more relevant and personalized content.
  • AWeber lets you tag your subscribers in order to deliver targeted emails to the appropriate audiences.
  • It comes with a pre-written automated email campaign which you can tweak however you want, and start sending messages in a minute.
  • Additionally, it provides pre-built insight and analytics reports that give you the required knowledge about the campaign.
  • You can connect or buy a custom domain for your landing page to build your brand and make a more engaging landing page. 
  • Also, it lets you increase website traffic by tracking which emails get the most clicks.

AWeber Cons

  • It has expensive monthly fees in comparison to other alternatives.

AWeber Pricing

AWeber comes with 4 pricing structures, i.e., Free, Lite, Plus, and Unlimited.

AWeber Pricing
  • Free – As the name says, it’s a forever free plan that gives you a 500-subscriber quota and a maximum of 3,000 emails per month to send. Some of its other features include basic email templates, sign-up forms, Google Analytics, one landing page, a drag-and-drop email builder, three email automation, and more.
  • Lite – Pricing starts at $12.50 per month; billed annually. Includes unlimited subscribers, one email list, three landing pages, three email automation, email split testing, advanced message analytics, etc.
  • Plus – Starts at $20.00 per month; billed annually. Includes unlimited subscribers, unlimited email lists, unlimited email automation, full template library, advanced reporting, analytics, etc.
  • Unlimited – For those users who’ve more than 50,000 subscribers, you can subscribe to this plan. To know better about this plan, you can contact their sales and marketing team. However, it includes unlimited subscribers, unlimited email lists, advanced landing pages, removal of AWeber branding, and more.

AWeber Customer Support

No doubt, AWeber comes with highly trained support staff that is ready to assist you in any condition 24/7. You can clear your doubts with their support team via phone, live chat, or email. 

Nevertheless, it has a decent library of knowledge base that consists of articles, video tutorials, and guides.

AWeber User Reviews and Ratings

Final Verdict

Among all the ActiveCampaign alternatives, AWeber is quite a simple yet powerful email service provider. It allows you to buy and connect domains from its platform, whereas ActiveCampaign doesn’t have this feature. Indeed, it’s easy to send bulk emails to targeted audiences from your subscriber list.

Therefore, AWeber perfectly fits on the list of the best ActiveCampaign alternatives. 


So that’s it for our list of the 7 best ActiveCampaign alternatives and competitors. We genuinely hope that you found our article helpful and the listed platforms help you reach out to your potential customers to increase your sales.

Lastly, if you’re looking for comprehensive ActiveCampaign alternatives, then we’d like to suggest a few of them.

If you’re looking for affordable email marketing platforms then platforms like Mailchimp and Sendinblue are the best choice. Most importantly, these platforms come with free plans; however, you have to compromise on features.

Similarly, platforms like GetResponse and MailerLite are ideal choices for a business that has a large customer base.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any further queries about the best ActiveCampaign alternatives. We’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can.

Also, let us know which ActiveCampaign alternative you are going to choose from the list. You can share your top favorite pick in the comments section below. 

Besides that, you can also check out articles like the best eCommerce automation tools to improve marketing and the best WordPress lead generation plugins. Be sure to go through them once.

Lastly, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates regarding our new posts.

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