Best WordPress Sports Team Management Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress sports team management plugins? Or want to create a sports-related website? If yes, then here we go. 

Sports news, sports commentary, fantasy league, or other sports-related websites are best for those who love sports. Also, you can manage league tables, player profiles, event calendars, etc., from your website. And to get started, using a sports team management plugin will be helpful. 

Luckily, there are plugins in WordPress that will come in handy while creating a sports team management website. However, it can be a hassle to go through each of them. 

So, in this article, we present you with the handpicked list of the best WordPress sports team management plugins for your website. Now, let’s begin. 

Things to Look for in WordPress Sports Team Management Plugins

Sports team management plugins are solutions that make it possible to create a fully working sports website. However, not all plugins in the sports category will offer the same set of features. 

Therefore, before choosing a sport plugin for your WordPress website, you must consider a few factors. They are: 

  • Compatibility with a Sports Theme: Firstly, you need to make sure that your preferred sports team management plugin supports your WordPress theme or not. 
  • WordPress Plugin Compatibility: Always look for plugins that are compatible with other WordPress plugins that add extra features, like multilingual plugins. This helps you to translate your website and connect with the global audience. 
  • Geo-location Functionality: Geo-location feature is important when choosing a sports team management plugin. With this feature, you’ll be able to add information about the stadium, locate maps, etc. 
  • Responsiveness: Lastly, always choose a responsive, user-friendly plugin. This lets your customers compare several matches and players on the same website. 

Besides, it’s a good idea to look for the user’s review, active installations, etc., of a plugin. For more guidance, you can check our article on how to choose a plugin

11 Best WordPress Sports Team Management Plugins 2022

We’ve hand-picked the most effective WordPress sports management plugins based on the above qualities. 

The list includes both free and paid plugins. Check them out below and choose the best one that meets your needs. 

1. SportsPress

SportsPress is a sports club and league manager WordPress plugin. Using this plugin, you can transform your WordPress blog into a fully configurable sports team, club, or sports league website. 

SportPress WordPress Plugin for Sport Club and League Manager

Moreover, this plugin features many sports tools like fixtures, results, automated standings, player rankings, individual profiles, etc. Besides, it also includes sports presets like American Football, Association Football (Soccer), Australian Football, Basketball, and more. 

Key Features:

  • Quickly sort data by one or multiple columns with a priority setting for each column. 
  • Able to highlight your home team in each league table. 
  • It also auto-compares and analyzes the match results between the team. 
  • Create custom equations or choose from included presets like a win, draw, lose, home, mins, etc. 
  • You’ll be able to display venue information with an interactive Google map. 


SportsPress is a freemium plugin. The core plugin is free, and you can easily download this plugin from the directory. Also, you get to install the plugin on your dashboard.

However, if you want to get its pro version, then it’s available in 3 pricing plans. Also, all the plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  • Club  License: $99 for teams and small clubs with 1 site access and 1 year of free updates,
  • League License: $199 for leagues and larger clubs with unlimited site access and 1 year of free updates. 
  • Agency License: $499 for agencies and organizations with access to unlimited sites and free updates forever.  

2. JoomSport

The JoomSport WordPress plugin is for sports teams and league websites, football, hockey, and more. It’s a sports league manager for your league, sports tournament, team, and club. 

JoomSport for Sports Team and League Management

Additionally, this plugin features tons of essential functionality for any sports website. Some of the features are sports league standings and sports teams with descriptions and stats. Besides, it allows you to display player profiles, photos, and personal achievements. 

Key Features:

  • You can create different types of leagues with chronologically managed seasons of one or many match days. 
  • It has a competition mode where you can run single-player and team sports leagues. 
  • Also, extra fields are available to add more sports data. 
  • Easily add information about team coaches, referees, and other individuals involved. 
  • It’s also integrated with the Football live scores API to import public soccer league data. 


JoomSport is also a freemium plugin. The free version is available on the official plugin repository. You can also install this plugin from your WordPress dashboard for free.

Or, if you want to use the features of the pro version, then you can get it from its official website in 3 pricing plans. They are:

  • Basic Subscription: $120 per year. Includes JoomSport pro, pay-as-you-go, support, and updates. 
  • Advanced Subscription: $240 per year. Includes live data API, match generator, CVS import/export, and prediction pro plugin. 
  • JoomSports + mobile app: $720 per year with everything from the advanced subscription. 

3. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks WordPress plugin is a set of blocks that will come in handy if your sports website has a block section. With this plugin, you can design and make your website more engaging. 

Ultimate Blocks WordPress Plugin for Sports Team Management Website

Some of its popular blocks are the table of contents, star ratings, post grid, and so on. Besides, you don’t need to worry about slowing down your website with several functionalities. Because it allows you to enable or disable individual blocks and keep your website, lightweight. 

Key Features: 

  • You’ll have access to 18 awesome blocks, including call-to-action, image slider, etc. 
  • Easily split the table of content into 2 columns. 
  • This is also an SEO-friendly plugin and supports SEO plugins like Yoast SEO. 
  • Also, the plugin code is optimized to provide the best speed.
  • Able to filter content based on different filters like players’ names, descriptions, locations, etc. 


You can easily download this plugin from the official plugin repository of for free. Or easily install it from your WordPress dashboard. 

4. Multisport Platform

Multisport Platform is a WordPress sports plugin that helps to create a customizable multisport platform for your website. Using this plugin, you’ll be able to manage sports and eSport teams, leagues, and tournaments.

Multisport Platform WordPress Plugin

Besides, it includes many robust features for your sports website. Like, it helps you to display statistics data for sports events, calculate, summarize it, and display it in graphs, tables, etc. Also, you can use its shortcodes to insert into your website and display multisport. 

Key Features:

  • Easily display teams’ and players’ statistical types. 
  • Able to display player roles, activities, positions, etc. 
  • You can also showcase match events and weather types. 
  • Allows you to mention the country for which the player is playing. 
  • Also, display the news related to your match, tournaments, etc. 


Multisport Platform is a premium plugin available at for $29 with 6 months of support. You can also get the additional 12 months of support for an extra $9

5. Fan Victor

Fan Victor is a white-label fantasy sport plugin for WordPress. It also helps you to add daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly fantasy sports functionality to your WordPress blog. 

Fan Victor WordPress Plugin for Sports Team Management

Besides, you can offer a professional fantasy sports game to your website’s visitors. Your visitors can predict the winners of upcoming sports games and earn points for each correct selection. 

Key Features:

  • You can draft players from live games and watch yourself climbing the leaderboard in real-time. 
  • Able to easily create, maintain, track, and join a contest. 
  • Choose from one or multiple data feeds to create a fantasy sports website. 
  • It also offers non-cash and non-cryptocurrency modes and engages fans with giveaway prizes. 
  • Easily create any contest for any sport or event like eSport, diving, cricket, surfing, boxing, etc. 


It’s available in the premium version on its official website with 3 pricing plans. They are: 

  • Premium: $97 per month, premium game types enabled, security bundle, account manager, etc. 
  • Base Plugin: $279 one-time payment. Includes creating a fantasy game, player draft game type, managing players, managing contests, and more. 
  • Premium + Stats: $297 per month, includes automation, 1 real-time sports feed, and other features from the base plugin plan. 

6. Football Pool

Football Pool is a WordPress sports management plugin that adds a fantasy sports pool to your blog. So, your website visitors can predict the outcomes of the matches and earn extra points with bonus questions. Also, every player can view scores and charts of the other pool contenders. 

Football Pool WordPress Sports Team Management Plugin

Besides, you’ll get custom tables in the database and ships with match information for the FIFA 2022 World Cup. However, it can be easily populated with match information for other championships or sports. 

Key Features: 

  • This plugin auto-calculates the pool ranking and championship standings. 
  • You can add your team and match information to use the plugin for another competition. 
  • Easily import and export the game schedules. 
  • Users can compare themselves with other players through score charts. 
  • WP-CLI support for calculating the user ranking and importing match results via a CSV file. 


Football Pool is a completely free plugin available at the official plugin directory of You can also easily install this plugin from your WordPress dashboard. 

7. WP Club Manager

WP Club Manager is one of the popular WordPress sports club plugins. This plugin helps to build and manage a sports club website. Also, easily manage your club sponsors and increase club revenue by displaying banners on your club website.

WP Club Manager WordPress Plugin

Additionally, this plugin allows you to manage player profiles, performance data, league tables, and more. Therefore, it’s perfect for any sports team that wants to create a professional and better website for sports. 

Key Features:

  • You can easily manage multiple teams in your club. 
  • Able to add player performance ratings. 
  • Also provides informative club profiles with club stats. 
  • You’ll have automatically updated league tables. 
  • Easily import matches, payers, staff, and clubs from a CSV file. 


WP Club Manager is available at the official directory of for free. You’ll be able to install it from your WordPress dashboard easily. 

8. League Table

League Table is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to build beautiful tables on your post, pages, etc. Also, it’s easy to use, so you don’t need to go through the documentation to create a perfect table. 

League Table WordPress Plugin for Managing Sports Team

Besides, you can customize everything using this plugin. To create unlimited tables, you can use 105 customizable options per table, 17 per cell, and 13 general options. It also allows you to change the colors, typography, size, image, and links. 

Key Features:

  • Save time by copying your data directly from spreadsheet editors like MS Excel or Google Sheets. 
  • Easily sort tables based on criteria applied to multiple columns. 
  • You can also enable or disable the ability to manually sort the tables. 
  • With cell properties features, you can highlight specific cells, rows, or columns with different colors. 
  • Able to install this plugin in a single WordPress installation or a multisite.
  • This plugin comes in English and Italian by default. Also, you can translate it into multiple languages with a WPML plugin. 


This premium plugin is available at for $39 with 6 months of support. You can extend it to 12 months of support for an additional $12.75

9. Sports Bench

Sports Bench is a popular sports team management WordPress plugin. No matter the scale of league you’re covering, you can quickly turn your website into a go-to place for all sports information. 

Sports Bench WordPress Plugin to Create a Sport Website

Moreover, with this plugin, you can easily add teams, players, games, etc. You’ll also be able to display cool scoreboards, standings, stats, and more. 

Key Features: 

  • This plugin does all the calculations automatically for you. 
  • Create playoff brackets that show the way for any team to make their way to the championship. 
  • Easily show off the latest or upcoming games with the Sports Bench scoreboard.
  • You can also sort teams via conferences or divisions.
  • Box score feature to tell the history of every game in your league.  


This premium plugin is available on its official website with 3 pricing plans. They are:

  • One Site License: $50 per year with a full year of professional support, a full year of updates, a 15-day free trial, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 2-5 Site License: $110 per year and everything from the one site license plan.
  • Unlimited Sites License: $180 per year, including everything from the 2-5 sites license plan.

10. AnWP Football Leagues

AnWP Football Leagues is a complete solution for any football website. You can also use this plugin for other theme sports like rugby, basketball, volleyball, cricket, baseball, etc. You’ll have a professional-looking sports team with this plugin. 

AnWP Football Leagues for WordPress Team Management

In addition, it comes with tons of features to add to your website. For instance, easy data import from clubs and players with Excel files like spreadsheets. Also, it auto-calculates player statistics based on math events, playing time, goals, etc.

Key Features: 

  • Easily create a separate club squad for every season. 
  • It does the automatic standing calculation, or you can change it to manual calculation. 
  • Supports knockout, round-robin, or even mixed and multi-staged competitions.
  • Add stadium information with photos, maps, matches, etc. 
  • Moreover, this plugin supports RTL (Right-to-Left) languages like Arabic and Hebrew. 


This free plugin is available in the directory. Also, easily install this plugin from your WordPress dashboard. 

11. Team Rosters

Team Rosters is a WordPress sports management plugin that manages rosters for multiple sports teams. This plugin offers roster tables with built-in formats for high school, college, and professional teams. 

Team Rosters WordPress Sports Plugin

Other than that, it offers several views of roasters, including a table, a player gallery, etc. Also, this plugin can gather information on teams, such as their logos and colors. 

Key Features:

  • Assign plates to team rosters using a team custom taxonomy. 
  • Easily link taxonomies to the schedules and scoreboards teams’ databases. 
  • Also, this plugin supports as many players and teams as you need. 
  • You’ll also get custom roster formats for baseball. 
  • Able to change the text color, background colors, etc. of the team roster table and player bio page. 


Team Rosters plugin is available on official plugin repository for free. Also, install this plugin easily from your WordPress dashboard. 


That’s it, folks! We’ve reached the end of our article on the best WordPress sports management plugins

If we had to suggest, then we’d go for SportPress. As it’s feature-rich plugins, you can always try out the free version before upgrading to premium. Nevertheless, you can always choose any plugins from our WordPress sports team management plugins list. 

We hope this article was helpful and you’re able to pick the idea on one that meets your requirements. Please feel free to comment if you’ve any queries or suggestions. We’re more than happy to assist. 

Also, you might be interested in our other similar recently published articles, the best WordPress table plugins, and the best WordPress property management plugins.

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