Best Logo Slider WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for the best logo slider WordPress plugins? Do you want to create a successful logo carousel via the WordPress plugin? If yes, then you’ve landed at the right place. 

Adding logos of your clients, partners, sponsors, etc to your WordPress site makes your visitor more trust in you. It also shows which companies or clients you worked with and it increases your brand value too. This way, you can earn more customers or visitors to your site.

For example, if you’re owning an eCommerce site, gaining new clients is never easy. You must showcase the brands that you worked with to have better trust with customers. Because clients can easily attract towards sliders and also easily recognize better brand’s logo. And you can achieve that by using the logo slider. Therefore, you can have the leverage of a logo slider with a WordPress plugin. 

There’re plenty of logo sliders but only a few can meet your needs. So, we’ve hand-picked some of the WordPress logo slider plugins for you with the best design and layout. 

So, let’s get into it.

Criteria for Choosing Logo Slider WordPress Plugins

There’re few things to consider while selecting a logo slider. So, make sure your plugin includes the following things:

  • Responsive Design: Select the plugin that’s responsive, and lets you personalize the appearance of logo sliders across any devices. 
  • Ease of Use: Choose a plugin that’s easy to use and quickly lets you design your logo along with inserting it into your site.
  • Customization: Logo slider must be customizable. Such as being able to customize the size of the slider to fit your site, control over auto-scroll speed and so on.
  • Number of Logos: Ensure that the selected plugin can handle the number of logos you want to include in your slider.
  • Price: The most important factor is your budget to afford the plugins. Some of the plugins are free to use while others charge you to unlock premium features.

With that, let’s jump into the list of 15 Best Logo Slider WordPress Plugins for 2021.

15 Best Logo Slider WordPress Plugins for 2021

We’ve listed the best WordPress logo slider plugins with detailed descriptions, features, and pricing. Go through each plugin to determine which one is the best logo slider as per your need.

1. Logo Slider and Showcase

Logo Slider and Showcase WordPress Plugin

Logo Slider and Showcase is a  fully responsive plugin to display logos of your clients, partner, brands, etc. With this plugin, you can easily customize the size of the logo with a hard crop. It helps to make the logo size as per your need. It has a ready-made WordPress widget that can be easily customized. 

You can also select 3 different ways to display the logo images: responsive grid view, carousel slider view, and carousel slider in center mode. Responsive grid view displays the images with the number of columns you set. The carousel slider view displays the images with the total number of items and how many items per slide with many settings. The carousel slider in center mode displays the images in center mode with one logo in the center.

Moreover, it’s compatible with Visual Composer and Elementor.

Key Features of Logo Slider and Showcase:

  • Add internal or external links for logo images.
  • Able to easily build a logo by simply drag and drop layout builder.
  • Allows to arrange the logo in your preferential order by drag and drop logo ordering.
  • Control over left-right padding.
  • Multilingual and translation ready plugin along with RTL (Right to Left) support.
  • You can display the logo with grayscale and on hover, it shows the original logo color.
  • Tooltip (display a title in the title box next to the element, when you hover the element) enable/disable option.


Logo Slider and Showcase plugin is free to use. But you can upgrade it to a premium version to unlock pro features at $18. 

2. WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider is one of the leading and popular logo slider WordPress plugins with 60,000+ active installations. Its 4 outstanding features to showcase logos are logo slider for client logos, logo gallery to showcase business partners logo, logo carousel for brands & affiliate logos, and logo ticker for sponsors logo. Therefore, you can effortlessly set up a beautiful logo gallery with its outstanding features and performance.

Moreover, this plugin is easy to use. It’s highly customizable, responsive, and flexible. This plugin uses basic dynamic shortcodes to exhibit logo slideshow wherever you want on your pages. Hence, no requirement for coding skills which is absolutely user-friendly for beginners. 

Key Features of WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider:

  • It has options to display the logo with or without the title .
  • Possibility to showcase an unlimited number of client logos by category.
  • This plugin has  lazy loading features to your images which can improve your website speed by only calling on the loading of your images when they are required.
  • You can personalize slider sliding speed, autoplay interval, navigation, pagination, slide columns for logo slider, number of logos slides at a time, etc.
  • Offers 6 layouts (grid, slider, center mode, filter, ticker and list), 15+ predefined design templates, 2 widgets (slider & grid).
  • Compatible with all popular WordPress themes & templates and other plugins such as Visual composer, Elementor, Beaver, Divi Page Builder and more.


Although WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider plugin is free to use and can download from You can still get the premium version of the annual subscription plan at $79/year for up to 5 site usage. Also, the other annual subscription plan costs $149/year for up to 50 site usage.

3. Logo Carousel

Logo Carousel WordPress Plugin

Logo Carousel is yet another free WordPress multi-use logo showcase and responsive clients logo gallery plugin. It displays several logo images in a grid or carousel with title descriptions, tooltips, links, and popups using a shortcode generator. You can save, edit, copy and paste shortcodes wherever you want. 

You can customize endlessly with stunning styling options like color, font family, size, alignment, etc. It also offers 5 beautiful layouts: carousel slider, grid, list, filter, and inline which are completely customizable. You can also customize typography with 840+ Google fonts library such as letter-spacing, line height, size, and more for each logo showcase.

Moreover, the drag & drop logo ordering is one of the amazing features where you can order your logos easily by date, title, random, etc. You can also organize your logos by categorizing them on your demand. Create an endless category for logos and show logos from specific or selected categories.

Key Features of Logo Carousel:

  • You can assign custom URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) to the logos and they can have links that open on the same or new page. If you don’t provide a URL to any logo, the logo will not be linked up.
  • Isotope filtering by category helps to group your logo images by specific categories and displays only selected one or all of them. This helps to increase lists of your clients, sponsors and so on. 
  • You can also include a live category filter in the grid layouts so visitors can select which logos to see. You can change the opacity on the logo.
  • Standard, ticker (smooth looping with no pause), and center are the 3 carousel modes in the Logo Carousel plugin. You can adjust the carousel mode according to your preferences or needs.
  • There’re variety of edgy and appealing logo image hover effects such as grayscale, zoom in, zoom out, blur, and other. 
  • Advanced settings have been specified to disable and enable scripts and CSS files. This advanced options section will assist you in avoiding conflicts and loading problems.
  • You can add and slide an endless number of rows in a carousel layout with the premium version. Determine the number of rows based on your preferences.


You can purchase the Logo Carousel WordPress plugin at $20 for Personal Plan. The Business Plan costs $99 and Agency Plan costs $199.

4. Logos Showcase

Logos Showcase- Logo Slider WordPress Plugin

Logos Showcase is another stunning plugin that displays a set of images as a grid or in a carousel slider. The carousel is customizable. You can set the transition speed, direction, number of items to display. Choose whether to show controls or not and whether to work as a non-stop ticker or slide with pauses. In carousel settings, you can control much more of this.

In addition, you can display the images in 3 different ways: normal grid, responsive grid, and horizontal carousel. Also, you can include a live category filter for visitors to select which logo to see. You can also set internal or external links to them. Moreover, you can also change the default size of your logo images. This way, it’ll resize to specific dimensions when uploaded. For bulk upload of all logos, you can use the media library. 

Key Features of Logos Showcase:

  • You can make high definition logos. Simply, you need to enable the retina option in the settings and make sure to upload images big enough to cater for retina devices.
  • You can display the logo in a responsive grid of up to 18 columns.
  • Apply visual styles to make images such as grayscale, lower opacity and hover effects.
  • Keep track of your clicks. Check how many times the logos were clicked.
  • On hover, show tooltips with either the title of the logo entry or a longer description.
  • The plugin uses widgets and shortcodes which are WordPress methods that all themes should render.


You can purchase the regular license of Logos Showcase at $13.

5. Logo Slider WP

Logo Slider WP- WordPress Brand Slider

Yet another efficient Logo Slider WP plugin we would like to recommend to our users. This plugin allows you to display a list of logos from clients, supporters, partners, or sponsors on your website. 

The plugin can display an unlimited logo with an infinity slides loop. You can make an image grid with appropriate linkages. Also, you can arrange your custom logo by drag & drop such as in descending or ascending order. Moreover, you can also arrange by specific categories such as by date, ID, title, and many more.

Furthermore, the plugin is responsive and works great on mobile and tablets. It supports touch swipe navigation because of its responsiveness.

Key Features of Logo Slider WP:

  • You can add custom background color for the slider area.
  • Control the number of displayable slide items based on the width of the device’s viewport.
  • Able to add shortcodes on any post, page, widget or theme.
  • Insert custom name, brand description and images on the logo slider.
  • Includes different scrolling options and animation effects on the slider.
  • It supports Joomla extensions such as Joomla logo slider and other WordPress plugins such as WordPress portfolio gallery and many more. 


You can purchase the premium version of Logo Slider WP at $9.99-$14.99.

6. GS Logo Slider

GS Logo Slider

Another robust logo slider WordPress plugin is GS Logo Slider for showcasing your client’s logo on your website. It’s a simple yet flexible plugin and doesn’t slow down your site, unlike many other slider plugins. Additionally, this plugin is extremely lightweight and works with all WordPress themes.

Also, its user-friendly interface allows you to manage, update, create, and delete logos without having to learn anything new. 

The logo image can be displayed with or without a clickable caption in the slider having a ticker style flow. The plugin helps to create a custom post type. This helps to add a client’s logos carousel to display anywhere on your site.

Key Features of GS Logo Slider:

  • Control over sliding speed of slider, navigation, color settings, autoplay pause, and pagination.
  • You can display multiple logo sliders on the same page from different categories.
  • The moving direction of the logo is right to left which is default or left to right for slider & ticker theme.
  • Build a logo slider using drag and drop and arrange according to your specified order or custom order as your need.
  • Includes logo grayscale feature and on hover, it displays the original color of the logo.
  • Enable/disable infinite loop and include/exclude title while displaying logo. 


Although GS Logo Slider is free to download from, You can upgrade to the premium version starting at $30/year. The other plans include Business Plan and Agency Plan costs at $35/year and $79/year respectively. 

7. Logo Showcase with Slick Slider

Logo Showcase with Slick Slider

Logo Showcase with Slick Slider uses a slider, carousel, or grid to swiftly and easily display the logos on your WordPress site. You can create a carousel slider of logos using a logo gallery, drag & drop order change, and user-friendly settings. 

It allows you to display unlimited logos whether it be 2 or 20 logos. All these logos can be displayed within a logo slider. In addition, it also offers multiple sliders that can be displayed anywhere you want. 

You can also add a link for the logo image. So that, users can check the official site of the company’s logo that is being displayed. Besides, including or excluding the title of the logo in the slider is your choice. Moreover, you can add descriptions to your logos and display them in sliders. 

Key Features of Logo Showcase with Slick Slider:

  • Center mode helps to highlight the active logo in the center with beautiful design.
  • Using a logo carousel and logo grid you can keep your logos organized and ensure that your design looks amazing on every device.
  • You can have your logo display scroll automatically or allow your visitors to manually navigate through the logos using arrows, dots, or swipes. 
  • Multiple logos showcase each with separate settings in single, page, post or template.
  • It’s compatible with any WordPress themes.
  • Supports RTL so global customers can reach out without language constraint.


Logo Showcase with Slick Slider is a completely free logo slider WordPress plugin to use for your WordPress site.

8. Logos Showcase for Visual Composer

Logos Showcase for Visual Composer WordPress

Logos Showcase for Visual Composer WordPress is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to display and manage your logos in a grid or slider format. You need to be using Visual Composer page builder for this plugin to work. You have access to a variety of distinctive themes and effects that will allow you to present your logos in a variety of styles. In addition, there’re many responsive WordPress themes that’ll display your logos at any resolution and on any device.

Each logo group should have its own set of fields. You can display and pick individual fields for each logo group: The full name, external link, and tooltip description. Add tooltips on each logo image including a custom content. 

Key Features of Logos Showcase for Visual Composer WordPress:

  • Offers a set of 25 image effects that are both edgy and appealing.
  • Setting options to modify duration, item numbers, nav buttons, autoplay, transition effect, stop on hover. 
  • Images are retina ready and speeds up lazy loading images for high performance of the website.
  • Inside logo page-ready along with slideshow and order options.
  • Define column structure according to your need.
  • It supports multi-language so a global audience can interact with your site.


You can purchase Logos Showcase for Visual Composer WordPress at $17.

9. Logo Carousel Slider

Logo Carousel Slider- Logo Slider WordPress Plugin

Logo Carousel Slider is no different than other logo slider WordPress plugins. It enables you to quickly build a logo carousel/slider that displays the logos of your associates. You can easily display unlimited logos with external/internal linking of logo images. Also, you can showcase your logo with a border around or with a title, according to your need.

This plugin provides touch and swipes support as users can view the logo slider on any device. It’s a lightweight plugin as it doesn’t affect the loading speed of a website. Additionally, the plugin is compatible with all modern browsers.

Key Features of Logo Carousel Slider:

  • You can resize and crop the images and also enable/disable upscaling of images.
  • Customize slider title font size and color change options.
  • Displays logos from the most recent and previous logos by category, logo id, and month and year.
  • Ability to customize the settings on widget pages for custom widget.
  • Personalize the logo border color and hover color change options.
  • Control over slide speed, autoplay, lots of variations for navigation arrow, pagination and so on.


You can purchase a Logo Carousel Slider starting at $19.99/year.

10. Logo Showcase Ultimate

Logo Showcase Ultimate

Logo Showcase Ultimate shares the same set of functionalities as mentioned above in Logo Carousel Slider as both are developed by wpWax. It’s also one of the best plugins to display the logos of your clients, sponsors, affiliates, etc. 

The plugin has unique settings for each logo. Such as displaying logos with or without borders, adding titles or removing them, and so on. Also, you can showcase unlimited logos throughout the slider. You’ll be able to exhibit logos by category, logo id, randomly, alphabetical order title (A to Z) (Z to A), month, year, the latest, and older published. Moreover, logo images can be auto resized, cropped, and upscaled. 

In addition, to reach customers from all around the world, it’s translation-ready. 

Key Features of Logo Showcase Ultimate:

  • Change the color of the navigation arrows, background, and hover color with unlimited color options.
  • It supports pagination in the grid and Ajax loads more pagination in the grid.
  • Display as many logos as you want in the slider.
  • It allows you to enable/disable hover effects on logos.
  • Simple shortcode generator and via TinyMCE button, easily insert generated shortcode.
  • Options for changing the tooltip’s position, font size, content, and background color.


The starting cost to purchase Logo Showcase Ultimate is $19.99/year.

11. Smart Logo Showcase Lite

Smart Logo Showcase Lite

Smart Logo Showcase Lite is another awesome WordPress logo slider plugin that is packed with a variety of beautiful pre-designed templates. You can easily build using different available layouts and display logo images. However, most things should be configured to personalize on your own. 

You’ll be able to add unlimited logo showcases on a single page, post, or template. This plugin gives access to manage grid layout columns on a desktop, mobile, or tablet. You can also customize slider settings such as autoplay, speed, controls, pager, arrow, and the number of columns for the logo slider.

Key Features of Smart Logo Showcase Lite:

  • Able to change background color and active color of dot pager navigation on carousel slider logo.
  • Tooltip effect to show title and manage tooltip position (top, bottom, left and right).
  • You can group your logo images with filter layout with control over on delay mode, animation duration, other settings and enhance logo filter with filter blur effects.
  • Make your logo showcase more informative and visually appealing using inline and popup full view templates for each layout.
  • Add extra fields such as social links, website, email, phone, short or full description.
  • View logo images in lightbox, add links to images and change order of logo position using drag & drop feature.


You can purchase the regular license of Smart Logo Showcase Lite at $17.

12. Best Logo Slider

Best Logo Slider WordPress Plugin

Best Logo Slider is another stunning addition to WordPress logo slider plugin listing to create a carousel slider of logos like clients, partners, associates, and so on. This plugin completely supports the title, logo images, and website URL. It depends on you to hide or display the title of the logo in the sliders. Also, the link in logo images can be internal or external. In addition, you can also adjust the size of logo images. Hence, the slider is fully customizable according to the user’s needs.

The plugin is lightweight. Its interface is easy to use. Moreover, the plugin works great with all the WordPress themes. Also, supports WPBakery page builder addon.

Key Features of Best Logo Slider:

  • There’re advanced setting panels with all necessary settings.
  • Enables to arrange the logo in specific order or categories for you to easily select logos and display in the slider from any categories.
  • Configure the slider auto-play, speed, navigation, pagination, color settings.
  • 100% responsive settings. Able to control logo items to show on tablet & mobile devices.
  • Show logo title in a tooltip popup.
  • Provides custom post type for logo posting.
  • It has a shortcode-ready that shows a logo slider anywhere in the site like page, post or custom template.


The cost of the premium version of Best Logo Slider starts at $15 with a one-time payment and no yearly renewal is required. There’re other plans as well, you can check the official site.

13. Slider, Gallery, and Carousel by MetaSlider

Slider, Gallery, and Carousel by MetaSlider- Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider, Gallery, and Carousel by MetaSlider is a powerful plugin to create a beautiful slider, slideshow, carousel, or gallery on your WordPress site. It offers the most simple and intuitive interface of any WordPress image, photo, and video plugin. You’ll have to simply select logo images, photos, and more from the WordPress media library, drag & drop them into place. Then, you’ll be able to set the slide captions, links, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) fields all from one page. 

Furthermore, it also includes metaslider’s built-in SEO features. The feature ensures that users can easily find your site and the slider, slideshow, gallery, and carousel. This plugin has 4 types of slideshow with transition effects: flex slider, nivo slider, responsive slides, and coin slider. These sliders support logo image, photo, video, layer, html products, and post feed slides.

Key Features of Slider, Gallery, and Carousel by MetaSlider:

  • With meta slider, export your slider, slideshow or carousel with one click and import it to another WordPress suite instead of recreating your settings on every website.
  • Includes logo reordering, intelligent image cropping (smart crop functionality, ensures your slides are perfectly resized), set image crop position.
  • Slider configuration helps you to configure transition effect, speed, timing, plus many more.
  • The full width slider and gallery support that helps to match your site design and compatible with any WordPress theme you select.
  • Create external URL slides to load logo images for your slider directly from non-WordPress sources.
  • Slide scheduling and slide visibility helps the site owners to schedule sliders to appear only within specific dates which is a premium feature.
  • Automatically show your current blog posts, events, or WooCommerce products in your slideshow with dynamic post feed/featured image slides.


You can purchase the premium version of the Slider, Gallery, and Carousel by MetaSlider starting at $39/year.

14. Carousel Slider

Carousel Slider WordPress Plugin

Are you looking for a touch-enabled logo slider WordPress plugin? If yes, then Carousel Slider is a way to go.

Carousel Slider is a lightweight plugin that loads stuff when a carousel is used. It’s responsive to configure the number of items to display for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Therefore, it works great on touch devices.

This plugin helps to create images, logos, videos, posts, a woo-commerce product carousel, and a slider that is SEO friendly. You can easily create logo images with multiple types of carousels using a media gallery or custom URL, post carousel, video carousel. You’ll be able to add title, caption, URL links in the logo images you’ve created for your logo slider. As a whole, the plugin is extremely customizable.

Key Features of Carousel Slider:

  • Hero slider includes background picture, title, description, call to action buttons, and more.
  • Options to hide/show the product title, rating, price, cart button, sale tag, wishlist button, and quick view button, as well as color options for the title, button background, and button text.
  • Choose the style of navigation to display for your carousel with unlimited color options.
  • Arrange the ordering category of logos and select randomly from any category to display in the slider.
  • WooCommerce product carousel supports product categories, product tags, specific products, featured products, recent products, sale products, best-selling products, top rated products.


The Carousel Slider is a free version of the WordPress plugin to use.

15. WordPress Logos Showcase- Grid and Carousel

WordPress Logos Showcase- Grid and Carousel

WordPress Logos Showcase is a multipurpose slider plugin that includes a logo slider as well. It includes a banner rotator, thumbnails banner, banner with playlist, content slider, and carousel. This plugin enables you to quickly design powerful sliders. Furthermore, it offers predefined demos that can be easily imported and personalized according to your need. Hence, it’s easy to set up, manage and use.

You can customize your logo slider by adding animations, transition effects, grayscale, and hover effects to show the original color of the logo. It also allows you to resize the image to fit into the slider as all the logo images should be of similar size. Additionally, you can categorize the logo by any order. You can add an unlimited number of logos in your slider from any category.

Key Features of WordPress Logos Showcase:

  • The plugin supports touch screens to navigate logos and is responsive. 
  • You can insert multiple carousels or sliders in the same page anywhere.
  • Insert internal or external URL link parameters to logo images.
  • Set full width and full screen of your slider with fixed dimensions.
  • Add title, descriptions and tags to each logo image and choose whether to display them in a slider or not.


You can purchase the regular license of WordPress Logos Showcase at $17.


So, we’ve arrived at the end of this article. 

We’ve discussed the 15 Best logo Slider WordPress plugins for 2021 along with their features and pricing. 

We hope this article helped you to find the best logo slider WordPress plugins for 2021. If you’re using any of these plugins for your website, then please share your experience below in the comment section. 

If you have any more queries, then feel free to ask us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, share this article with your friends and colleagues. 

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