Essential Addons for Elementor Review

Want to read an honest review on one of the best Elementor Addons named  Essential Addons for Elementor? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

Essential Addons for Elementor is an easy-to-use and super flexible third-party Elementor addon. This helps you to boost the page-building experience by providing powerful elements and design options for Elementor. 

So, to help you out, we present you with an honest review for beginners on Essential Addons for Elementor. Here, we’ll look into its key elements, user experience, pricing, pros, cons, etc. 

So, here we go! 

A. Essential Addons for Elementor Overview

Essential Addons for Elementor-

Essential Addons for Elementor is a popular Elementor extension that helps you to enhance your page-building experience. It is developed by WPDeveloper and was released in 2017, about one year after the Elementor page builder plugin. It gives power to your page builder by providing 70+ creative elements and extensions. 

Besides that, this plugin has become quite popular within a small period because of its easy-to-use elements. Also, among other third-party add-ons, it has one of the highest active users with 1+ million active installations.

Essential Addons for Elementor is beginner-friendly and easy to use.  Even if you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll be able to create stunning websites without having to write a single line of code. 

Similarly, this plugin is lightweight so it won’t slow down your website like other addons in the market. Also, it’s fully optimized and provides instant live editing options.

B. Free and Premium Essential Elements

Essential Addons comes with a huge collection of Elementor widgets in both a free and premium version. 

Now, let’s look at what Essential Addons has to offer:

ElementsFree Essential ElementsPremium Essential Elements
Content Elements (20)Event Calendar, Info Box, Flip Box, Testimonial, Tooltip, Sticky Video, Team MemberStatic Product, Logo Carousel, Toggle, Offcanvas, Advanced Menu
Dynamic Content (11)Post Grid, Data Table, Product Grid, Content Ticker, Post Timeline, Advanced-Data TablePost Block, Smart Post List, Post Carousel, Content Timeline, Dynamic Gallery  
Marketing Elements (3)Pricing table, Call to Action Price Menu
Creative Elements (15)Image Accordion, Countdown, Fancy Text, Filterable Gallery, Progress BarInteractive Promo, Interactive Cards, Image Comparison, Image Hotspots, Divider, Counter, Image Scroller 
Form Styler Elements (11)Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, WPForms, Caldera Forms, weForms, Typeform, FormstackMailChimp
Social Elements (4)Twitter Feed, Facebook FeedInstagram Feed, Twitter Feed Carousel
LearnDash Elements (1)––LearnDash Course List
Documentation  Elements (3)BetterDocs Category Grid, BetterDocs Category BoxBetterDocs Search Form
WooCommerce Elements (4)Woo Product Grid, Woo Product Compare, Woo CheckoutWoo Product Collections
Extensions (7)Reading Progress Bar, Duplicator, Table of Contents, Custom JSParticle, Parallax, Content Protection, Advanced Tooltip

Note: Elements available in the free version are also available in the premium version too.

Hence, let us review Essential Addons for Elementor step bu step but firstly let’s start with installing this plugin.

C. How to Install and Setup Essential Addons for Elementor? 

Before we begin, let’s look at how we can install and activate the Essential Addons plugin on your WordPress website. Follow these steps if you want to install a WordPress plugin named Essentials Addons for Elementor:

Step 1: Install the Plugin

To install and activate the Essential Addons, you have to log in to your WordPress dashboard and then go to Plugins > Add New.

Install Essential Addons plugin
Install Essential Addons for Elementor plugin

After that at the very top, on the right-hand side, you would see the search box. There type in this keyword “Essential Addons” and find the plugin.

Once you found your plugin click on the Install Now button. 

Step 2: Activate the Plugin

Activate Essential Addons for Elementor
Activate Essential Addons for Elementor

After installing is completed, click on the Activate button, and “Essential Addons for Elementor” will be activated. 

This is how you fully install and activate the Essential Addons plugin on your WordPress website.

Step 3: Essential Addons Menu

Essential Addons Menu
Essential Addons Menu

After the installation and activation are completed, you’ll see the Essential Addons Menu appear in your WordPress Dashboard. Click on that menu and it’ll redirect you to the setting page of Essential Addons.

Essential Addons element setting
Essential Addons Element Settings

In the setting menu, you can go to the Elements tab and check out all the available Essential Addons elements. Likewise, you can also enable or disable them as per your requirements. 

Don’t forget to click on the Save Settings button to save your change.

Hence, this is how you install and set up Essential Addons from scratch. It’s extremely easy and simple to configure.

D. How to Use Essential Addons to Enhance Your Page Building Experience?

Before we look at how we can use Essential Addons elements, make sure that you’ve installed and use the Elementor page builder. This is a general reminder that this is an extension that is built to work with the Elementor page builder.

i) How to Use Essential Addons Elements?

Firstly, you need to open the Elementor editor, then scroll down a little to find the Essential Addons elements in the Elementor sidebar

Essential Addons elements in the Elementor sidebar
Essential Addons Elements in the Elementor Sidebar

After that simply, drag the Essential Addons element into the builder interface. For example, we’ve dragged the Login/Register Form element into the interface. 

Dragging elements into the builder interface

Once you’ve dropped the element to it, you’ll see the Edit tab for the particular element. This will contain Content, Style, and Advanced setting options. From there you’ll be able to customize the elements the way you want. 

Editing the Elements
Editing the Elements

Remember that customization options are element-specific and every element will have different customization options. However, the Advanced setting will have the same customization options for every element.

ii) How to Find EA Particles and EA Parallax Extensions?

If you go to the Layout tab of your section, then you’ll be able to find EA Particles and EA Parallax extensions. However, to use these addons you need to upgrade your Essential Addons from free to the premium version. 

Layout tab
Layout Tab

Hence, we could say that Essential Addons does a really good job when it comes to enhancing your page-building experience. If you’re comfortable using the Elementor page builder, then definitely you’ll find Essential Addons quite easy-to-use as well.

E. Essential Addons for Elementor Pricing

Essential Addons is quite flexible and affordable when it comes to their pricing plans. The free version is as good as the premium one but the only difference is in the elements, extensions, and the site license you get.

You can get its free version from the official WordPress plugin directory. However, if you’re looking for premium elements for your website then you can with their premium plans. Essential Addons seems to offer three different plans in its premium version. 

Essential Addons for Elementor Pricing
Essential Addons for Elementor Pricing
  • For 1 Website ($39.98) Includes 80+ widgets, 10+ extensions, and one year update and customer support.
  • Unlimited ($79.98) Includes unlimited activation on multiple websites along with one year update and customer support.
  • Lifetime Unlimited ($199.98) Includes unlimited activation for a lifetime without any need to renew your plan.
  • WPDeveloper Agency Bundle Lifetime ($639.2) You can save up to $6000 and it is the best value-for-money plan if you are looking for multiple plugins developed by the team.

Essential Addons is also offering 25% renewal discounts on the single website plan and unlimited plan.

Besides that, you can request your money back within the first 14 days of purchase if you aren’t fully satisfied with Essential Addons.

F. Customer Support Option

When it comes to customer support, there is no doubt that Essential Addons has one of fast and responsive support. They try their best to solve your issues and queries as soon as possible. Also, they provide customer support in different forms such as live chat and support tickets.

The best thing is that you get everything you need within a single roof. For that, you just have to go to their official website and in the menu bar, you’ll get everything listed out there for you.

Essential Addons Support Options
Essential Addons Support Options

If you want to learn about different elements of Essential Addons much more briefly then check out the Docs section. Likewise, if you want to learn how to create a beautiful website with Elementor and Essential Addons then check out the Blog section.

i) How to Look for More Customer Support?

Even after these if you’re looking for more help then check out their Get Help section. This section is further divided into 5 more categories. And each category is quite helpful for you whenever you get stuck while using this plugin. 

Get Help Option
Get Help Option

However, if you specifically look at the Support section inside Get Help, then you get more support options. 

If you’re a beginner who is still struggling with building your website then you can get yourself in touch with the live chat support. This one is quite instant and provides you with very professional tips and suggestions for your issues. 

EA Support Option
Support Options

You can get your issues fixed quickly in the community forum. There you just have to browse all the public tickets and get your solution quickly. Also, it’s a great way to get connected with the community and get help and suggestions.

At last, it also provides you priority support if you’re their paid customer. You can get priority support in the form of a support ticket. 

Hence, Essential Addons provides you with superb customer support. They are quick and have a team of experienced people whom you can rely on. 

G. Pros and Cons of Essential Addons

So, let’s quickly look at some of the pros and cons of Essential Addons.

First, let’s start with the pros:

Pros Essential Addons

  • Beginner-friendly and easy to use.
  • Comes with fully customizable elements.
  • Lightweight and full-responsive.
  • Sustainably expandable functionalities.
  • Great customer support.
  • Flexible and affordable pricing.

Cons Essential Addons

G. Our Verdict

According to our use, Essential Addons for Elementor is a really good Elementor extension and has the potential to be pretty handy to create dynamic websites.  Likewise, it’s quite easy to use and provides you with a good user experience with greater functionalities.

If you’re an Elementor user then it’ll help to extend the functionality of the basic page building. Hence, we think that Essential Addons is worth trying. 

However, we suggest you install and explore it by yourself.  It’ll help you truly understand how convenient it’d be to use it as an everyday Elementor extension.


That’s about it. This is a brief review of Essential Addons for Elementor. We hope that you’ll agree with our review.

If you’ve any further queries about our review on Essential Addons for Elementor, then please leave a comment below. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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