Best WordPress Job Application Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress job application plugins? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page.

We all know online jobs have gained enormous popularity. Also, an online job application page or the job board is fundamental for the company’s website. Plus, having an application page can benefit you while recruiting candidates. 

WordPress is one of the best website builders in the market. You can use WordPress to build any kind of website including a job board website. And, creating your own job board with WordPress is very easy. 

However, choosing the best WordPress job application plugins can be a daunting task. So, in this article, we have hand-picked some of the best job application plugins. 

Let’s get started!

Things to consider while choosing WordPress job application plugins

Before we check on the list, there are few things to consider while choosing job application plugins.

  • Features: Firstly, you need to consider that your chosen plugin provides the basic features for the job board. For instance, managing, categorizing, and adding job listings. 
  • Customizable: You must check if your plugin lets you customize your job application forms.
  • Contact Forms: You’ll need a medium to contact your users. So, make sure the plugin provides contact forms.
  • Responsive: Lastly, the chosen plugin should be responsive. So, that your users can access it across any device.  

With this, let’s check the list of best WordPress job application plugins for 2021.

13 best WordPress Job Application Plugins for 2022

Here, we’ve listed the best WordPress job application plugins considering the above criteria. You can easily create a job application form in your WordPress website using any of the below plugin.

So, let’s start!

1. WP Job Manager

WP-Job-Manager-Plugin wordpress job application plugin

WP Job Manager is a lightweight WordPress plugin for creating a job listing. This plugin is easy to set up and use with shortcodes. Also, you can use shortcodes to display job listings in different formats. 

However, you can also enhance features using premium add-ons. Popular add-on like Applications lets you submit forms and allows employers to manage all functions related to applications. Also, Job Alerts allows registered users to save and create alerts about new jobs via email.

Main Features:

  • Allows you to manage, categorize, and add job listings.
  • You’ll also have options to search and filter on job listings.
  • In addition, employers can view, edit, mark filled, and delete active job listings. 
  • WP Job Manager also provides a preview option for the listings before it goes live.


This is a free job application plugin. You can get the free version from the official plugin directory. 

However, if you want to upgrade the plugin, you can get paid add-ons from its official website 

2. Simple Job Board

Simple-Job-Board wordpress job application form plugins

Simple Job Board is an outstanding WordPress plugin for adding a job board to your site. Using this plugin you can add job listings and customize each application easily. Also, you can use shortcodes to post your job opening on any page of your interest. 

Besides, it provides features like multiple attachment fields where users can upload images, documents, and resumes. You can upload these files in various extensions like jpg, png and pdf, and docx. Moreover, you can also use the anti-hotlinking option for the security purposes of your document.

Main Features:

  • Allows job listers to add job type, location in job listings. 
  • Shortcodes enabled to add job location and job types.
  • It’s highly compatible with WordPress Multilingual Plugins (WPML).
  • You can also view the application list of who applied for the job. 


This is the free WordPress job application form plugin, you can download it from the official repository. 

3. Formidable Form


Formidable Forms is an advanced and powerful application form for WordPress. It’s the best form builder plugin with an advanced form styler to style your forms. Also, it provides robust features of Formidable Views. Using this, you can display submitted forms on the front end of your site.

Moreover, it allows you to view entries from your website’s dashboard. Also, you can edit, delete, and display form entries from anywhere on the site. It helps you pre-fill forms with known values like the first name, last name, email, etc when the user is logged in. 

Main Features:

  • It’s a simple WordPress drag-and-drop form builder. 
  • It allows you to add a digital signature to the form.
  • You can also save and continue partially filled application forms.
  • This plugin lets you export and import forms to another site.
  • Create payment forms to accept credit card payments from your website.


This is a freemium job application plugin for WordPress. You can download the free version of this plugin from 

If you want to upgrade to the pro version, you can buy it from its official website formidable You can buy an Elite Plan for $299.50, a Business Plan for $199.50, a Plus Plan for $99.50, and a Basic Plan for $39.50 per year.

4. WPForms

WPForms free job application form plugin for wordpress

WPForms is a popular WordPress plugin for making any form. This plugin comes with a pre-built job application form template. Using which you can instantly create a job application form. Also, this plugin lets you customize forms with several fields like name, email, and more. 

In addition, it allows easy configuration of general settings of the form. You can use smart tags to send notifications to users once the application has been received. Also, you’re able to configure form confirmation to show a message once the user submits the form. 

Main Features:

  • It provides anti-spam protection with hCaptcha and Google reCAPTCHA. 
  • You can also add a signature field to your contact form, application form, etc.
  • Integrated with Mailchimp Forms, AWeber Forms, GetResponse Forms, and many more. 
  • Your users can also save their entered data offline and submit it when the internet connection is restored.
  • It’s a fully responsive job application plugin. 


This plugin comes with a free and pro version. You can get the free version from WordPress official plugin directory. 

Also, purchase the pro version from its official website You can buy an Elite Plan for $299.50, a Pro Plan for $199.50, and Plus Plan for $99.50. You can get Basic Plan in just $39.50 per year. 

5. Job Manager & Career


Job Manager & Career lets you manage the job posts efficiently on WordPress sites. Using this plugin, you can add all the details like job title, descriptions, or features based on your requirement. In addition, you can also set up a career feed by using shortcodes on the page. 

This plugin allows you to include location, type of job, and related category. Therefore, job seekers and employers can easily sort them based on these details. 

Main features:

  • You can upload resumes in multiple formats like .doc, pdf, .docx.
  • It allows you to feature urgent jobs with a special badge using the featured listing option.
  • Admin can also hide or show expired and filled jobs.
  • Able to add additional features like experience, salary, and so on.
  • Enable override theme style to customize text color, button color, background color, and more. 


This plugin is a freemium WordPress plugin. 

You can get the pro version from its official website on a subscription basis. Get Single site access for $49, 5 sites access for $99, and 25 sites access for $149 per year.  

6. WPJobBoard

WordPress-Job-Board-Plugin submit application

WP Job Board is a premium WordPress job application plugin. This plugin comes with a custom portal for employees to look at new applications. It also has a front-end panel that lets users upload CVs, add new job listings, and more.  

In addition, it’s bundled with a free job board theme you can use to create a job portal site. Also, this plugin is fully flexible with the WordPress themes.  

Main Features:

  • This plugin offers an application tracking system.
  • It can be integrated with third-party services like Paypal and Stripe.
  • Easy to use one-click installation and activation.
  • Social media features to auto-post new listings on Twitter.


This is a premium job application plugin you can get from its official website You can purchase a Personal license for $97 with single-site access. Also, buy a Business license for $199 with Unlimited site access. 

7. Job Board Manager

Job-Board-Manager-Plugin job application form template

Job Board Manager is a free WordPress job application plugin. It has company profiles, geolocations, custom widgets, and premium addons. Using this you can launch your job portal easily and quickly. 

Moreover, you can also display jobs using shortcodes. This plugin lets you display the job list by filtering query arguments via filter hook. You can also build an external search form, apply form data to filter jobs. Also, you’ll be able to remove existing job list elements and add your own elements via action hook. 

Main Features:

  • You’ll have access to 11 ready notification email templates in this plugin.
  • It allows you to mark the job expired and trash or draft them. 
  • Employers can see applications from the dashboard and give ratings, hire, or trash the applications. 
  • You can also display job categories in grid view with thumbnail, title, and job count. 
  • This plugin is optimized for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin. 


Above mentioned features are from both the free and pro version of the plugin.

Also, get the pro version from its official website There are 2 purchase plans:

  • Lifetime: Get single site access for $49, up to 10 sites for $99, and unlimited sites for $149.
  • Yearly:  You can get single site access for $19, up to 10 sites for $49, and unlimited sites for $99. 

8. JS Jobs Pro

JS-Jobs-Pro-Plugin create a job application

JS Jobs Pro is a well-established WordPress plugin that allows you to build a jobs site. The design is simple, effective, and importantly easy to use. This allows employers and employees to take care of their own applications and listings. 

It’s a feature-rich plugin that includes responsive design, search functions, shortcode listing tools, and more. Moreover, it also provides social media application functions, Google Maps integration, and so on.

Main Features:

  • It supports Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Hebrew and Arabic.
  • You can create and post unlimited jobs.
  • This plugin also comes with a resume builder.
  • Users can also get job alerts through email. 
  • Also, job seekers can check all of their applied jobs.


This is a premium plugin you can purchase from its official website You can get a Basic plan with 3 months subscription for $59, 6 months subscription for $99, and 12 months subscription for $129.

9. WP Job Openings

WP-Job-Opening-Plugin add a job application

WP Job Openings is a powerful free WordPress job application plugin. It lets you add application forms easily on your website. This plugin allows you to filter listings by employment, category, location, and more. 

Moreover, you can post job openings using 2 layout options, grid, and list. Also, using its pro version you can enhance features like rating application forms.

In addition, the shortcode generator will let you generate fully customizable job listings. 

Main Features:

  • This plugin supports unlimited job specifications.
  • Also, it’s compatible with WordPress Multilingual Plugins (WPML).
  • It allows you to add a job expiry option.
  • You’ll also have options to customize email notifications.
  • In addition, this plugin is tested with more than 50 top WordPress themes and plugins. 


This is a freemium WordPress job application plugin. 

If you want to upgrade to the pro version, you can buy it from its official website It comes with 2 purchase plans:

  • Annual: Individual $49 with single site license, $99 for up to 5 sites, $299 for unlimited sites including 1 year support and updates.
  • Lifetime: Individual for $149 with a single site license, Agency unlimited for $599 with unlimited sites, and Professional for $289 with 5 sites license. 

10. Apply Online

Apply-Online-Plugin wordpress apply online plugins

Apply Online is a user-friendly WordPress job application form plugin. You can easily add job application forms, also categorize and manage them from the dashboard. In addition, employers can comment to evaluate the candidate once the application is received.

It’s a drag and drops application plugin with various premium add-ons. For instance Application Tracker allows you to signup, login, save applications. You can further edit many times and submit it. 

Main Features:

  • It’s a form builder with all HTML form fields.
  • This is a lightweight and super fast plugin.
  • It also offers email alerts upon application receipt.
  • You can add a listing with a title, thumbnail image, Apply Now button, and more.
  • Also, you can add multiple advertisement types like career, classes, admissions, etc. 


This is a free WordPress job application plugin. You can download this plugin from the official plugin repository.

11. JobSearch WP Job Board

Job-Search-Plugin WordPress Job search plugin

JobSearch WP Job Board is a premium WordPress job board plugin. This plugin features job alerts, application tracking, resume builder, and more. Also, it comes with an effective search that makes job search effortless for users.

Moreover, JobSearch comes with a pre-built job pages style. Using this, you can style your job listings and job detail page easily.  

Main Features:

  • Your users can apply for jobs via Facebook and Linkedin.
  • It’s a translation-ready plugin.
  • This plugin also supports WooCommerce.
  • Shortcode is enabled for listing, searches, resume lists, pricing tables, and more.
  • This is a responsive job application form plugin.


This is a premium job application plugin, you can buy from Get the regular license for $79 with 6 months’ support. Also, get an extended 12 months of support for an extra $27.75.

12. Everest Forms

Everest-Forms-Plugin wordpress forms plugin

Everest Forms by WPEverest is a must-have WordPress job application plugin. It’s an all-in-one plugin that lets you create any kind of form. For instance job application form, contact forms, quiz, and survey. In addition, it also offers pre-built templates that’ll save your time while creating forms. 

Moreover, the image and file upload field lets you retrieve resumes, images, and files from the users. With the latest version of Everest Forms Pro, you can save files to Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Main Features:

  • You can have an instant preview of your forms.
  • It offers an anti-spam Honeypot and Google reCAPTCHA to eliminate spam.
  • Also, allows configuring unlimited email notifications.
  • You’ll get access to unlimited form fields like name, email, date, subject, and more.
  • Accept payments via a form using PayPal and Stripe. 


This is a freemium WordPress job application form plugin available at official site. 

Whereas, the pro version is available at its official website. It offers 2 different purchase plans:

  • Yearly: Agency $199, popular $149, plus $99, and personal $49. 
  • Lifetime: Agency $699, popular $599, plus $399, and personal $199. 

13. Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress job application form builder plugin. This plugin lets you build any kind of form easily and quickly. Also, you can choose from 30+ form fields to customize your form with this plugin. 

In addition, its unique features allow you to save the partially filled application form to complete later. Also, you can limit the number of entries to a form or schedule the form to control data capturing. 

Main Features:

  • It is a mobile-friendly plugin.
  • Integrate forms with Dropbox, Zapier, PayPal, and more. 
  • Akismet and Google reCAPTCHA to fight clutter.
  • You’ll have a file upload field to upload images, resumes, and other documents. 
  • You can also get email notifications for every job application. 


This is a premium job application plugin for WordPress. You can buy this plugin from its official website Get the Basic license for $59, an Elite license for $259, and a Pro license for $159. 


So, this is it! We’ve discussed the best WordPress job application form plugins for 2021 with their features and prices.

We hope this article will help you find the best job application form plugin for your website. If you’re using any of these plugins then let’s know in the comment.

Also, if you have any queries and suggestions regarding this article then let us know in the comment. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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