What is affiliate marketing

Wondering what affiliate marketing is? Do you know how you can earn from affiliate marketing? In simple language, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a certain amount of commission or profit by promoting other companies’ products or services. It’s also known as a performance-based marketing strategy where you get paid for the sales you make.

There are various ways of earning money online, yet many people and business owners prefer affiliate marketing for their income source. But Why?

To answer all these questions, we’ve written this article to show how affiliate marketing works. By the end of the article, you’ll also know how to start affiliate marketing and be a successful affiliate marketer. So, stick with us till the end of the article. Keep Reading.

What is Affiliate Marketing? – Introduction

Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest and popular forms of internet marketing tactics in use.  It’s the process where you promote other companies’ products, and if someone buys the product based on your recommendation, you get a certain amount of commission. Moreover, you can recommend the product to anyone: readers, friends, relatives, etc.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Let’s be a bit clear by an example. Suppose you’re promoting products like clothing, books, household items from Amazon (the biggest eCommerce company).  For this, you need to sign up and generate custom links to sell amazon products. If someone purchases through your link, then you earn a specified amount of commission from it.

The products you do with affiliate marketing can be of any type, from daily usable products to any digital products like ebooks or software, etc. Similarly, you can promote such products on your affiliate website, social media sites, YouTube channel, etc. 

Not to mention, if you own a product or want to sell more of it, then also affiliate marketing works.

However, you’ll learn more in a detailed way when scrolling down our post.

Today affiliate marketing is one of the effective ways of earning online with a small investment. A recent affiliate marketing survey shows that marketing in the US is expected to hit $8.2 billion in 2022.

Affiliate Marketing Survey
Affiliate Marketing Survey Source: Statista

Affiliate marketing makes it easy to earn money from product sales without creating its own products. Also, the commission rates vary depending on the company and products. You can earn from 5% to 50% or even more, depending on what products you’re promoting.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business strategy that lets a product owner increase the sales from the affiliate marketers’ audiences. At the same time, affiliate marketers earn commission by promoting other products with small or zero investments.

So, there are mainly 3 parties involved in the whole process of affiliate marketing. First, the merchants or the product owners who have products to sell. Second, the affiliate marketers who help in selling the merchant’s products. And third, customers who buy from the affiliate marketer’s website. 

Now, let’s talk about these 3  pillars of affiliate marketing in more detail. Plus, there’s one more party involved sometimes, also discussed.

i. The Merchant

The merchant is the product creator, seller, brand, retailer, or the brand with a product/service on the market. They can also be large e-commerce or business companies like Amazon, Flipkart, HostGator, etc. These companies own the products or services to make available for the people to purchase. Also, the products can be anything from physical products like household items, clothing to e-books, software, etc.

Merchant (Flipkart)
Merchant (Flipkart)

Moreover, merchants can also be a single individual like freelancer graphic designers or course creators. The merchant could be anyone from a solo individual to a large company owner. 

The merchants need an affiliate program if they want affiliate marketers to promote their products and help in selling more. Now, they’ve 2 choices to have an affiliate program. 

  • Create an affiliate program themselves, 
  • Or join an affiliate network. 

If a merchant wants to run an affiliate program on their own, then there’s some extra work. An affiliate program is an entirely different system that should handle applications, marketers’ accounts, affiliate link generation, and more. 

Plus, they’re responsible for implementing the sales tracking system and monitoring the sales results. In the end, the merchants pay affiliates for every sale they made with the merchant’s product or services.

But if they join an affiliate network, then merchants don’t have to do all of this because the network manages everything. We’ve explained about affiliate networks in the 4th point. 

ii. The Affiliate

The affiliate is also known as publishers, distributors, or advertisers that range from a single individual to an entire small or large company. They promote the products or services of the merchants. Bloggers, publishers, content creators, or one having a high social media following can easily participate in affiliate marketing. Most of the affiliate marketers share their products on social media, blogs, websites, etc.

The Affiliate
The Affiliate

The affiliate marketer advertises the affiliate products, items, or services and tries to draw customers’ attention and convince them to purchase the product. If the customers buy the product, the affiliate receives a specific amount of commission from each sale made. Similarly, the amount of commission depends on the affiliate program’s terms and conditions.

Likewise, affiliate marketers also need to focus on building their audiences. Trying to promote the products to someone who doesn’t buy it is a waste of time and marketing dollars. However, most of the affiliate marketers have a specific audience who purchase their products or services.

iii. Customers

Customers are the ones who purchase the product from affiliate marketers. They let the affiliate marketing go round and make the transactions. The transaction can be anything from clicking a link to submitting the form and purchasing the products. Unless and until the customers make the transactions, there aren’t any chances of commission or revenue to be shared.


It is not necessary for the customers to know that they are part of affiliate marketing or network. However, some affiliate marketers allow their customers to see or know that they are part of affiliate marketing, and some marketers don’t allow it. 

Moreover, customers don’t need to pay any additional amount for purchasing from the affiliate advertisers. They can purchase the items at the regular price or sometimes at even discounted prices.

iv. The Network

As mentioned above, affiliate marketing is not always limited to merchants and affiliate marketers only. There’s one more party that helps in affiliate marketing – the network. 

Affiliate Network
Affiliate Network

The affiliate network is the middleman, connecting the merchant and the affiliate. In other words, it acts as a manager in between the affiliate and the merchants. However, for getting into affiliate marketing, a network is not that necessary, but choosing an affiliate network handles all the technical and administrative stuff such as tracking, support, payments, etc.

You can technically promote a product/item created by someone else, sell it to the customers, and then get the commission once customers purchase them. But joining the affiliate network such as ClickBank, ShareASale, etc., handles the payment system, delivery of the products, and other services.

An affiliate network is best for those who don’t have time to manage and track reports, payments, etc. Also, merchants choose affiliate networks if they want to promote products from various affiliate marketers or publishers. It depends on your business, whether you need to go with an affiliate network or not.

How Affiliate marketers get paid?

Affiliate marketing is a notable source of income for marketers nowadays. You don’t need to be technically strong when starting up affiliate marketing. Also, with a small investment, you can join affiliate marketing and set up your own business. But there arises a question: How much earning do you do from affiliate marketing, and how affiliate marketers get paid?

Affiliate Marketing Payment
Affiliate Marketing Payment

When you look at the pricing reports of affiliate marketing, the pricing structures vary from each other. There is no actual amount of money you can make with affiliate marketing. Earning from affiliate marketing directly depends on the number of products/items you sell to your customers.

However, if you want to earn from affiliate marketing, the customers always don’t need to purchase the items or products. There are different ways the affiliate marketers get paid after they promote items on various platforms. In this article, we’ll discuss three major ways the affiliate marketers get paid from affiliate marketing.

a. Pay Per Sale

In this program, the advertiser is paid only when the merchant’s product gets sold out. Once the customers purchase the products and clear the payment, the affiliate marketer receives a specific commission from the merchants.

b. Pay Per Click

In this program, the marketers are paid if they successfully redirect their customers from the marketing platform to the merchant’s platform. Moreover, marketers also get paid when customers click on ads, links, etc.

c. Pay Per Lead

In this program, the marketers are paid for every lead they generate from the customers. It includes form submission, trial creation, registration, download or installs software, submit contact info like email address, phone number, etc.

Why is Affiliate Marketing So Popular?

A few years ago, businesses used to pay huge amounts to promote their products on TVs, radio, print ads, etc., with the intention to grow their business. But today, the scenario has changed. At the present, all the large and small business organizations are trying to find a new idea to increase the business’s growth.

Affiliates Marketing Income
Affiliates Marketing Income

Affiliate marketing is an effective marketing strategy that equally benefits both the merchants and the affiliates. For the merchants, affiliate marketing helps to increase business growth, whereas the affiliates earn a good amount of money without owning the products. It’s best suited to beginners wanting to make money online.

In the last few years, affiliate marketing has become one of the biggest forms of business advertising. Also, there are not many tools and equipment required when starting affiliate marketing. You just need a laptop or smartphone, a good internet connection, and some basic affiliate marketing knowledge, as this article teaches.

Another reason why affiliate marketing is so popular is that you are your own boss and are free to build your own marketing strategy. Moreover, you don’t need to deal with an annoying boss. Also, with a simple and easy way to start, anyone can join affiliate marketing and work from the home, workplace, college, etc.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

There are many benefits of affiliate marketing. Here we’ve discussed a few of them.

i. Passive income

Passive Income
Affiliate Marketing Passive Income

Passive income is the money you can earn without being involved directly and regularly in any business. Or the money you make from a business you’re not actively engaged with. 

Unlike other businesses, affiliate marketing is not a one-night earning source of income. You earn a commission by promoting other products. But you’re not paid until your referred customer takes some action or purchases a product from the merchants’ platform. 

So it might take a few days or a few months or years to get your payment from affiliate marketing. So, affiliate marketing is known as a passive income source.

ii. No customer support

No Customer Support
No Customer Support

Since affiliate marketing is all about promoting other company’s products, any issues that come along with the product are handled by the merchants. Being an affiliate, you don’t have to worry about customer support for any problems.

iii. Less investment

Less Investment
Less Investment

Starting an affiliate marketing requires less amount of investment and time. It can be done from any platform (blog, YouTube, social media) virtually with no or small investment at all. Also, you don’t need to create a product of your own, so it doesn’t cost much to get started.

iv. Performance Based Rewards

Performance Based Rewards
Performance Based Rewards

Affiliate marketing is an entirely performance-based marketing model that pays or gives commission to the affiliates only after the desired action has taken place. It checks the number of sales made or execute any action by visitors and pays accordingly.

v. Own Workflow and Location

Workflow and Location
Workflow and Location

Affiliate marketing gives a separate space to work, and you’re the boss of your workspace and can decide what next to do. There are no tight deadlines and schedules to complete the task. Also, affiliate marketing can be done by anyone from anywhere.

How to start affiliate marketing for beginners? 5 Steps to Success

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular methods of earning money online. After knowing about what affiliate marketing is, now it’s time to concentrate on the main topic, ‘How to start affiliate marketing?’

To succeed in affiliate marketing, there are many steps to follow before making your first sale and earning some commission. But most importantly, you must have the dedicated willingness to put your time and effort into affiliate marketing.

Here we’ve broken down the affiliate marketing process into 5 steps for beginners. Follow these steps that’ll help you to earn a commission from your first sale.

Step 1: Decide Your Niche and Choose a Platform

The first step of starting affiliate marketing is to select the products, services, or anything that you’re passionate about or you already have experiences with. Choose something you’re more interested in. 

If you’ve got a deep interest in the things you’re trying to sell, then there’s more chance that visitors will convert to customers. Also, while following your passion, make sure to choose the one that has a profitable earning income.

As affiliate marketers, you must focus on marketing products and services with long term future goals. Before promoting products for affiliate marketing, make sure you have in-depth knowledge of them. Affiliate products must include your interest and hobbies too.

For example; If you love cooking or have a deep interest in kitchen products, you can do affiliate marketing on cookware. Besides that, you can promote sports-related topics and products, beauty, music, and many more.

Cookware Products for Affiliate Marketing
Cookware Products for Affiliate Marketing

Once you find the products or services you’re going to promote; the second most important part is finding a platform for affiliate marketing. Generally, affiliate marketing can be done from any platform; Websites, Blogs, YouTube channels, Social Media sites (Facebook, Instagram,) and many more.

But how to choose which of these platforms is the one for you? No worries, here we’ll discuss how you can start your affiliate marketing with these platforms. Then you can decide which one suits your business.

i. How to start affiliate marketing with blogs?

Choosing blogs as your affiliate marketing is the right decision if you already have an active blogging platform or planning to have one. There are different blogging platforms you can start with. To name a few of them: WordPress, Medium, Blogger, etc. These platforms are easy to start and set up to start your blog.

You can also check our guide on how to start your WordPress blog to start your blogging platform.

Download WordPress
WordPress for Blogs

As a blogger, you can do affiliate marketing by adding affiliate links to your blog’s articles. When the readers visit your blog, most probably they click on the link that directs them to the merchant’s marketplace. So if the readers of your blogging platform buy the products or take action from the merchant’s platform, you get a commission.

Your blog content can be anything related to technology, reviews, or biography about different personalities. Make your content simple and easy to read.

ii. How to start affiliate marketing with social media?

Social media has been one of the popular affiliate marketing platforms in the past few years. Promoting content through social media is free, and at the same time, it is user-friendly to everyone. Make sure to choose the best social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) that suits your business.

Affiliate Marketing Through Social Media
Affiliate Marketing Through Social Media

The social media platform is best for the affiliate marketers having a large number of fans and followers. However, it’s not necessary that you need to be a celebrity or a popular figure to promote your content. Your affiliate content needs to be stronger and catchy for the audiences.

If you are interested in clothing, beauty, or health-related topics, you can choose Instagram. Similarly, YouTube is best if you’re a vlogger or own YouTube channels with interesting content. There are many YouTube channels with affiliate marketing. One of the fine examples is Tatiana James, where she focuses on online business and selling Amazon products. Facebook is best for the one focusing on finance or any topic you’re passionate about.

For example, You choose the YouTube platform for affiliate marketing. Create content and upload it on your channel that requires no charges. You can upload your affiliate link in your YouTube video description. Now, if someone makes a purchase using your affiliate links, you’ll get some commission from the sales made.

When choosing the platform for affiliate marketing, make sure to go with the one that can build more audience, and increase affiliate sales. Starting your affiliate marketing on the above platform requires minimal or no cost at all.

Step 2: Find Affiliate Programs to Join

The next step is finding and joining the affiliate programs. Before we move on, it’s necessary to know what an affiliate program is. Shortly, an affiliate program is also known as an associate program. It makes an arrangement in which merchants pay you(affiliate) the commission when an actual sale is made from the merchant’s site or any action taking place.

There are thousands of affiliate programs that you can join easily without paying anything. To get started, find affiliate programs that best suit your business. To name a few of them, Amazon, Bluehost, ShareASale, ClickBank, etc. We’ll go through these programs in a more detailed way in the next subheading, ‘best high paying affiliates.’

All these affiliate programs require specific criteria to qualify as an affiliate marketer. When choosing an affiliate program, give some time to research the right platform because this is where your income will come from. When choosing the affiliate programs, you need to consider the following tips:

Things to Consider While Choosing Affiliates Programs

  • High Commission rate – Affiliate marketing is all about money. Different affiliate programs have various commission rates. Higher the commission rate higher the income. So, choose the affiliate programs that give you a satisfactory commission rate.
  • Market Reputation – Choose affiliate programs with a good market reputation. For this, you can browse through different blogs or affiliate forums. Moreover, you can go through each affiliate program’s website and judge whether it fits your business needs or not.
  • The kind of product – Every product you choose for affiliate marketing is not necessary that it gets fit into any affiliate programs. So, the products or services you decide to promote must be relevant to affiliate programs.
  • Two-tier affiliate program – In this affiliate program, you can earn a double or two-tier commission. The first-tier commission is like the usual affiliate program. In the second-tier commission, you make a commission from the sales generated by the people you referred to previously.

Once you found your affiliate program that best-suited your business, sign up for their affiliate program. After signing up, you’ll get a unique link known as an affiliate link.

For those who don’t know what an affiliate link is, it is an URL that tracks the traffic sent from affiliate markets affiliate platforms to the merchant’s platforms.

Once your affiliate link is ready, copy and paste it on your content. Now when one of the visitors clicks on the affiliate link available from your content, it redirects to the merchant’s platform. If the visitors turn into the customer by purchasing the product, the affiliate is then paid a commission.

Idea to Join Affiliate Program

Suppose you choose the Amazon affiliate program. Open the Amazon affiliate program on the browser. Now you’ll see the Amazon dashboard something like this:

Amazon Dashboard
Amazon Dashboard

Sign in to the Amazon affiliate program. After signing in through email or phone, you’ll need to fill a form for verification.

Amazon Verification Form
Amazon Verification Form

Once your information detail is verified, you’ll get an affiliate link from amazon. Now you can use this link on any affiliate platform of your choice.

Step 3: Create Great Marketing Content (Optimize Your Content for More Clicks)

High-quality content is the cornerstone of affiliate marketing monetization. It may be a blog, website, product reviews, tutorials, etc.; it’s the content that sells your affiliate product. Every affiliate marketer must know that quality content is the king for marketing business.

Since affiliate marketing is all about convincing people to products from a merchant’s store, you need to create attractive content to impress your audience. Hence, behind every successful affiliate marketing, there’s some valuable content within it that can fascinate the audiences.

 Here are some of the popular types of content for affiliate marketing.

1. Products Reviews

It is one of the most popular and easy types of content that you can use to promote affiliate products. Here you can write an honest review of the affiliate products based on your research and experience. You must be honest in the product reviews and clarify both advantages and disadvantages (if any) of the product.

Product Reviews
Product Reviews

In the end, it’s all about providing trust to the audience from your information on what makes purchasing the product useful.

2. Video Tutorial

A video tutorial is a form of providing information in the video. With video tutorials, the audience can see the appearance as well as the working overflow of the products. It may be software, physical devices, tutorials (recipes, makeup, dye), and many more.

Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial

With this type of content, you no longer need to write in words and explain to the audience. The video does it all.

3. Product Comparison

Product comparison is simply figuring out the difference between two or more products and analyzing the best one out of them. When it comes to buying a product, there arises confusion for choosing between almost similar products, and that’s where your comparison works.

Product Comparison
Product Comparison

Listing out the best features and including each product’s mini-reviews can help your audience buy the best one.

4. How-to Articles

The how-to article describes how to get the most of the products or use the features so that the audience generates interest in it. For this, you can start your own blog and publish content or post on hosting blogging platforms like Blogger, Medium, etc. This type of content must include each and every step of the process and make sure not to include unnecessary information.

Making your heading title addresses the consumer pain point, such as How to earn money from affiliate marketing overnight?

After choosing the right type of content, gather all information, and create affiliate marketing contents that convert the visitors to customers. Now there comes a question in mind how to create quality affiliate marketing content?

No worries! Here we’re giving you a few tips to improve the quality affiliate marketing content and optimize your site for more clicks.

i) Be Honest

‘Honesty is the best policy.’ From this quote, what we can understand is being honest is always good and fruitful. Whenever you’re giving information about any of your affiliate products or content, write an honest review of your experience with those particular things. 

The audience trusts you, and based on your recommendations, they take action or purchase the product. With this in mind, never put your opinion unless and until you experience the products. It may be from physical goods to software, ebooks, and many more.

ii) Make Your Content Concise

In order to create great affiliate marketing content, writing clear and concise content is very important. This gives a direct, short, and clear description of the affiliate product that makes the reader easier to read and keeps the audience’s attention.

When you’re describing a product or writing reviews, don’t make it too long. Make sure to mention the important features of the affiliate products you’re promoting. The longer the content, the less users will read. So, make your content upto the point and remove the unnecessary information.

iii) Research and Understand Your Audience

Affiliate marketing is only successful when you have a large number of audiences. In the end, it’s the audience who takes action from the affiliate platform and you, as an affiliate, earn the commission.  Audiences are the center of affiliate marketing. 

So, in affiliate marketing, you must focus on products, goods, and services that your audience loves and is suited for them. Think about your target audiences and promote your affiliate products based on audience choice and needs. Try to bring fresh and new content to your audiences.  

iv) Make a Story

Once you start promoting affiliate products from different platforms, don’t advertise them directly. Instead, make it a natural recommendation issued from friends or relatives. Audiences love the content when they can personally connect to whatever they’re reading.

For this, you need to set up a scenario that allows the audience to imagine having the product or services of their own. When writing the reviews, content connects your audiences emotionally, which manipulates them to purchase it.

Step 4: Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Platform

The best way of being successful in affiliate marketing is to promote your products to the audience. Once your products are visible to the audiences,  make them take specific action from the affiliate platform like clicking on different downloading, purchasing products, etc. But where do these audiences come from!

Website Traffic

Once you set up your affiliate marketing platform with the selected product to sell or promote it, now you as a publisher, your main task is to generate the traffic or audiences to your affiliate platform. So, for every publisher generating traffic has to be on the top of the list of priorities.

Affiliate marketing is all about bringing audiences to your platform, make them click the link or download videos or buy the product, etc. All these goals of affiliate marketing are fulfilled when there is high-quality traffic in your affiliate platform.

There are many ways of bringing traffic to your affiliate marketing platform. Depending on the platform, there are different effective ways publishers can generate traffic to their platforms. Here we have discussed some major tips that help to drive traffic to your affiliate platform.

a) Focus on High Quality Content

High Quality Content
High Quality Content

High-quality content plays a major role in driving traffic to the affiliate platform. Make sure the content you are promoting has an eye-catching headline and make your audience engage with it by providing valuable content. High-quality contents are likely to get more clicks, share, and get ranks on the search engine.

b) Make Affiliate Links Visible

Affiliate links play a major role in sending traffic from affiliate platform to merchant platform. So, being an affiliate, make sure that the links to any product you’re selling are visible to the customers. Also, if you want your site visitors to download or watch videos, clearly mention Download Now or Watch it to seek the visitor’s attention.

c) Use Social Media

Social Media Promotion
Social Media Promotion

Social Media is one of the best platforms for increasing traffic to the affiliate marketing platform. Depending on the type of business, you can choose social media platforms for affiliate marketing.

For instance, if your marketing is of fashion, makeup, art, then Instagram is the best. You can also create a Facebook group where people with the same idea can join and discuss there.

d) Giveaway Offers

Give Away Gifts
Give Away Gifts

People love free gifts, prizes and giveaway is the best way to drive traffic to affiliate marketing. A giveaway is a campaign where different brands sponsor a prize where people must place their entries to win the prize. Hosting the giveaway on the page or post filled with affiliate links can attract high-quality traffic to your visitors.

e) Ask for Feedback

Clients or Users Feedback
Clients or Users Feedback

Feedback is a must if you are involved in affiliate marketing. Once your affiliate marketing is online, make a few sales, and generate some customers, reach out to them and ask them to review the service they received. Feedback can be of anything from products, video-quality to article reviews, and many more.

f) Paid Traffic Source

Platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google AdWords are paid traffic sources where you can promote your products and get traffic for your affiliate link. Here you need to spend some amount of money on this traffic source.

g) Build an Email List

Built Email Lists
Build Email Lists

Email marketing is one of the best marketing methods for driving traffic to your affiliate site. For this, you need to build an email list, which you can do by providing some free offers like sharing a report, a webinar of forms to collect an email list. After that, you can send an email to your audiences along with your affiliate links telling them about the new content. This leads to more traffic and clicks on your affiliate platform.

Step 5: Analyze Your Income (ROI) and Improve Your Marketing Strategy

The final step of affiliate marketing is monitoring your affiliate efforts and evaluating the outcomes so that you can know whether your business is going on profit or not. Out of all, ROI (Return on Investment) is the essential factor in analyzing your affiliate income.

ROI(Return on Investment)
ROI(Return on Investment)

ROI is the calculation that determines the benefits received in relation to their investment cost. It gives the ratio that compares the gain or loss from an investment. Generally, ROI is a ratio but is expressed in percentage. The higher the rate, the greater benefit earned.

Calculation of ROI

ROI is very simple to calculate. You only need two factors to calculate it: a) Gross Profit b) Investment amount. Then you can use the following formula:

ROI = Gross Profit – Investment/ Investment*100

Let’s be a bit clear from an example: You spent 100 starting an affiliate campaign. After a few months earns 1500 as a gross profit. Now your ROI is 200%.

ROI = (1500-500)/500*100 = 200%

This is a pretty good ROI and indicates that the investment has performed better to date. Using the ROI, an investor can distinguish between low-performing investment and high performing investments. If the ROI is positive, you can take your business to the next level. But if ROI shows negative results, investors must optimize and improve their market strategy.

In fact, there are several different techniques for improving the affiliate market strategy. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Select the affiliate program with a good market reputation that helps to gain maximum conversion rate with less effort.
  • Attract your audience with coupons, deals, and offers.
  • Optimize your product page so that it loads faster and gives enough information that helps customers take action or buy products.
  • Use buttons, tables, boxes to help attract your reader’s attention.
  • Share your affiliate links on most of your social media sites and other platforms.
  • Use catchy email subject lines to attract new visitors to join your affiliate program.
  • Keep your eye on the new trending content for affiliate marketing.

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs you can join as an affiliate. Every affiliate program has a different commission rate and payment model for affiliates. Here we’ve discussed some top high paying affiliate programs based on different affiliate niches.

1. Bluehost(Web hosting)

Bluehost Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program of Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies that offer an affiliate program for anyone looking to make money online. You simply need to promote Bluehost’s product or service in your affiliate platform, and in return, Bluehost pays it all. Also, joining the Bluehost affiliate program is free of cost.

Commission – Bluehost pays $65 for every sale made from your referred link. You can earn from $65-130 for each sale generated from your affiliate platform. Also, it has a cookie life of 45 days.

2. Hostinger(Web hosting)

Hostinger Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program of Hostinger

Hostinger is another popular web hosting as well as an affiliate program platform with a high commission rate. You can quickly sign up for the Hostinger affiliate program without any cost and wait for 24 hrs to get verified.

Commission – Hostinger is best known for its high commission rate. For every purchase coming from your affiliate link, Hostinger gives upto 60% commission. It provides a cookie with life for 30 days.

3. HostGator(Web hosting)

HostGator Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program of HostGator

HostGator is a web hosting provider as well as an affiliate program. Joining the HostGator affiliate program helps you to earn money by referring HostGator to other customers.

Commission -With HostGator, you can make around $65- 150 if the purchase comes from your affiliate link. You’ll get a payment once your amount reaches $100. Also, it has a cookie life of 60 days.

4. ShareASale(Marketplace)

ShareASale Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program of ShareASale

ShareASale is a popular affiliate marketing program that works as a network in-between affiliates and merchants. For the affiliate marketers, it gives access to more than 4800 merchants to work with. Affiliates can join the ShareASale affiliate program for free of cost.

Commission – ShareASale pays the commission to the affiliates based on the sales. It gives you a 20% commission on each sale you made from an affiliate link. Moreover, It has 12 months of cookie life.

5. Amazon Associate(Marketplace)

Amazon Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program of Amazon

With Amazon, associates’ you can sell the amazon products on your affiliate platform, which in return gives you a specific commission amount.  Amazon is a popular online shopping market with a high conversion rate, so amazon’s products are not difficult to sell.

Commission- Since Amazon has a huge product category, the commission rate depends on the product category. Depending on the category, it gives you a 1-10% commission rate. E.g., It provides 1% for video games, 5% for digital products, grocery items, and 10% for clothing and beauty products. It gives the cookie life for 24 hours.

6. ClickBank(Marketplace)

ClickBank Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program of ClickBank

ClickBank is a renowned and easiest platform for buying and selling products. Anyone can join the ClickBank affiliate program, choose the product, get an affiliate link, and promote it. It gives thousands of products to promote with a different commission rate for each product.

Commission – Like ShareASale, it pays the commission based on the sale. Each product has a different commission rate that ranges from 1% -75%. You can either choose between a one-time purchase or a recurring payment model.

7. BH Cosmetic (Beauty)

BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program of BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetic is a renowned cosmetic manufacturing company that focuses on skincare and makeup products for women. You can join the affiliate program of BH Cosmetic direct from its website without any charge.

Commission – You’ll receive a commission of 8% after you direct a visitor to BH Cosmetic and they purchase the products within 60 days. Also, it has a cookie life of 60 days.

8. Elegant Themes(Divi WordPress Theme)

Elegant Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program of Elegant Themes

Elegant theme is the largest WordPress themes and plugin building company with 87 themes and 6 plugins at the moment. It also has an affiliate program that lets you promote their themes and plugin to your audiences and earn a commission. Moreover, the Elegant theme spends around $3 million every year for its affiliates.

Commission – It gives a high commission of 50% on all sales plus renewal commission. Also, commissions are paid when the amount reaches $58. It has a cookie lifespan of 180 days.

9. TripAdvisor( Travel)

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program of Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the largest platforms that helps travelers decide their travel journey, accommodation, destination, and many more. Once you join the TripAdvisor affiliate program, you’ll get paid when the visitors sent by you click different ads or links on the TripAdvisor website. You don’t need to wait for your referrals to purchase the products.

Commission – It offers a 50% commission when you refer the customer to TripAdvisor, and they click on the ads or any commercial links.


Hopefully, by now, you have an idea of affiliate marketing basics and what it takes to get started with affiliate marketing. Also, there’s no doubt that affiliate marketing can give you amazing returns on promotion.

Affiliate marketing is a good earning source, but before counting commission, focus on your products, identify your audience needs, and get a suitable platform to promote it. Although affiliate marketing’s success depends on the performance, it effectively meets your income goals.

We hope you enjoyed this beginner introduction to affiliate marketing. Our goal is to help you start up your business in affiliate marketing and set up the essential requirement. We discussed a lot of affiliate marketing, merchants, affiliate programs, affiliates, and how all these aspects are necessary for successful affiliate marketing.

 Now it’s your turn to get up and began your business in affiliate marketing and earn a commission from it.

Besides affiliate marketing, there are more ways you can make money online. Check our guide 41 ways to make money online.

Feel free to use this article to reference how affiliate marketing works and what things you must look at before starting affiliate marketing. Also, please comment below if you have any confusion regarding affiliate marketing.

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Some FAQs

Who can be an affiliate Marketers?

Affiliate marketing is a job that has no educational requirement or age limit. Anyone can do this solely with a good internet connection.

Do affiliates have to pay before joining affiliate programs?

There is no cost affiliate needs to pay for joining affiliate programs. Affiliates can join as many affiliate programs as they want.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of text file or data stored on the user’s computer by a web browser to keep the information of the user’s activity.

How many followers are necessary for affiliate marketing?

There is no specific number of followers required for starting affiliate marketing. So, the more followers, the more sales you can expect.

Can I promote or sell any product that I’ve never tried before?

Yes, you can use any product of your affiliate marketing. However, you have to be honest with the reviews and don’t mention anything that’s beyond the product quality.

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