Best Price Comparison WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress price comparison plugins? If yes, then you’re in the right spot to know that.

In simple words, price comparison is the process of comparing a product’s price against known acceptable parameters. With a detailed price comparison on your site, you’ll be able to provide a comparative analysis of your products. Further, encourage your target buyers to purchase them.

And, that’s exactly where the WordPress price comparison plugins come into play. You’ll be glad to know that there are a plethora of price comparison plugins available in the market. However, picking one out of a myriad is difficult. 

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress price comparison plugins for you. Let’s get started. 

Why Do You Need a Price Comparison Plugin?

Before moving forward to the list, let’s know a little deeper about why you need WordPress price comparison plugins for your WordPress website. 

Comparison tables are an excellent approach to persuade your visitors in selecting the best product for their needs. Unfortunately, despite how useful they are, the WordPress editor does not provide a good option to construct comparison or pricing tables.

That’s where price comparison plugins can help. Here are some of the points described to state why you need to use the right price comparison plugin:

  • Able to create attractive and user-friendly price comparison tables. That also without having to create any sort of codes. As a result, this saves up a lot of time and effort. 
  • Makes an easy comparison of your products providing clutter-free information to your customers. As a result, this improves the site’s user experience and boosts your sales.
  • Creates a laser-focused pricing comparison design. You can highlight specific words or phrases to bring attention to crucial and prominent features. 

Therefore, you can craft a purpose-driven pricing comparison table design that perfectly matches your site’s branding. All thanks to the price comparison WordPress plugin.

Are you a newbie who has never built a website before? We’ve got you covered. Check out our beginner’s guide to building a website from the ground up.

With that, let’s move ahead to our list of best WordPress price comparison plugins for 2022.

15 Best WordPress Price Comparison Plugins for 2022 (Free + Paid)

We’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress price comparison plugins, along with descriptions, features, and pricing details. So, look over each plugin to see which one is best for your WordPress site.

1. YITH WooCommerce Compare 

YITH WooCommerce Compare Price Comparison Plugin

YITH WooCommerce Compare is one of the best WordPress price comparison plugins available in the market. In essence, it’s a WooCommerce extension that lets shoppers compare products in your online store.

The best thing about this plugin is that it comes with a specific pricing comparison template. This way you can easily customize the price comparison to your requirement and liking. 

Using this plugin, you can save all your products in a single table, allowing the user to compare them. In addition, you can use WooCommerce features in the product specification to set the features of each product. 

Key Features:

  • Provide your customers with a comprehensive overview of your goods’ primary features and functionalities.
  • Improve the usability and user experience of your e-commerce site by removing any concerns that could deter a sale.
  • You can easily create a basic widget to manage the products that users have added.
  • Showcase the comparison on a different page that you can further include in your shop menu’s categories.
  • Tailor the categories to your choice that you can make available for comparison. You can exclude certain categories from comparison.
  • Change the style and colors of your price comparison table that match the brand and layout of your site. 


YITH WooCommerce Compare is a freemium price comparison plugin. You can download the free version directly from the directory or from its official website itself. Or simply install the plugin right from your WordPress dashboard.

However, if you need additional features, then you can upgrade to its premium version at €69.99/year. It includes 1 year of updates and support along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

2. Pricing Table by Supsystic 

Pricing Table by Supsystic WordPress Price Comparison Plugin

Pricing Table by Supsystic is another best price comparison plugin and a fantastic tool for creating attractive comparison tables on your website. In fact, it’s a quite adaptable and responsive plugin that easily fits in with any device. 

With a mouse click, you can change every single aspect of the comparison table to your choice. This allows visitors to compare pricing and features at a glance. Further, making it easier for them to decide whether or not to make a purchase.

Without touching a single line of code, you can create an endless number of comparison tables. Truly, this plugin has made it easier than ever to construct and manage pricing and comparison tables. 

Key Features:

  • Comes with a pricing table builder that allows you to create a price comparison table via drag and drop.
  • Offers 40 preset templates to choose from for a visually appealing price comparison table. And further, customize it the way you like. 
  • Easily change the number of columns and grids anytime as per the requirement. 
  • Provides you with an animation effect to draw users’ attention to the pricing comparison. 
  • Upload media files such as images, videos, icons, buttons, and more to your comparison table. 
  • If you’re a developer, then you can add your own codes via its Custom CSS option to create a dynamic and modified pricing comparison. 


Guess what? Pricing Table by Supsystic is a free plugin for adding a price comparison table. That means you can directly get this plugin to your dashboard from the directory. Or, you can also download the zip file from the plugin’s official website.

3. Getwid – Gutenberg Blocks 

Getwid Gutenberg WordPress Price Comparison Plugin

Getwid is a free Gutenberg block plugin that adds 40+ new blocks to the existing core WordPress block library. In addition, it also includes 35+ innovative pre-made block layouts for the Block Editor. As a result, this considerably expands the library of existing core WordPress blocks.

So, if you’re one of those users who are already using Getwid, then you don’t have to go anywhere else. As Getwid itself includes the Price Box WordPress Block.

It’s an extremely useful tool for displaying pricing and comparison table data disparities. With it, you can create a responsive price comparison table effortlessly. 

Key Features:

  • A performance-driven plugin that synchronizes perfectly with Gutenberg’s core blocks.
  • Comes with multiple containers, allowing you to edit each container separately.
  • In Gutenberg, you can easily edit isolated portions of the table in real-time, such as headings and buttons.
  • Place the heading size, text, pricing button styles, and background color exactly how you want it to be.
  • Set a distinct background color for the package in the price comparison table that you wish to draw attention to.
  • You can use bullet points to describe the comparative features of your products along with the pricing description.  


Getwid – Gutenberg Blocks is a free plugin. You can directly download this plugin from the repository or its official website

4. Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin 

Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin also known as Easy Pricing Tables is also another best WordPress price comparison plugin. It has all you need that you’re seeking for a straightforward pricing table plugin without all the twists and turns. 

Moreover, this plugin makes it really simple to design and publish gorgeous pricing and comparison tables on your website. You can create, customize, and upload a pricing table in minutes right from the post editor. That also without having any kind of prior coding knowledge. 

Key Features:

  • Follows Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) best practices. To walk you through the process of developing a conversion-focused pricing table.
  • Works wonderfully with WordPress block editor. Simply make a table and place it in your WordPress post or page.
  • Building pricing tables has never been easier thanks to the easy-to-use interface. To edit your price comparison table, simply point and click.
  • Provides a shortcode option to add the price comparison table anywhere on your website.
  • Use a featured column in the comparison section to draw attention to your most popular products.
  • Color pickers, font selectors, and native design options allow you to customize the look of your pricing table.


This is a freemium plugin. You can download the free version directly from directly.

Normally, the free version would suffice. However, you can upgrade to the premium version to get the full dimensions of its function. It’s available with the following plans:

  • Personal: It costs you $29/year for a single site. You get up to 6 pricing table designs, tooltips, icons, and so on. 
  • Business: You can purchase this at $59/year that’s usable for up to 5 sites. It includes all the features of the Personal package along with a pricing toggle add-on and WooCommerce add-on.
  • Agency: At $99/year, you can get this plan. It includes all the features of the Business package that you can use for unlimited sites. 

5. Essential Addons for Elementor 

Essential Addons for Elementor for Price Comparison

With over a million users, Essential Addons for Elementor is the most popular Elementor extension. In fact, it includes 80+ creative elements and extensions that make your Elementor page creation experience even better. 

So, if you’re already using this plugin, then you don’t have to go anywhere else to create a price comparison for your products and services. As it also offers a distinct pricing table to create a price comparison of your products and services. 

Without a doubt, EA Pricing Table provides you with full customization freedom to customize your price comparison table any way you wish. Consequently, you can create an effective product pricing table with flawless styling. Further, resulting in increased sales from potential customers.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a variety of beautiful layouts so you can make your pricing comparison page appealing
  • Add, change, or remove your feature item for a pricing bundle in the comparison section with ease.
  • Easily change the pricing list item, icon, and color of the price comparison table to match the brand. 
  • Utilize a call to action button for each price style, toggle the button, and more in your price comparison table.
  • You can place an icon next to your button text and alter the ‘Icon Position’ and ‘Icon Spacing’ to your choice. 
  • Adjust the alignment, and pricing position, and style the material however you like.


Essential Addons for Elementor is a free plugin. However, you’ve to pay a price to get the Pricing Table add-on. Generally, the cost of the pricing table depends upon the kind of style that you choose. 

The premium pricing table style 01 is available to you at the following prices:

  • Basic: It costs you $49/month which includes unlimited calls, free hosting, and 500 MB of storage space.
  • Standard: At $59/month, you can get this with all the Basic features along with 500MB bandwidth.
  • Enterprise: You can purchase this for $89/month with all the Standard features with 24/7 support. 

Want to learn more about this Elementor extension for your pricing table? Then, check out the complete Essential Addons for Elementor review.

6. Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg 

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg for Price Comparison

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is another magnificent WordPress block plugin that allows you to create amazing sites. This block plugin is quite simple to use with a plethora of customization options. Not to mention, it has a growing library of Gutenberg blocks for creating beautiful web pages.

Along with it, it’s definitely one of the best WordPress price comparison plugins. As it makes it easier than ever to craft a price comparison table on your website. Simply choose your favorite price list blocks and see your amazing price comparison table come to life in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a call-to-action block with a catchy button for your price comparison resulting in more conversions.
  • Make your price comparison meaningful with images, headings, subheadings, etc to make it more informative.
  • Advanced Columns block provides advanced options for inserting several columns into a single row.
  • Create relevant lists using icons and images as bullets for each pricing comparison.
  • Includes tab block to show tabbed material so that you can fit more pricing content into a smaller area.
  • Add appealing animation to your price comparison page design with full control over animation speed, animation trigger, and so on. 


You’ll be glad to know that Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg plugin is available for free. That implies you can install this plugin from the directory directly into your dashboard. Plus, you can also download the zip file directly from its official website

7. Responsive Pricing Table 

Responsive Pricing Table WordPress Price Comparison

As its name suggests, Responsive Pricing Table is another best WordPress price comparison plugin that loads seamlessly on all devices. Essentially, this plugin adds a pricing table option to your WordPress admin panel. This way, you can get right in and start creating an elegant-looking comparison table.

Fundamentally telling, this plugin exactly provides you with what you see. With a simple shortcode, you can easily create the pricing comparison table and place it anywhere on your site. In addition to the pricing comparison plan, you can easily add various features that persuade visitors to buy your popular products.

Key Features:

  • Easily set custom colors to your price comparison tables that match the brand of your product or services.
  • Offers price toggle option to present two distinct pricing options such as monthly/yearly with a switch button.
  • Your customers can easily compare similar products in a table that shows differences along with product characteristics. 
  • Easily list out features, adjust the color scheme of the plan, and customize the payment button.
  • Includes plan equalizer to align the length of your pricing plans as similar to the equalizer. 
  • Also, you can give each pricing plan a name, a tagline, an explanation, and a price. 


You’ll be happy to know that the Responsive Pricing plugin is a freemium plugin. That means you can install the free version of this plugin directly into your dashboard from the directory.

However, you can upgrade to the pro version for $19/year for a single site and $49/year for unlimited sites to fully utilize all of its capabilities.

8. Content Egg 

Content Egg WordPress Price Comparison Plugin

Content Egg is one of the best freemium WordPress price comparison plugins available in the market. In fact, it’s a one-stop shop for lucrative websites, affiliate websites, price comparisons, bargains, and product reviews. 

Moreover, it contains a slew of pro features that you can find on major price comparison websites. Such as WooCommerce product synchronization, affiliate Egg integration, price tracker, price alert, and so on. As a result, these functions make it easy for anyone to create price comparison pages or websites hassle-free. 

Not to add, Content Egg also works with a variety of affiliate networks and has a really simple user interface. Consequently, you can create affiliate websites and compare the prices of various products with less time and effort.

Key Features:

  • Option to automatically update price comparison lists of genuine offers based on a keyword.
  • Features a price mover for displaying the finest bargains and discounts by a certain time frame to your visitors.
  • Offers price drop alerts function to notify your site visitors about price dropping via email.
  • Provides filtering options for module searches such as price range, discount, categories, best offers, CC license, etc
  • Includes currency converter to convert prices to any currency with a dedicated shortcode parameter
  • Contains functions like responsive templates, multi-language, links cloaking, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ready, etc.


Content Egg is also a freemium plugin. You can directly download the free version from the directory. 

Meanwhile, you can switch to the premium version for more additional functionalities. It’s available at Envato marketplace at $55 with 6 months of support. You can further extend its support for up to 12 months at $18.75.

9. WordPress Pricing Tables, Sliders & Comparison Tables 

WordPress Pricing Tables Sliders Comparison Tables Plugin

WordPress Pricing Tables, Sliders & Comparison Tables is also known as the 3 in 1 WP plugin. Indeed, it’s a flexible plugin that works with most WordPress page builder plugins. This helps you to create price comparisons on your website with the integration of various page builders.

You can highlight key pricing columns and even compute discounts for longer plans automatically. If you want a more personalized look, then you can design and construct your own pricing table template using the built-in template system.

Moreover, it comes with 50+ responsive pricing table templates that you can customize to fit your business needs. Whether you want to create pricing comparison tables or pricing comparison sliders, this plugin makes it quite easy. 

Key Features:

  • Toggle between monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, two-year, and three-year costs.
  • Change the Yes/No values with your favorite font awesome icons. This functionality is extremely handy in price comparison tables.
  • Supports featured table so that you can spotlight the popular product and services in the comparison table. 
  • Multilingual support helps to translate your price comparison table to various languages such as French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. 
  • Provides you with unlimited rows and columns to create a long price comparison list effortlessly. 
  • It has double-checked compatibility with all well-known themes like Avada, Be, ThemeX, Jupiter, and so on.


You can get this premium plugin from the Envato marketplace at $14 which includes future updates as well as premium support. Further, you can extend its support to 12 months at $3.38.

10. ARPrice 

ARPrice WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

ARPrice is another best premium WordPress price comparison plugin available in the market. Importantly, it comes with 300+ pricing table samples to help you get started with creating a responsive pricing comparison table. 

Moreover, this plugin includes a real-time template editor that allows you to make changes to your comparison template. And further have them immediately reflected on the template. In addition, it supports a variety of media assets such as background photos and icons. 

Further, you can adjust your pricing comparison plans to yearly, monthly, or other intervals with this plugin. Also, you can change the fonts, text, effects, rows, columns, and more to match the brand of your pricing comparison table.

Key Features:

  • Offers 2400+ unique font icons that include font awesome, google material icons, type icons, etc. 
  • All pricing comparison tables for table visits and clicks come with their own set of analytics.
  • You can hide or expose any portion of the pricing comparison table with a single click.
  • On your price comparison table, you can utilize complex motion effects like expanding, fade, swing, and so on.
  • Paypal integration on the Buy Now Button for various pricing comparisons on multiple products.
  • Allows A/B testing of several pricing comparison tables. This assists you in evaluating which pricing table has a higher conversion rate.


ARPrice as a premium plugin costs you $27 for a regular license. Also, it comes along with future updates and 6 months of support from the author. You can also extend its support for an additional $8.25 for a total of 12 months.

11. Royal Elementor Addons 

Royal Elementor Addons for Price Comparison

Royal Elementor Addons is one of the powerful and user-friendly Elementor page builder extensions. The coolest aspect of it is that you don’t have to write a single line of code to create something. It provides you with all the tools that you need to get things done quickly and efficiently. 

To be precise, it comes with more than 40 widgets to take your WordPress site to the next level. One of which is a pricing table widget that helps you to create a price comparison table for your WordPress site. Using it, you can effortlessly create a comparison of your product’s price along with its respective features. 

Key Features:

  • Predesigned price comparison templates to create price comparison templates right away.
  • Content Toggle option to easily showcase your comparison content in an interactive style. Such as monthly or yearly packages.
  • Includes a variety of styles to create a one-of-a-kind and high-quality design to make your pricing list appealing.
  • Choose from a variety of button styles and effects to design conversion-friendly call-to-action sections in the price comparison table.
  • Select from a variety of box animation effects to make your price comparison table stand out.
  • Use different colors, patterns, and text effects to direct your visitor’s attention to any content on your pricing comparison table.


Royal Elementors Addons is a freemium plugin. You can directly download the free version of this plugin from the directory or its official website

Normally, the free version has all the required features that you need to create a price comparison table. You might, however, want to switch to its pro version for advanced features. That costs $19/year or $29 for lifetime use for a single site license. 

12. Go Pricing 

Go Pricing WordPress Price Comparison Plugin

Go Pricing is another best premium WordPress price comparison plugin for creating visually appealing pricing and comparison tables. In fact, it’s quite an adaptable plugin that lets you change almost every detail of your price comparison table. 

Moreover, it has over 250 responsive pricing table styles to quickly create beautiful comparison tables. You can customize each design through the visual interface and further export and import all tables as required.

Also, it comes with an easy-to-use user interface that works equally well with popular WordPress page builders. You can quickly and easily edit your tables. In addition, it includes various reference messages, colors, and icons to assist you in navigating efficiently. 

Key Features:

  • Offers over 2000 scalable vector font icons that look great on high-resolution devices.
  • Give your price comparison tables some life! Pick from one of the 39 amazing transitions for each column depending on your tastes.
  • Add multimedia kinds like audio, video, and maps to your pricing comparison tables to make them more unique and engaging.
  • Use the Live Preview option to preview how your pricing comparison table will look in real-time.
  • You can import demo tables quickly, generate and restore backups, and migrate your data between sites with ease.
  • Ensure that your price comparison table gives the greatest possible experience on any device, thanks to the different setup choices.


You can purchase the Go Pricing plugin from the Envato marketplace at $27 which comes along with all the future updates.  

13. Pricing Table By A WP Life 

Pricing Table by AWP Life

Pricing Table By A WP Life is another best freemium WordPress price comparison plugin that’s fully responsive. It includes attractive design style templates for displaying pricing tables on your site.  This makes it quite simple to use for both new and experienced WordPress users.

Not to mention, it’s one of the most comprehensive pricing table plugins for creating pricing comparisons. You can configure it in a variety of ways. Such as you can price a comparison table and use it on a widget in the sidebar by simply pasting the shortcode into the text widget. It’s really that easy. 

Key Features:

  • Offers 4 price comparison template designs in free version 23+ price comparison template designs without having to start from scratch. 
  • Tailored color option for the header and button section in the pricing comparison table.
  • An easily customizable plugin that lets you add features to your various price comparison plans. 
  • Unlimited color option to feature the popular product or services among the comparison of different items. 
  • Includes Custom CSS Style if you’re a developer who wishes to modify the price comparison to your choice. 
  • Quickly display a price comparison table anywhere on your website with simple shortcodes.


Pricing Table By A WP Life is also a freemium plugin. You can download the free version directly to your dashboard from the directory. Plus, you can also download the zip file directly from its official website

In most situations, the free version includes all of the necessary tools for creating a pricing comparison table. For advanced capabilities, you might wish to upgrade to the pro version. The plans are:

  • Personal License: That costs $15 as a one-time payment for a single site license.
  • Business License: Costs $59 and you can use it for up to 5 sites license.
  • Developer License: Costs $09 and gives a 10-sites license.

14. Datafeedr Comparison Sets 

Datafeedr WordPress Price Comparison Plugin

Datafeedr Comparison Sets is another freemium WordPress price comparison plugin that you can use for creating various pricing comparisons. Essentially, it uses a shortcode to build price comparison sets for every product in your WooCommerce store.

Not to add that Datafeedr is a monthly membership service. That lets you automatically import products from Amazon and dozens of other affiliate networks onto your website. Consequently, you’ll save a lot of time as you’ll not have to manually upload any products to your website or make a price comparison.

Key Features:

  • Showcase price comparison lists for products in your WooCommerce store automatically.
  • Using its built-in shortcode, you can easily add price comparison sets to blog posts, articles, or product reviews.
  • Supports Amazon products to show its prices alongside those from other affiliate programs and businesses.
  • Choose an interval for your price comparison sets to update automatically to keep your price up-to-date.
  • With a few clicks of a button, manually add or remove products from your Comparison Sets.


You can download the free version of Datafeedr Comparison Sets directly to your dashboard from the directory. 

However, you might want to switch to the premium version to fully utilize all of the Datafeedr functions. The premium version is available at the following prices:

  • Starter: It costs you $39/month suitable for those looking to build a store with a few thousand products. You get features such as display comparison sets on unlimited sites, 10000 API requests/month, import into WooCommerce, and more. 
  • Basic: You can buy this plan at $69/month, that’s ideal if you want to build many stores or need comparison sets. Also, you get all the features of the Starter package along with 40000 API requests/month.
  • Pro: At $199/month, you can get this package that provides 150000 API requests/month. It’s ideal for those looking to build a network of affiliate stores with a plethora of comparison sets. 

15. WRC Pricing Tables 

WRC Pricing Tables

WRC Pricing Tables is a sleek and clean CSS3 pricing table plugin to create a price comparison table on your WordPress site. Using this plugin, you’re free to construct as many feature rows and package columns as you like for the comparison. Further, you can easily rearrange them using drag-and-drop.

Moreover, this plugin provides you with 2 options for presenting the characteristics and costs of various goods while comparing. One option is you can showcase the benefits of each product separately. And the other one is to use the comparative pricing table to contribute the attributes of each product. 

In addition, the WRC pricing table supports ribbons, tooltips, tick/cross icons, buttons, and a variety of other features.

Key Features:

  • Choose from 25 built-in templates to quickly construct a comparison pricing table.
  • Supports a pricing toggle to provide monthly and yearly plan comparisons. You may also use this option to compare prices in different currencies.
  • You don’t have to start from scratch after you’ve created a pricing table. Simply click the duplicate icon to get a second comparison pricing table.
  • Enhanced default color palettes from 8 to 18 to create an eye-catching and colorful price comparison table for your business.
  • Simple animations such as extending columns while hovering or eliminating shadows of highlighted portions of the price comparison.
  • Each price table has its own shortcode with an ID that’s generated automatically. You can further paste it into the suitable location of your site.


You can download the free version of the WRC Pricing Tables plugin directly from the directory. 

Meanwhile, you might also want to upgrade to the Standard version at $14 as a one-time payment or the Ultimate version at $18 as a one-time payment. Not to mention, both of the plans include 6 months of support. 


That’s all folks. These are some of the best WordPress price comparison plugins for your website. We genuinely hope it was helpful and agree with our list. 

Lastly, we’d like to suggest the YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin. It’s best known for its user-friendly layout. Also, the free version includes all of the features you’ll need to create a useful pricing comparison. 

In addition, if you’re looking for Elementor Addon with a price comparison widget, then Essential Addons for Elementor might be suitable for you. 

Please feel free to comment below if you have any further queries about the WordPress price comparison plugins. We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as we can.

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