WordPress Website Examples That Inspires

Are you looking for WordPress website examples that’ll inspire you? Or, trying to create your own website? If yes, then read this article to discover all of them. 

There are tons of websites online in WordPress with different categories and different goals. Some websites offer simple blogs with information on lifestyle. While some are business blogs aiming at serving their customers. Whereas, some are eCommerce websites for buying and selling products online.

However, if you want to create your website, then choosing basic comes first. But, it’s not so simple if it’s your first website. 

Therefore, we’ll help you to get familiar with different types of WordPress website examples in 2022. 

So, let’s start!

What is a WordPress Website? Why You Might Want to Make One?

WordPress is one of the simple and popular content management systems (CMS). Which provides you a platform to create a website while it does all the coding and organizing. If you’re looking for the best website builder, then WordPress is the way to go.  

WordPress.org homepage
WordPress.org blogging platform

Whereas, the website is a site on the internet where you can find information about various things. For instance, SiteNerdy.com is a website where you’re reading this article. This is a blog website aiming to provide information related to making a website, themes, and plugins. 

Also, another popular website example is Alibaba.com, it’s an online store to buys and sells products and services. Apart from SiteNerdy.com, it’s an eCommerce website for shopping and selling.

Therefore, every website is different from other sites. But we can group them into categories or types based on their major features. 

However, having a website and online presence allows you to market your business online. Usually, the website provides directions to the company’s shop or offices for visitors to access the location easily. 

Moreover, you can explain to your customers and possible employers why they should trust you. Because searching online is prominent today rather than visiting the shop or offices. This helps your customers to know about your brand, features, price, color, size, and many more. 

Therefore, if your product and services are good, positive word-of-mouth can be spread about your business. A website not only gives you credibility but also provides a positive impression about you and your company. Also, websites are accessible 24 hrs where potential customers can visit at their convenient time. 

Hence, the importance of a website for good marketing extends to every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. 

110+ Best WordPress Website Examples That Inspire (2022)

110+ Best WordPress Website Examples That Inspire (2022)

Here, we’ve listed 9 major types of popular websites on the internet. Let’s check them below. 

A.WordPress Blog Site Examples

1. SiteNerdy

SiteNerdy WordPress Blog

SiteNerdy is the best guide to a successful online presence. On this website, you’ll find easy-to-read articles that’ll help you understand every part of the website. It also provides free guides and tutorials for building and growing a website. 

In addition, you’ll get tutorials for SEO, marketing, security, and more. Moreover, SiteNerdy aims to provide information for beginners and non-techy users.

2. Travel Portland

Portland WordPress Blog

Travel Portland is a dedicated travel website for travel destinations within Portland. The sole purpose of this website is to promote the tourism industry and connect visitors. Also, it’s a non-profit Destination Marketing and Management Organization. 

On their website, you can find blogs covering a wide array of destinations. The site also categorizes blogs with topics as attractions, culture, neighborhoods, and region.

3. Microsoft News

Microsoft The WordPress Website Examples

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology corporation. It also produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Its best-known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. It also has a WordPress Blog site Microsoft.com

On this website, you can find stories and news from Microsoft. Which also includes new features, events, and community blogs. In addition, you can buy products from this website. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Information about Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PCs, and Devices.
  • Content-Type: Image and text content.
  • Popular Article: Microsoft 365 with Office apps.
  • Income Source: Selling products and services.
  • LinkedIn: Microsoft 365

4. The Mozilla Blog

Mozilla WordPrss Blog Site Examples

Mozilla is a free software community by members of Netscape. The Mozilla community uses, develops, spreads, and supports all Mozilla products. Its current products include the Firefox web browser, Bugzilla bug tracking system, and more. It also has the website Mozilla.org.

This website provides news, notes, and ramblings from the Mozilla project. In addition, you can download Mozilla VPN just by clicking the Get Mozilla VPN button on the homepage. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Information about Mozilla products.
  • Content-Type: Image, video, and text content.
  • Popular Article: A fresh new Firefox is here.
  • Income Source: It’s a non-profit website.
  • Instagram: Mozilla
  • Twitter: @Mozilla

5. cPanel

cPanel the Best WordPress Blog Website Example

cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel software. It also provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of web hosting.

cPanel also has a blog website cPanel.net, where it shares tips, tutorials, and news about the software. On the homepage of this website, you’ll find how cPanel works and who cPanel is for.

  • Highlighted Topics: Information about software.
  • Content-Type: Image and text content.
  • Popular Article: Force HTTPS Redirection
  • Income Source: Selling products and services.
  • Facebook: cPanel
  • Twitter: @cPanel

6. Facebook Newsroom

Faceook Blog for WordPress Blog Example

Facebook Inc. is an American multinational technology company founded by Mark Zuckerberg. It also provides social networking services like Facebook Messenger, also Facebook Watch, and Facebook Portal. Facebook also has a blog website namely Facebook Newsroom.

On this blog website, you’ll find the latest news, announcements, and media resources from Facebook. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Information about Mozilla products.
  • Content-Type: Image, video, and text content.
  • Popular Article: A fresh new Firefox is here.
  • Income Source: It’s a non-profit website.
  • Instagram: Mozilla
  • Twitter: @Mozilla

7. Ted Blog

Ted Blog Examples of Websites Built with WordPress

TED is a global community that focuses on new, forward ideas and educational content for its community. It’s dedicated to spreading ideas from short powerful talks, which is called TED idea. 

Moreover, it has a blog website blog.ted.com where you can find a little bit of everything from women’s rights to finances. This blog also shares interesting news about TED, TED talks videos, and more. 

8. Playstation Blog

Playstation Blog Website Example

PlayStation is a video game brand consisting of 5 home video game consoles. It’s also a media center, an online service, a line of controllers, 2 handhelds, and a phone. This brand is produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). There is also a blog website blog.playstation.com.

On the website of PlayStation, you’ll find news and videos of various games. However, if you want to comment on a post you’ll need to log in to the website. Also, the website can be translated into many languages like French, German, Italian, Japanese, and more. 

9. Spotify News

Spotify Blog WordPress Website Example

Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming as well as a media services provider. It’s the world’s largest music streaming service provider. In addition, it offers digital copyright-restricted recorded music. As well as, podcasts from record labels and media companies.

It also has a blog website newsroom.spotify.com, that shares news, events, content, and interviews. You can also subscribe to this blog to get a newsletter every month. 

10. Evernote Blog

Evernote Blog WordPress Website Example

Evernote Corporation is a global, privately-owned company that addresses today’s growing problem. That is, how to succeed in a world where the volume of information is constantly increasing.

On the website Evernote.com, you can collect, nurture, and share ideas with desktops and Mobiles. Also. you can view the latest stories and news on the website. 

11. Slack Blog

Slack Blog Website Example for WordPress

Slack is a collaboration hub that brings people, information, and tools together to get work done. It’s used to connect teams, unify systems, and drive the business forward. Moreover, slack offers many Internet Relay Chat (IRC-style) features, including persistent chat rooms, private groups, and direct messaging.

In addition, there is a blog website of Slack, slackhq.com. Where you can read stories about collaboration, the future of work, and also what’s new from the slack team. 

12. SAP News Center

SAP Blog Made with WordPressWebsite Example

SAP (System Analysis Program) is one of the leading producers of the software. Also, the software is for the management of business processes, developing solutions. In addition, using this software employees of the different departments can access real-time insights across the organization.

The SAP website news.sap.com is the official site for news and information from SAP. This includes press releases and in-depth feature articles on business and tech trends. 

13. Intuit Turbotax Blog

Intuit Turbotax Blog Website Example

Intuit is an American business that particularly works on financial software. It also offers an online service called Turbotax Free File. Also, provides financial management solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Which includes financial institutions, like banks and credit unions.

Intuit Turbotax has an official blog website blog.turbotax.intuit.com. In this blog, you can view all kinds of tax tips and financial news. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Knowledge about proper tax planning, health insurance guides, and finance news. 
  • Content-Type: Image and text content.
  • Popular Article: Where’s my refund?
  • Facebook: TurboTax
  • Twitter: @turbotax

14. Mint Blog

Mint Life Blog Website Example For Website

Mint is also known as Intuit Mint is a personal financial management website. It has a mobile app for the US and Canada. Mint also allows users to track bank, credit card, investment, and loan balances and transactions. Plus, users can create budgets and set financial goals using Mint’s service.

Moreover, Mint.com is a popular online financial planning tool and budget calculator. You also can find the basis of financial management to creative frugal lifestyle choices in this blog. 

15. A Cup Of Joe

A Cup of Jo WordPress Blog Website Example

A Cup of Jo is started by Joanna Goddard. She worked as a writer for glamor magazines before. With the increase in popularity, she’s also a full-time writer on A Cup of jo.

Through her website A Cup of Jo, she represents the perfect example of success achieved. You’ll also find blogs about motherhood, design, food, and many more. 

16. Cookie and Katie

Cookie and Katie Blog Website Example For WordPress

Kathryne is the founder of the blog website Cookie and Katie. Katie is a self-taught photographer and cook. She named this blog after her canine Cookie. Also, she works full-time on her blog and writes about food.

On her website, you’ll find different categories of recipes. This blog is all about enjoying good food, sustainable food that nourishes the body. In addition, you can purchase her cookbook from her website.

17. Flickr Blog

Flickr Blog WordPress Website Example

Flickr is the best online photo management and sharing application. It’s a popular way for amateur and professional photographers to host high-resolution photos. You can also access photos and videos from Flickr without registering an account.

In addition, Flickr has a companion blog blog.flickr.net. It’s one of the best websites on the web for organizing, sharing, and storing photos. 

18. Alaska Airlines Blog

Alaska Airlines Blog Website Example for WordPress

Alaskan Airlines is a major American airline. It’s the 5th largest airline in the United States measured by fleet size, scheduled passengers carried. Also, a member of the Oneworld alliance, the 3rd largest airlines alliance in the world.

The Alaskan Airlines blog shares news, travel tips, and features about their company and employees.

19. ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud WordPress Blog Website Example

ShoutMeLoud is a platform to learn, grow as a blogger or a digital marketer. It’s also a part of the movement to liberate everyone from 9-5 jobs.

The ShoutMeLoud.com blog shares practical tips to create a blog. The author shares personal stories as well. You can also find basic and advanced blogging, WordPress, SEO, and social media marketing techniques. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Guides about blogging, WordPress guides, and WordPress deals.
  • Content-Type: Image and text content.
  • Popular Article: How to Pick A Blog Niche?
  • Income Source: Affiliate links and sell of services.
  • Instagram: shoutmeloudcom
  • Twitter: @shoutmeloud

20. WPBeginner

WPBeginner WordPress Blog Website Exapmle

WPBeginner is the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners. This website aims to provide helpful WordPress tutorials for small businesses, bloggers, etc.

On the blog website wpbeginner.com, you’ll find tons of information on WordPress themes, and plugins. Also, you’ll get a step-by-step guide for building a WordPress website. 

21. WP Entire

WP Entire Blog Website Example for WordPress

WP Entire is an online resource for WordPress. On this website, you can get WordPress tutorials, themes, and plugin reviews. On the website wpentire.com, you’ll find a beginner’s guide for email marketing, SEO, and many more.   

You’ll also get tutorials for SEO optimization, an installation guide for installing plugins, and more.  

22. WPExplorer

WPExplorer Blog Website Example for WordPress

AJ Clarke is the owner and creator of WPExplorer. WPExplorer.com is a review website. This site mostly shares WordPress-related articles, guides, tutorials about WordPress themes and plugins. 

Also, you’ll find guides for creating WordPress themes and also tons of themes developed by her. So, this website aims to share guides and themes. It’s also become a directory where you’ll find free and premium themes and plugins.

23. Etsy Journal

Etsy Journal Blog WordPress Website Example

Etsy Jornal is a site that focuses on connecting worldwide specialized products into a common marketplace. It offers a platform to connect millions of buyers and sellers all over the globe. 

On the website blog.etsy.com, products range from gifts, fashion accessories, art pieces, vintage collections to crafting tools and supplies.

24. After Ellen

AfterEllen Blog Website Built With Website

After Ellen is a website dedicated to the representation of lesbian/bi women in pop culture. This website covers the lifestyle issues of lesbians. As well as talks on the present political atmosphere affecting the community. It’s a website for ladies that’s always evolving.

On this blog website, you’ll also find new and exclusive interviews of celebrities. you can also get hands-on film reviews, TV recaps, original videos, and more.

B. News and Magazine WordPress Website Examples

25. Wired

Wired News and Magazine Websites Using WordPress

Wired is a monthly American magazine, published in print and online edition. This magazine focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, economy, and politics. The wired.com website hosts several technology blogs. As well as, transportation, security, business, and more. 

  • Highlighted Topics: in-depth coverage on technology, business, entertainment, etc.
  • Target Audience: Tech enthusiasts, IT companies. 
  • Facebook: WIRED
  • Twitter: @WIRED

26. Hardvard Gazette

The Hardvard Gazetta News Website Example Using WordPress

The Harvard Gazette is the official website for Harvard University. This website covers campus life, University issues, and policies. As well as, innovation in science, teaching, and learning, and global concerns. This website also helps to share stories from University affiliates. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Information on University issues and policies,  campus life, and more.
  • Target Audience: Students, Scholars. 
  • Facebook: Harvard University
  • Twitter: @Harvard

27. The Sun

The Sun News Website Example Using WordPress

The sun.co.uk is the online edition of The sun, which is Britain’s largest newspaper and a member of the UK’s press regulator. This website is all about the quality of life, the world we live in, and people. The Sun is not just a newspaper, it’s also an instigator, an entertainer, cultural reference point, and many more. 

  • Highlighted Topics: News about sports, politics, world, celebrity gossip, and more. 
  • Target Audience: Sports fans, the general public.
  • Facebook: The Sun
  • Twitter: @TheSun

28. Variety

Variety News and Magazine WordPress Website Example

Variety is the most trusted source for entertainment business news. Its official website variety.com covers the content on multiple platforms like mobile, social, events, summits, data, and analysis. You’ll also get insightful reports on award-season coverage.

  • Highlighted Topics: News on film reviews, awards, film festivals, and more information about the entertainment industry. 
  • Target Audience: Young adults, TV and film audiences.
  • Instagram: variety
  • Twitter: @Variety

29. Kaagmandu Magazine

Kaagmandu News Website Example Using WordPress

Kaagmandu Magazine is a storyteller with a mission of promoting business and activities. This magazine aims to provide facts, evidence, reasoning, and rational information. It’s an online magazine that promotes progressive, educative, and evocative posts. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Information on finance, education, fashion, culture, and more. 
  • Target Audience: General public. 
  • Facebook: KMAG

30. The Next Web

The Next Web News Website Example Using WordPress

The Next Web is one of the world’s biggest online publications. It shares an international perspective on the latest news about technology, business, and culture. On the website thenextweb.com, you’ll also find information about tech events, and campaigns.

  • Highlighted Topics: Information on internet technology, culture, business, and more. 
  • Target Audience: Technology enthusiasts.
  • Facebook: The Next Web
  • Twitter: @thenextweb

31. 9to5Mac

9to5Mac News Website Made Using WordPress

9to5Mac is a website that is a top influencer in the tech community. This website brings exclusive news about technology developments. You’ll also find news and reviews for Apple products, apps, and rumors. Moreover, they provide coverage for all Apple products.

  • Highlighted Topics: News about Apple products. 
  • Target Audience: Consumer of Apple products. 
  • Facebook: 9to5mac
  • Twitter: @9to5mac

32. Boing Boing

BoingBoing News Website Using WordPress

Boing Boing is a group blog that has won awards for Weblog of the year in 2004 and 2005. The website boingboing.net covers different topics like politics, tech, gadgets, and entertainment. It’s also one of the world’s most popular blogs since the early 2000s.

  • Highlighted Topics: Tech, Gadgets, Sports, and Politics.
  • Target Audience: Tech enthusiasts and General newsreaders.
  • Twitter: @BoingBoing

33. Koreaboo

Koreaboo News Website Made Using WordPress

Koreaboo is a fully Kpop news portal(English) for its mission to reach worldwide. The website koreaboo.com reaches 40M users in over 100 countries along with multiple platforms. This portal covers popular Kpop bands like BTS, Blackpink, Twic, and many more. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Kpop news and gossip. 
  • Target Audience: Kpop fans.
  • Facebook: Koreaboo
  • Twitter: @Koreaboo

34. Vogue

Vogue News and Magazine Website For WordPress

Vogue is a very popular fashion American monthly magazine. The website vogue.com inherits more than 100-year-old history of the magazine. It’s considered the top fashion magazine in the world. Also, it closely follows events, celebrities, and fashion trends.

  • Highlighted Topics: Celebrity Fashion, Lifestyle.
  • Target Audience: Celebrity followers, Fashion enthusiasts.
  • Facebook: Vogue
  • Twitter: @voguemagazine

35. Nepali Times

Nepali Times News Website For WordPress

Nepali Times is a Nepal-based online news portal and its website is nepalitimes.com. The website covers a wide variety of categories of national and international news. Also, it very closely focuses on national political conditions. Moreover, you can easily find old printed newspapers from their archives.

  • Highlighted Topics: Politics, International affairs, Lifestyle, and Business. 
  • Target Audience: Political news seekers, General public, and lifestyle followers.
  • Facebook: Nepali Times
  • Twitter: @NepaliTimes

36. Crack Magazine

Crack Magazine Website Example Made Using WordPress

Crack Magazine is a monthly independent music and culture magazine of Europe. This website covers podcast form awards. Also, you’ll find a shop button on the top right corner, where you can buy the collection of Crack magazines. Moreover, you can sign up to get their newsletters and also to receive discounts on magazines. 

37. Observer

Observer Magazine Website Made Using WordPress

The observer is an online news portal that covers a variety of topics such as Hollywood, celebrity gossip, tech, lifestyle, and many more. The official website is observer.com and is located in New York. You can also sign up for their newsletter and become a contributor following their standards. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Lifestyle, Celebrity, Tech, and Startups.
  • Target Audience: Young adults, tech enthusiasts, and celebrity followers.
  • Facebook: Observer
  • Twitter: @observer

38. TechCrunch

TechCrunch WordPress News Website

TechCrunch is an American online newspaper that focuses on high-tech companies and their finances. The website of the portal is techcrunch.com which provides international news about tech companies and different events. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for the latest tech-related news. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Latest news, investment, funding, and earnings of tech companies. 
  • Target Audience: Tech enthusiasts and individuals in the tech industry.
  • Facebook: TechCrunch
  • Twitter: @TechCrunch

39. VentureBeat

VentureBeat News WordPress Website

VentureBeat is the leading source for transformative tech news and events. This website venturebeat.com provides articles, newsletters about transformative technology. It also provides incisive coverage on the game industry, Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR), and more.  

  • Highlighted Topics: News on Cloud services, game industry, network technology.   
  • Target Audience: Businessperson, gamers, and tech enthusiasts.   
  • Linkedin: VentureBeat
  • Twitter: @VentureBeat

40. GadgetByte

GadgetByte News WordPress Website

GadgedByte is one of the leading technology media in Nepal. Its website gadgetbytenepal.com provides information, tools, and advice about technologies. You’ll also find a guide on how to choose a gadget on this site. Also, it has a YouTube channel for unbiased gadget reviews.

  • Highlighted Topics: Latest tech news, gadget reviews. 
  • Target Audience: Tech enthusiasts, tech consumers. 
  • Facebook: Gadgetbyte
  • Twitter: @gadgetbytenepal

41. TechLekh

TechLekh News Website Made Using WordPress

TechLekh is Nepal’s leading technology media. Its website techlekh.com represents the ideas and innovation that come into the Nepali market. Also, it Features innovative Nepali startups, products, events, that are changing the landscape of Nepalese Technology.

  • Highlighted Topics: News on technology startups, gadget reviews, application reviews.
  • Target Audience: Technology enthusiasts and the general public.
  • Facebook: TechLekh
  • Twitter: @techlekh

42. Gizmo Guff

GizmoGuff News WordPress Website

Gizmoguff is one of the fastest-growing tech media in Nepal. The website gizmoguff.com provides you with reviews and tech news views. On this website, you’ll find the latest news about the latest development in technology around the world. Also, it’ll guide you through the process and tech ideas, tricks, and tips. 

  • Highlighted Topics: News, rumors, review, and guide on technology. 
  • Target Audience: Tech enthusiasts. 
  • Facebook: Gizmo Guff
  • Twitter: @GizmoGuff

C. Business and Enterprise WordPress website examples

43. Plesk

Plesk Business WordPress Website

Plesk is the leading web hosting platform to run, automate and grow applications, websites, and hosting businesses. It’s the only operating system agnostic platform running on tons of servers. Moreover, it’s available in more than 32 languages.

  • Product/services: Web development tools, virtual private server (VPS) packages, etc.
  • Target Audience: IT Admins and developers.
  • Popular Product: Virtual Private Server (VPS). 
  • Facebook: Plesk
  • Twitter: @Plesk


NGINX Business Website Made Using WordPress

NGINX is the popular open-source project of the F5 company. It’s open-source software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, media streaming, and more. Firstly, it started as a web server designed for maximum performance and stability. 

  • Product/services: API Management, API gateway, web application firewalls. 
  • Target Audience: Web developers. 
  • Popular Product: API Management.
  • Facebook: NGINX, Inc.
  • Twitter: @nginx

45. Riverdance

Riverdance Business and Enterprise WordPress Website

Riverdance is a theatrical show mainly of traditional Irish music and dance. On the website, you’ll find the news, blog, podcast about Riverdance. Also, you can get a ticket for their show in the US and UK.

  • Product/services: Traditional Irish music and dance.
  • Target Audience: Irish music fans.
  • Popular Product: Irish music and dance.
  • Twitter: @Riverdance
  • Facebook:Riverdance

46. jQuery

jQuery Business Website Using WordPress

jQuery is a fast, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It’s designed to simplify HTML document traversal and manipulation. Also, it provides references on aspects of using jQuery. On this website, you’ll get to learn about building websites and applications with jQuery. 

  • Product/services: Libraries for JavaScript.
  • Target Audience: Cross platform Web App developers.
  • Popular Product: jQuery libraries.
  • Twitter: @jquery

47. Quantcast

Quantcast Business Website Made Using WordPress

Quantcast is a global advertising technology company. It creates new and innovative audience platforms to empower brands, agencies, and publishers to know and grow audiences. In addition, its website quantcast.com offers you a demo to see the Quantcast platform in action. 

  • Product/services: Advertisement plans.
  • Target Audience: Corporate house, startups. 
  • Popular Product: Advertisement plans. 
  • Facebook: Quantcast
  • Twitter: @Quantcast

48. Qualtrics

Qualtrics Business WordPress Website Example

Qualtrics is an American customer experience management company. It offers a cloud-based subscription software platform for experience management. Also, collects feedback from customers and provides proper insights to close the loop.

  • Product/services: Customer Experience Management(CXM), Employee Engagement.
  • Target Audience: Corporate houses, Startups.
  • Popular Product: Customer Experience Management(CXM)
  • Facebook: Qualtrics
  • Twitter: @Qualtrics

49. The National Archive

The National Archive Business Website Example Using WordPress

The National Archives is a non-ministerial government department. Its parent department is the Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport of the UK and Northern Ireland. You can also find about the location, events, collaboration, and much more about The National Archives on this website.  

  • Product/services: Provide advice in information and record management.
  • Target Audience: History scholars and Independent researchers.
  • Popular Product: Free downloadable digital records.
  • Facebook: The National Archives
  • Twitter: @UkNatArchives

50. Tucows

Tucows Business Website Made Using WordPress

Tucows is an American-Canadian internet service and telecommunications company. It’s the second-largest domain registrar worldwide and operates. In addition, it operates OpenSRS, Enom, Ascio, and Hover platforms for domain owners and sellers. You can also find out what Tucows is and what it does on this website. 

  • Product/services: Internet service and telecommunications.
  • Target Audience: General people.
  • Popular Product: Internet services and telecommunications.
  • Facebook: Tucows Inc.
  • Twitter: @tucows

51. Colorlib

Colorlib WordPress Business Website Example

Colorlib is a resource where you can find web development tools. On this website, you’ll find the clean and lightweight themes for your website. You can directly download the free themes from the Colorlib website. Also, you can get information about upcoming themes. 

  • Product/services: WordPress Themes, Templates.
  • Target Audience: Professional web developers.
  • Popular Product: Themes and templates. 
  • Facebook: Colorlib
  • Twitter: @colorlib

52. GeneratePress

GeneratePress Business WordPress Website Example

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme that focuses on usability as well as speed. You can also add more functionalities with its premium themes. On the website, you’ll find information about the various free and pro themes and their prices. Along with the ratings, downloads, and more. 

53. aTheme

aThemes Business Website Made Using WordPress

aThemes is a website where you can find simple and practical but powerful themes for any business type. On this website, you’ll find about their latest release to the best themes to fit your business. Also, you can buy their best-selling in-house theme Sydney Pro.

  • Product/services: Freemium WordPress Themes.
  • Target Audience: Web developers. 
  • Popular Product: WordPress Themes
  • Facebook: aThemes Community
  • Twitter: @themesdotcom

54. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop WordPress Business Website

My Theme Shop is a marketplace for popular professional themes. It offers a wide array of premium WordPress themes for any online presence. On their website mythemeshop.com you can easily find themes and plugins for WordPress websites. 

  • Product/services: WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Target Audience: Web developers.
  • Popular Product: WordPress themes.
  • Facebook: MyThemeShop
  • Twitter: @MyThemeShop

55. The New York Times Company

The New York Times WordPress Business Website Example

The New York Times Company is an American media company. You’ll also find information about the New York Times company, careers in various fields on this website. In addition, you can find the latest news published in The New York Times newspaper. 

  • Product/services: The New York Times newspaper.
  • Target Audience: General public.
  • Popular Product: The New York Times.
  • Facebook: The New York Times
  • Twitter: @nytimes

56. Group Renault

Group Renault Business Website Made With WordPress

Group Renault is a French multinational automotive manufacturer. This company produces a range of cars and vans, trucks, tractors, and more. On the website, you’ll find the news about the latest cars, and also share the price of the company. 

  • Product/services: Luxury Cars, electric vehicles, Automobiles, etc.
  • Target Audience: General people. 
  • Popular Product: Automobiles. 
  • Facebook: Renault Group
  • Twitter: @renaultgroup

57. SparkPost

SparkPos Business Website  Made Using WordPress

SparkPost is one of the world’s most popular email delivery service providers. They use (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) and Application Programming Interface(API) relay for their services. Depending upon features you can automate your mailing process with awesome features.

  • Product/services: Mailing services with monitoring and templates. 
  • Target Audience: Businesses, Universities and Startups.
  • Popular Product: Starter pack.
  • Facebook: SparkPost
  • Twitter: @SparkPost

58. Marin Software

Marin Software WordPress Business Website Example

Marin Software was founded in the mid 2000s keeping in mind creating software for advertisers. They mainly targeted businesses that needed management of large-scale online advertising programs. Also, claim integration of data, align your ad campaigns, and optimize the performance of ads through machine learning.

  • Product/services: Marin Go, Marin Search, Marin Search+Social, Marin eCommerce.
  • Target Audience: Online businesses, and corporate houses.
  • Popular Product: Marin Software Go.
  • Facebook: Marin Software
  • Twitter: @MarinSoftware

59. Boingo

Boingo Business Website Made Using WordPress

Boingo is an American wireless company that builds and manages wireless networks. They mainly use Distributed Antenna System (DAS), small cells, macro towers, and hotspots for connectivity. Also, offer plans for venues with up to 5G networks in collaboration with telecoms.  

  • Product/services:  Wi-Fi related services.
  • Target Audience: Public and private venues, Business houses and Home Wi-Fi users.
  • Popular Product: Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Facebook: Boingo
  • Twitter: @boingo

60. Vivendi

Vivendi WordPress Business Website Example

Vivendi is a company focused on digital entertainment. It brings together an array of artists, talent, and industry professionals to provide entertainment to the audiences. On this website, you’ll also find information on Vivendi’s share market. 

  • Product/services: TV channel, music group, communication company, video games company, and video hosting service.
  • Target Audience: General public.  
  • Popular Product: Music, TV channels, Gameloft. 
  • Linkedin: Vivendi
  • Twitter: @vivendi

61. MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza WordPress Business Website Example

MOD is the superfast Artisan-style pizza and salad that are individually size made on-demand. On this website modpizza.com, you can find the menu for Pizzas, Salads, Beverages, and more. Moreover, it also provides information about the nutrients included in the food you’re ordering. Also, you can order online just by clicking the order now button on the top right corner. 

  • Product/services: Pizza, salad, beverages.
  • Target Audience: General public.
  • Popular Product: Pizza. 
  • Facebook: MOD Pizza
  • Twitter: @MODPizza

62. Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Ripleys Believe it or not Business Website

Ripley’s Believe it or Not is an exhibit collection represented by Robert Ripley and his corporate heirs. They exhibit from the microscopic world and the worlds of science and computer technologies. On this website, you’ll also find information on some of his artifacts like flags flown on the moon, meteorites, and more. 

63. Tinkering Monkey

Tinkering Monkey Business Website Made Using WordPress

Tinkering Monkey is a custom architectural signage studio. Which takes a fresh, modern approach to crafting custom signage. With its diverse group of creators, they empower businesses that bring innovation and positive change. 

  • Product/services: Illuminated floating wall signage, overhead signs, illuminated signs, hanging blade sign menu, and more. 
  • Target Audience: 
  • Popular Product: Illuminated floating wall signage, illuminated signs.
  • Facebook: Tinkering Monkey
  • Twitter:  @tinkeringmoneky

64. Airstream

Airstream Business Website Example

Airstream is a travel trailer, an icon of modern design and recreational vehicle (RV) Travel. It also provides Mercedes-Benz class B or B + sprinter van chassis. On this website, you’ll find information about recreational vehicles (RV) for your travel. As well as prices for vehicles and coaches.   

  • Product/services: Travel trailers, travel coaches.
  • Target Audience: Travel enthusiasts.
  • Popular Product: Travel trailers and travel coaches.
  • Facebook: Airstream
  • Twitter: @Airstream_Inc

D. Educational WordPress Websites Examples

65. AcademicEarth

Academic Earth Educational Website Made Using WordPress

AcademicEarth is one of the leading educational WordPress websites. It provides in-depth courses from a number of universities. Moreover, its courses include well-designed lesson plans and original video lectures. Also, you can even download copies of lectures with ease.

  • Main Courses Offered: Accounting, Economics, Engineering, Chemistry, and more.
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses 
  • Facebook: AcademicEarth
  • Twitter: @academicearth

66. Smithsonian National Museum of African Art

Smithsonian Educational WordPress Website Example

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art is another informational website built on the WordPress platform. It focuses on raising awareness about the beauty, power, and diversity of African arts. Furthermore, the website provides an overview of the museum.

67. Georgia State University

Georgia State University Educational Website Made With WordPress

Georgia State University is the official website of Georgia State University that is built on the WordPress platform. The site also provides the overall information about the university in detail. Furthermore, it includes a general overview, courses offered, admission criteria, and so on. Importantly, it has a shop section where students can buy books.

  • Main Courses Offered: Public Health, Biomedical Science, Education, Law, Arts, Business, and many more. 
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students 
  • Course Pricing: Varies as per courses.
  • Facebook: Georgia State University
  • Twitter: @GeorgiaStateU

68. Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt Educational WordPress Website Example

Another informational WordPress website is Cooper Hewitt. It’s the official website of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. Essentially, it aims to inform, inspire and empower people via design. Moreover, you can easily know about the upcoming events and exhibitions through this site.

  • Main Courses Offered: European and American decorative arts and designs.
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students 
  • Course Pricing: Membership starts at $75. Course price ranges from $350 to $10000.
  • Facebook: Cooper Hewitt
  • Twitter: @cooperhewitt

69. Sprott School of Business

Sprott School of Business Educational WordPress Website Example

Sprott School of Business is another educational WordPress website. It’s the official website of Sprott School of Business that is accredited by International Business Schools. Furthermore, they provide a variety of professional business degree programs at graduate levels.

  • Main Courses Offered: Commerce, International Business, Business Administration, Accounting, and more. 
  • Target Audience/ Users: Business students 
  • Course Pricing: Depends upon the courses.
  • Instagram: Sprott School of Business 
  • Twitter: @SprottSchool

70. Wheaton College

Wheaton College Educational WordPress Website Example

Wheaton College is a WordPress-based educational website. It also gives detailed information about Wheaton College. Moreover, the site includes a video in the landing page that explores the college. You can easily find upcoming events, academic calendars, emergency information, and more on the website.

  • Main Courses Offered: Animal Behavior, Business Management, Computer Science, Economics, and so on.
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students and Parents 
  • Course Pricing: Depends upon the courses.
  • Facebook: Wheaton College
  • Twitter: @wheaton

71. Lafayette College

Lafayette Educational Website Made Using WordPress

Lafayette College is a WordPress-based educational website that provides the overall information about the college. It has also mentioned its mission and history, core values in detail. Moreover, it includes information about academics, campus life, admissions, and aids. No doubt, you can find everything that you’re looking for.

  • Main Courses Offered: Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Economics, Education, and many more. 
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students and tutors 
  • Course Pricing: Depends upon the courses.
  • Facebook: Lafayette College 
  • Twitter: @LafCol

72. Des Moines University

Des Moines Educational WordPress Website Example

Likewise, we have  Des Moines University that has a WordPress-based educational website. The website provides a variety of information about the university. You can also get information about campus news and updates, upcoming events, admission, and much more. In addition, you can inquire about your general queries via the website. 

  • Main Courses Offered: Biomedical Science, Anatomy, Healthcare Administration, Public Health, and so on.
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students and tutors 
  • Course Pricing: Depends upon the courses. 
  • Facebook: Des Moines University
  • Twitter: @DesMoinesUniv

73. Nicholls State University

Nicholls State University Educational Website For WordPress

Nicholls State University is the educational website of Nicholls State University built on the WordPress platform. It also provides all the required information in one place. Moreover, proper categorization is also done on the site. Students can directly apply for courses via the website. 

  • Main Courses Offered: Business, Culinary Arts, Liberal Arts, Education, Nursing, and so on.
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students and tutors
  • Course Pricing: Depends upon the courses.
  • Facebook: Nicholls State University
  • Twitter: @NichollsState

74. SkillCrush

SkillCrush Educational Website Made Using WordPress

SkillCrush is an educational WordPress-based website. It provides online courses in technical subjects namely coding, design, and user experience. Learners can also take the courses at their very own space and pace led by an instructor.

  • Main Courses Offered: Python, Front End Development, Visual Design, and many more.
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students and tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free courses and paid courses range from $199/month.
  • Facebook: Skillcrush
  • Twitter: @Skillcrush

75. College Choice

College Choice Educational Website Example for WordPress

College Choice is an informational website that helps you to find a university in the United States. Essentially, it’s a very helpful website for exploring online schools. It facilitates visa application, enrollment to various universities, and on-campus transition support. Also, you can see various universities rankings too.

  • Main Courses Offered: Business, Criminal Justice and Law, Nursing and Healthcare, Science and Engineering, and so on.
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students 
  • Facebook: College Choice
  • Twitter: @CollegeChoice1

76. Polk State College

Polk State College Educational WordPress Website Example

Polk State College is another WordPress-based educational website that provides the overall information about Polk State College. You can get information about upcoming events, various academic news on the side. You can also apply for various courses via the website.

  • Main Courses Offered: Health Sciences, Business Engineering & Technology,  Education, Liberal arts, and more.
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students and tutors
  • Facebook: Polk State College
  • Twitter: @PolkState

77. Yoast Academy

Yoast Academy Educational Website Made With WordPress

Another well-known online teaching website is Yoast Academy. It’s one of the most powerful SEO training tools on the market. No doubt, its courses include high-quality video content. Plus, you can easily download the PDFs for future reference.

  • Main Courses Offered: SEO for beginners, Structured Data, Yoast SEO for WordPress, and more
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students and tutors 
  • Course Pricing: Free courses and for premium courses: price ranges from $89/year.
  • Facebook: Yoast Academy
  • Twitter: @yoast

78. NC State University

NC State University Educational Website Made with WordPress

NC State University is another WordPress-based educational website that provides the overall information about Polk State College. You can get information about different academic news, achievements, and upcoming events. Also, you can take a virtual tour of NC State through its website.

  • Main Courses Offered: Agriculture, Engineering, Business, and more.
  • Target Audience/ Users: Students and tutors.
  • Course Pricing: Depends on the cources.
  • Facebook: NC State University
  • Twitter: @NCState

E. e-Commerce WordPress Websites Examples

79. Template Sell

Template Sell Ecommerce WordPress Website Example

Template Sell is an e-Commerce WordPress website that serves as an online marketplace. You can easily buy and sell WordPress themes, plugins, HTML templates, and more. Basically, this website is a collection of multipurpose and niche-based products.

  • Products: WordPress themes, plugins, HTML templates. 
  • Target Audience: Developers and Website Users.
  • Facebook: Template Sell
  • Twitter: @templatesell

80. Tonal

Tonal Ecommerce WordPress Website Example

Tonal is the e-Commerce website of a fitness company. Essentially, it sells digital weight machines, namely Tonal that act as the smartest home gym. Also, the site provides all the required information about the product. That includes installation, features, warranty, announcements, and so on. 

  • Products: Tonal, a digital weight machine.
  • Target Audience: Fitness Enthusiasts.
  • Facebook: Tonal
  • Twitter: @tonal

81. Odyssey

Odyssey Ecommerce Website Example Made Using WordPress

Odyssey is another e-Commerce website that sells parts of BMX i.e. an off-road sport bicycle. It also sells the overall products of the BMX bicycle from accessories to pedals. Furthermore, the website also provides the latest news and trends of bicycles. Basically, you can get all the updated information at a single hub.  

  • Products: Forks, Handlebars, Wheels, Chains, etc. 
  • Target Audience: BMX Owners.
  • Facebook: Odyssey
  • Twitter: @odysseybmx

82. Method

Method Ecommerce Website For WordPress

Method is another e-Commerce website built on the WordPress platform. It sells products such as hand wash, body wash, dish cleaners, laundry, and home cleaning. You can get detailed information on all the available products on the site. No doubt, it facilitates easy placements of orders.

  • Products: Handwash, Bodywash, Dish Cleaner, Laundry, and Home Cleaning. 
  • Target Audience: Normal People. 
  • Facebook: Method
  • Twitter: @methodproducts

83. Clorox

Colorox Ecommerce WordPress Website Example

Clorox is an e-Commerce WordPress website of The Clorox Company. Basically, it sells laundry basics, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, etc products. Moreover, you can find tutorials on using bleach, hacks, crafts, and many more on the site. Further, you can browse the exciting offers and coupons as well. 

  • Products: Laundry, Sanitizing, Bleach, Stain Removers, Pet Mess Cleaners, and so on.
  • Target Audience: Households 
  • Facebook: Clorox
  • Twitter: @Clorox

84. FitBark

FitBark eCommerce For WordPress Website Example

Another WordPress-based eCommerce website is FitBark. It’s one of the highest-rated dog health platforms. You can get the world’s smallest and lightest dog GPS tracker via this site. This helps you monitor your dog’s location as well as its health. Essentially, it also has worldwide shipping available. 

  • Products: Dog GPS tracker and its parts.
  • Target Audience: Dog Parents and Veterinarians.
  • Facebook: FitBark
  • Twitter: @FitBark

85. Glad

Glad eCommerce Website Built Using WordPress

Glad is a WordPress-built e-Commerce website where you can find various recyclable kitchen products. You can easily search for the required product in the search bar of the site. Additionally, it has a tips and ideas section on the site that includes recipes, food storage tips, and so on.

  • Products: Kitchen Items, Trash Bags, Scented Garbage Bags, and many more.
  • Target Audience: General People
  • Facebook: Glad
  • Twitter: @gladproducts

86. Tilda Rice

Tilda Rice Ecommerce WordPress Website Example

Tilda Rice is another e-Commerce website built on the WordPress platform. It’s also a website of rice distributors that provides various types of rice. Importantly, this site has a filter option to easily navigate the kind of rice you’re looking for. Also, you can check the detailed information about the products available.

F. Agency Websites Examples

87. 10Up

10Up Agency Website Created Using WordPress

10up is the most popular agency website built on the WordPress platform. It’s a company that crafts elegant websites for content creators. Further, it strives to make the web a better place by creating handy tools. No doubt,  the website 10up perfectly represents a team of problem solvers. 

  • Services: Consultative engineering services & Innovative tools for advanced digital experience.
  • Target Audience: Content Creators
  • Facebook: 10up
  • Twitter: @10up

88. Human Made

Human Made Agency WordPress Website Example

Human Made is another WordPress-based agency website. It aims to digital technologies to assist businesses to increase consumer interaction. Also, enhance brand value, as well as improve operations. Moreover, you can easily sign up for the newsletter through the website. 

  • Services: Custom Digital Experience Development, Digital, Cloud Infrastructure Transformation, etc.
  • Target Audience: Website Owners.
  • Facebook: Human Made
  • Twitter: @humanmadeltd

89. Born Group

Born Group  Agency WordPress Website Example

Born Group is a web design advertising agency website built on a WordPress platform. Moreover, you can see the eye-catching visual animation on the website. Also, you can easily navigate its past work, services provided, and many more from the landing page. 

  • Services: Mass Customization, Visual Commerce.
  • Target Audience: Content and Website Creators.
  • Facebook: Born Group
  • Twitter: @thisisborn

90. Waaark

Waaark Agency WordPress Website Example

Another WordPress-based agency website is Waaark that creates stunning and functional custom-designed websites. You can easily navigate through its past works on the website. Moreover, the site has a light-minimal eye-catching color theme.

  • Services: Automation Services 
  • Target Audience: Content Creators and Automation Owners 
  • Facebook: Waaark 
  • Twitter: @waaark_studio

G. Organization & Non-Profit WordPress Websites Examples

91. The White House

The White House Organizational Website Using WordPress

The White House is the official website of the White House crafted on the WordPress platform. It’s owned by the federal government of the United States. Importantly, the site includes press releases, executive orders, proclamations, and transcripts of  White House officials’ speeches. 

  • Cause: Inform about the President’s current operation to the public
  • Target Audience: General Public
  • Facebook: The White House
  • Twitter: @WhiteHouse

92. Creative Commons

Creative Comon Organizational WordPress Website Example

Another WordPress-based non-profit organizational website is Creative Commons. This site is dedicated to broadening the spectrum of creative works. So that others can lawfully build on and share. You can navigate via the site’s index and get all the information you need with ease. 

93. Blender

Blender Organizational Website Built With WordPress

Blender is the official WordPress website of Blender, a 3D creation suite software. The website provides immediate access to program downloads. Moreover, you can also find the latest news related to the software on the site. Plus, if you’d like to donate, then you can donate directly through this website.

  • Cause: Provide 3D CG technology to the market at free cost.
  • Target Audience: Content Artists 
  • Facebook: Blender
  • Twitter: @Blender

94. Kaiser Family foundation

Kaiser Family Foundation Organizational Website Example

Kaiser Family Foundation is another non-profit organizational website built on the WordPress platform. Essentially, it focuses on national health issues of the United States. In fact, you can find unbiased data, facts, and analyses on major health problems on the website. 

95. Economic Policy Institute

Economic Policy Institute

Another WordPress-based non-profit organizational website is Economic Policy Institute. Importantly, it provides the economy-related latest research, blogs, and news this website. You can also sign up for an email subscription to stay informed about the insightful graphics, updated research, and so on.

  • Cause: Investigates and informs the effects of economic developments.
  • Target Audience: Policymakers, Advocates, Journalists, Opinion Leaders, and Public
  • Facebook: Economic Policy Institute
  • Twitter: @EconomicPolicy

96. The Obama Foundation

Obama Foundation Organizational for WordPress Website Example

The Obama Foundation is a renowned non-profit organization website that uses the WordPress platform. All the programs like Community Leadership Corps, Fellowships, Girls Opportunity Alliance, etc are included detailly in the website. Also, anyone can explore, apply and contribute to the programs via this site. 

97. Cure

Cure Organizational WordPress Website Example

Cure is the official website of Cure International which is a Christian non-profit organization. It’s built on the WordPress platform. You can also check out all the hospitals affiliated with the organization on the site. Moreover, you can send a get-well message to the healing children through the website.

  • Cause: Bring healing to children around the world via surgical care.
  • Target Audience: Children with treatable health conditions
  • Facebook: Cure
  • Twitter: @CUREIntl

98. WithinReach

WithinReach Non-Profit Organization WordPress Website

WithinReach is a trusted non-profit organization website that uses the WordPress platform. This website aims to create healthy, equitable, vibrant communities in Washington. All the programs like basic food education, Medicaid outreach, and immunization action are included on the website.

99. Invisible Children

Invisible Children Organization WordPress Website Example

Invisible Children is a WordPress-based website of a non-profit organization, Invisible Children. You can also get exclusive updates on their work by signing up on this website. Importantly, you can not only donate but also see the financials on the site. This promotes transparency and builds trust. 

100. This is Finland

This is Finland Enertainmnet Website Made With WordPress

This is Finland is the governmental website built on WordPress platform. This website covers information related to Finland and Finnish society. You can also see the updates on life and society, inspirational arts and culture, and buzzing business. Also. it provides authentic facts and statistics of its country.

  • Highlighted Topic: Finland Toolbox, Study & Work Info, Business & Investment Info, and  Tourist Info.
  • Target audience: General Public
  • Facebook: This is Finland
  • Twitter: @thisisFINLAND

101. Platform

Platform London Organizational Website Built with WordPress

Another organizational website built on the WordPress platform is Platform. It’s a non-profit organization that brings together art, activism, education, and research. It provides detailed information on past projects and funding with ease on the website. Also, you can check out the upcoming events directly through the site. 

  • Cause:  Raising the voice for marginalized and dismantling fossil fuels.
  • Target Audience: Public
  • Facebook: Platform
  • Twitter: @PlatformLondon

102. Maiti Nepal

Maiti Nepal Organizational WordPress Website Example

Maiti Nepal is another WordPress-based website of the renowned non-profit organization Maiti Nepal. Each and every piece of information is kept in a detailed way on the website. Moreover, You can look at the current programs,  statistics, latest news, and many more. Also, you can directly donate via the website.

  • Cause: Safeguard girls, women, and children against human trafficking, and more.
  • Target Audience: Victimized Nepali Girls, Women, and Children
  • Facebook: Maiti Nepal
  • Twitter: @MaitiNepal

103. PlanIndia

Plan India Organizational WordPress Website

Another WordPress-based website of a well-known non-profit organization is PlanIndia. No doubt, you can donate and even sponsor a child directly through the site. It also includes annual reports, success stories, reports of funds utilized, and more. Additionally, it has a search button to quickly locate the needed information.

  • Cause: Dedicated to advancing girls’ equality and children’s rights.
  • Target Audience: Children and Girls
  • Facebook: PlanIndia
  • Twitter: @Plan_India

104. Help Age India

Help Age India Organizational WordPress Website Example

HelpAge India is a WordPress-based website of the leading charity platform. You can easily check out current programs, works, awards, recognitions, and so on. Essentially, this website has a zoom in/out button at the top right corner bar. This helps people look at the information in the right size as per their convenience.

  • Cause: Restoring dignity and empowerment to the elderly.
  • Target Audience: Disadvantaged Elder People across India.
  • Facebook: HelpAge India

H. Personal WordPress Websites Examples

105. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder Enertainmnet a WordPress Website Example

One of the most popular personal finance websites built on the WordPress platform is The Penny Hoarder. It’s founded by Kyle Taylor in 2010. 

Its mission is to empower people to take charge of their personal finances. Plus, make informed financial decisions. Moreover, the website contains actionable information and tools on how to earn, save, and manage money. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Make Money, Save Money, Budgeting, Debt, and many more.
  • Content-Type: Image and text content.
  • Target audience: General People
  • Facebook: The Penny Hoarder 
  • Twitter: @thepennyhoarder

106. The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stone Personal a WordPress Website Example

The Rolling Stones is the website of the popular English rock band that is built on the WordPress platform. They are one of the most influential bands of the rock era.

You can also find the various updated and authentic news of the band members on the website. It also provides a direct link to its official store.

  • Highlighted Topics: Exhibition, Experience, News, and Tour. 
  • Content-Type: Image, text, audio, and video.
  • Target audience: Music enthusiasts and the general public
  • Facebook: The Rolling Stones
  • Twitter: @RollingStones

107. Katy Perry

Katy Perry Personal Website Made With WordPress

Another WordPress-based popular biography personal website is of Katy Perry. She is an American pop singer, songwriter, and also television judge. 

This website gives information about her newly released music, concert venue, time, and so on. Moreover, the website is crafted with bright and vibrant colors giving friendly vibes.

  • Highlighted Topics: Liveshows, Music, and Videos.
  • Content-Type: Image, text, and video content. 
  • Target audience: Fans and General People 
  • Facebook: Katy Perry
  • Twitter: @katyperry

108. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Personal Website Built with WordPress

Leonardo DiCaprio is a personal biography website of an American actor, producer, and environmentalist. It’s also built on the WordPress platform.

You get to know about his biography, films, and the latest news on this website. Essentially, it also has eye-catching images. Moreover, there’s a slider with award-winning moments and renowned movie posters on the landing page. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Films, News and Biography
  • Content-Type: Image, text, and video content.
  • Target audience: His fans and the general public.
  • Facebook: Leonardo DiCaprio 
  • Twitter: @LeoDiCaprio

109. The 4-Hour Workweek

The Four Hour WorkWeek Personal WordPress Website Example

The 4-Hour Workweek is the official WordPress-based website of the best-selling author Tim Ferriss. He is also a lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, investor, and author. He rose to prominence as a result of his “4-Hour” self-help book series.

You can find the proper index navigation on the landing page of the website. Furthermore, you can go to blogs, podcasts, books, and tv shows as per your interest.

  • Highlighted Topics: Blogs, Podcasts, Books, and TV shows.
  • Content-Type: Image, text, audio, and video content.
  • Target audience: His followers and the general public. 
  • Facebook: Tim Ferriss
  • Twitter: @tferriss

110. Neil Patel

Neil Patel Personal WordPress Website Example

Another website built on the WordPress platform is by  Neil Patel. He is a major digital influencer and a New York Times best-selling author. 

Importantly, you’ll discover well-organized, useful, and in-depth stuff on his website. It also includes blogs, training, tools, and much more. Moreover, his website’s overall design is quite simple and straightforward. This gives a better user experience. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Blog, SEO Tools, Podcasts, and so on.
  • Content-Type: Image, text, audio, and video content.
  • Target audience: Entrepreneurs, and Business people.
  • Facebook: Neil Patel
  • Twitter: @neilpatel

111. KafleG

KafleG Personal Website Made with WordPress

KafleG is the WordPress-based website by Ganga Kafle. He is also a theme developer, an entrepreneur, and a representative of the WordPress themes team. 

It’s a personal website with minimal and light themes used. Also, this site’s font and layout are quite user-friendly. Furthermore, line spacing, character spacing, and paragraph spacing are all ideal for reading.

  • Highlighted Topics: WordPress, Travel, and Technology.
  • Content-Type: Image and text content.
  • Popular Article: What is full site editing and how to learn it?
  • Target audience: WordPress owners, and Public.
  • Facebook: kafleg
  • Twitter: @sandilyakafle

112. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dog Personal WordPress Website

Another personal website built on the WordPress platform is by Snoop Dogg. He is an American rapper, media personality, actor, songwriter, and businessman.

This website uses the classic black theme. Also, you can check out the recent news related to him on the site. Moreover, you can directly watch his films and listen to his music through his website. Also, it provides a direct link to his shop Snoopermarket.

  • Highlighted Topics: News, Film, Music, Campaigns,and  Shops. 
  • Content-Type: Image, text, audio and video content.
  • Target audience: Hip-hop enthusiasts.
  • Facebook: Snoop Dog
  • Twitter: @SnoopDogg

113. Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert Personal Website Created Using WordPress

Another WordPress-based personal website is Elizabeth Gilbert. She is an American journalist and author of the book, ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’

This website provides her biography, information about books, events, and news. Furthermore, it includes links to different platforms such as Amazon, Apple Books, and more. Also, this helps you to buy her books with ease.

  • Highlighted Topics: Biography and Information about books.
  • Content-Type: Image and text content.
  • Target audience: Book Lovers 
  • Facebook: Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Twitter: @GilbertLiz

114. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallon Gilbert Personal a WordPress Website Example

Sylvester Stallone also has a WordPress-based personal website. He is an American actor, screenwriter, director, artist, and producer too.

This website uses a simple and minimal theme. You can also check out the latest news, all his works to date, arts drawn by him, and many more. Moreover, it provides a way to directly shop the collections from his site.

  • Highlighted Topics: News, Work, Art, Bio, Photos, and many more.
  • Content-Type: Image and text content.
  • Target audience: His fans and the general public.
  • Facebook: Sylvester Stallone
  • Twitter: @TheSlyStallone

115. Mathew Barby

Matthew Barby Personal WordPress Website Example

Mathew Barby is a website built on the WordPress platform. He is also the founder of The Coin Offering, an educational site focused on blockchain technology.

You get all the information related to Mathew on this website. Moreover, it includes his latest strategic blogs, videos, updates, and so much more. Also, this website has a contact form available so that you can connect for consulting. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Growth, SEO, and Career. 
  • Content-Type: Image, text, audio, and video content.
  • Target audience: Business and enterprise owners.
  • Facebook: Mathew Barby
  • Twitter: @matthewbarby

116. Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin Manuel Miranda Personal Website Made Using WordPress

Another popular personal website is Lin Manuel Miranda. He is an American actor, songwriter, composer, playwright, and producer.

The website uses a colorful theme giving a vibrant feeling. You can also, check out his biography and work on the website. It also includes detailed information on its projects, latest news, and advocacy. Additionally, it has a direct link to its shop where you can cart at ease. 

  • Highlighted Topics: Project, Advocacy, News, and Store. 
  • Content-Type: Image, text, audio and video.
  • Target audience: His fans and the general public.
  • Facebook: Lin Manuel Miranda
  • Twitter: @Lin_Manuel


So, that’s it! We’ve come to the end of this article. In this article, we’ve listed the best WordPress website examples that inspire. Hope you got motivated and inspired to start a website of your own. 

No doubt, there are various types of websites built for different purposes. You can interpret the WordPress website examples given above as per your requirement. And further, be inspired to create your own unique and elegant WordPress website. 

Still, have any queries or concerns regarding WordPress websites? Then, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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