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Are you ready to learn about amazing WordPress statistics and facts? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. 

WordPress statistics are exciting facts that tell us how many people use WordPress and all the cool things they do. It’s like peeking into a treasure chest and discovering just how popular and amazing WordPress is worldwide.

Also, understanding WordPress statistics is like having a treasure map for the digital world. Because it helps you see WordPress in close detail and what’s popular. Hence, guiding you to make websites even cooler.

So, let’s dive into the world of WordPress statistics and discover amazing numbers, cool facts, and exciting trends.

Historical Journey of WordPress

Let’s take a cool adventure into the past of WordPress to see how it grew into a big deal in making websites and sharing stuff online!

Historical Journey of WordPress
Historical Journey of WordPress

In 2003, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little began WordPress. They wanted to make a special place on the internet where it’s easy to create and manage content. At first, they thought about it as a tool for blogs, but then it grew into something much bigger.

A few years later, in 2004, WordPress became something called “open source.” It’s like sharing a big recipe with everyone and asking them to make it even better together. Following that, people all over the world started helping and making WordPress awesome.

WordPress Improvements Over Time

  • Around 2005, WordPress got a makeover. Adding things like themes and plugins to make websites look super cool. 
  • By 2007, it was powering a whole bunch of different types of websites
  • WordPress got smart too, making sure websites looked awesome and worked great on phones and tablets. 
  • Around 2018, WordPress introduced Gutenberg. A new, easy way to write and design on WordPress. Made creating content simple with blocks.
  • WooCommerce Blocks, a special plugin made just for Gutenberg-based sites, has a whopping 170,000+ websites as of April 2019.
  • As of December 2020, among the top 12 CMS (Content Management System) suppliers to US Universities and colleges, WordPress wins with 40.8% of installations. (Source)
  • In 2021, WordPress’s economic impact ranked tenth globally, surpassing Tesla in market capitalization. (Source)
  • In spring 2022, WordPress welcomed the Creative Commons Search Engine into its family, renaming it Openverse. (Source)
  • WordPress today is used for almost half of all websites around the world. And get this, it speaks 208 different locales. (Source)

Besides, if you love decorating, then WordPress is your place. There are currently 11,350 free themes you can choose from to make your website look just the way you want. It’s like having tons of different outfits for your website.

WordPress Free Themes
WordPress Free Themes Repository

Moreover, it adds superpower using plugins. They’re special tools that can make your website do amazing things. And there are around 59,745 plugins available right now in the WordPress plugin directory. It’s like having a huge toolbox to make your website powerful.

WordPress Amazing Facts - WordPress Statistics
WordPress Amazing Facts

WordPress is like a big playground where you can create amazing things. So, if you ever want to build your own online clubhouse, then WordPress is the way to go.

100 Amazing WordPress Statistics & Facts

As we walk into these WordPress statistics and facts, you’ll discover the impressive journey. As well as we’ll state the impact of a platform that has shaped the digital world.

A. WordPress Usage Statistics

WordPress began as a special place for people to write about their thoughts and ideas, kind of like an online diary. But over time, it has turned into something much bigger – a huge tool that helps manage lots of different types of content!

Let’s take a closer look at some numbers to see how people are using WordPress.

  1. A big group, about 63.0%, uses WordPress mainly to manage all their content. (Source)
  2. Another group, 20% of them, use it for both writing and organizing, like having a journal and a bookshelf in one. (Source)
  3. Only a smaller group, 6%, use it just for writing, like a simple notebook. (Source)
  4. Even the most popular websites, the top 1 million on the internet, love using WordPress. (Source)
  5. A big chunk of WordPress online stores, about 20.6%, use WooCommerce. (Source)
  6. There are some top WordPress plugins and one of them is called Yoast SEO.
  7. Among all, version 6 is used by 74.5% of all the websites that use WordPress. (Source)
  8. Right now, there are millions of active websites using WordPress, like a big community. To be exact, there are 63,072,001 websites using it. (Source)

B. WordPress Community and Ecosystem

WordPress is like a huge project where people from all over the world come together to help and work on it. It’s a special place where everyone can join in and share their ideas. 

Vibrant WordPress Community
Vibrant WordPress Community

Let’s explore some interesting things about the community that uses and improves WordPress!

  1. People in this community speak many languages, and they’ve made WordPress available in more than 63 languages. (Source)
  2. On Facebook, there are groups where WordPress fans hang out, and some of these groups have lots of people. It’s like a big online party!
  3. In the year 2017, WordPress fans from different countries threw 128 WordCamp parties and sold 40,000 tickets. It’s like a global celebration of WordPress! (Source)

In the year 2023, lots of small businesses use WordPress for selling things online. It’s like having a shop on the internet. WooCommerce, a special part of WordPress, will help with payments and managing online stores for these businesses. 

Also, it makes websites become easier with drag-and-drop tools. Besides, WordPress wants websites to be easy to use, especially on phones and tablets. It’s like making things friendly for everyone.

So, we can say that WordPress is going to get even better with new features. It’s like adding more tools to an already awesome toolbox.

C. WordPress Global Reach

WordPress has solidified its position as a global powerhouse. Shaping the digital landscape for countless individuals and businesses. Let’s see how:

  1. WordPress is a globally recognized content management system (CMS) utilized by 43% of all websites worldwide, showcasing its massive global reach. (Source)
  2. The WordPress community is extensive, with active groups and discussions happening across various social media platforms. Including Facebook, demonstrating its widespread global user engagement.
  3. In 2017, WordPress enthusiasts from 48 different countries organized a whopping 128 WordCamp events, attracting around 40,000 participants. (Source)

D. WordPress Core Releases

WordPress has evolved through various core releases, enhancing its functionality, security, and user experience. Besides, the WordPress journey has been marked by continuous innovation and improvement. Ensuring a dynamic and efficient platform for millions of users globally. 

WordPress Core Release - WordPress Statistics
WordPress Core Release

WordPress began its journey with its initial release, version 0.7, on May 27, 2003.

Let’s take a peek at the features of WordPress when it was new:

  • Texturize: Makes your quotes look fancy and cool!
  • WordPress Links: Manage website links easily, like a bookmark tool.
  • XHTML 1.1: A fancy way to say WordPress follows rules for websites.
  • Line Breaks Magic: Adds breaks in writing to make it neat and tidy.
  • New Look: The way WordPress looks is all new and simple, but awesome.
  • Summarize Your Posts: You can write a short summary of your posts.
  • Cool Designs: Everything looks modern and nice with cool designs.
  • Tech Tune-Up: Fixed things behind the scenes, making it faster and more stable.
  • Free for Everyone: You can get WordPress for free! It’s like a gift for the web world.

In its early years, WordPress saw rapid development, with multiple releases in 2004, including versions 1.0, 1.2, and 1.5.

Let’s go through other amazing and refreshing updates of the WordPress core release. 

WordPress Version 2

  1. The revolutionary WordPress 2.0Duke”, was released on December 31, 2005. Introduced a revamped admin dashboard and a more powerful plugin system.
  2. WordPress 2.1 Ella comes with autosave, tabbed editor, lossless XML import and export, spell checking, new search engine privacy option, etc. 
  3. The new Getz a new version of WordPress 2.2 includes a number of new features, Widgets integration, and over two hundred bug fixes.
  4. Version 2.3 Dexter of WordPress comes with native tagging support, update notifications, canonical URLs, pending reviews, etc.
  5. With the WordPress 2.5 version, the improvements are numerous. For example, multi-file uploading, one-click plugin upgrades, built-in galleries, a WYSIWYG, etc.
  6. Version 2.6 of WordPress named Tyner has Wiki-like tracking of edits, and posts from wherever you are on the web, turbo-speed your blogging, and more.
  7. WordPress 2.7 Coltrane introduces QuickPress, comment threading, paging, and the ability to reply to comments from your dashboard.
  8. The 2.8 release of WordPress is named Baker.” It represents a nice fit and finish release for WordPress with improvements to themes, widgets, taxonomies, and overall speed.
  9. The fine WordPress 2.9 version is called Carmen. The coolest new stuff are global undo/trash feature, built-in image editor, plugin update and compatibility checking, etc. 

WordPress Version 3

  1. WordPress 3.0 named “Theloniousreleased on June 17, 2010, integrated WordPress MU (Multi-User) and WordPress, uniting the single and multi-user versions.
  2. The long-awaited fourteenth release of WordPress is now available. WordPress 3.1 Reinhardt” 
  3. Announcing WordPress 3.2 making WordPress faster and lighter. A refreshed dashboard design and a new Twenty-Eleven theme.
  4. The version of WordPress 3.3, is named Sonny.” Comes with a drag-and-drop uploader, hover menus for navigation, the new Tumblr importer, and more.
  5. WordPress 3.4 is here named Green.” This release includes significant improvements to theme customization, custom headers, Twitter embeds, and image captions.
  6. The new WordPress 3.5 version is named “Elvin.” A new change you’ll notice is a completely re-imagined flow for uploading photos and creating galleries.
  7. WordPress 3.6 Oscar includes a beautiful new blog-centric theme, bullet-proof autosave, and post-locking. A native support for audio and video embeds.
  8. Basie the WordPress 3.7 version, includes updates while you sleep, stronger password recommendations, and better global support.
  9. WordPress 3.8 Parker,” brings a fresh new look to the entire admin dashboard. Also, has a fresh, uncluttered design that embraces clarity and simplicity.
  10. The 3.9 version of WordPress is called Smith and features a smoother media editing experience. Also, your galleries will display a beautiful grid of images right in the editor.

WordPress Version 4

  1. Starting the Version 4.0 of WordPress, named Bennyput a little extra polish. Explore your uploads in a beautiful, endless grid. 
  2. The 4.1 WordPress version is named Dinah.” It comes with the newest default theme, Twenty-Fifteen. It’s a blog-focused theme designed for clarity.
  3. Version 4.2 of WordPress, named Powell brought an easier way to share content, clip, edit, and publish. Also has extended character support, switch themes in customizer, etc. 
  4. WordPress 4.3 Billie has menus in the customizer, site icons to represent your site in browser tabs, and more.
  5. The 4.4 WordPress version is called Clifford.” Introduces the newest default theme, Twenty Sixteen, which is a modern take on a classic blog design.
  6. Coleman4.5 of WordPress version has made editing improvements, inline linking, horizontal line and <code>, live responsive review, and more. 
  7. Version 4.6 of WordPress, named Pepper.”. With this update, you can stay on the same page while you update, install, and delete your plugins and themes.
  8. Vaughan,” version 4.7 of WordPress, brings a brand new default theme Twenty Seventeen to life with immersive featured images and video headers.
  9. 4.8 version of WordPress, named Evans.”. Though some updates seem minor, they’ve been built by hundreds of contributors with users in mind. 
  10. Version 4.9 of WordPress, named Tipton,”, features design drafts, scheduling, and locking, along with preview links.

WordPress Version 5

  1. A major shift occurred with the advent of WordPress 5.0 on December 6, 2018. Bringing the Gutenberg block editor, transforming content creation and editing.
  2. WordPress 5.1, named Bettywas released on February 21, 2019. Introducing the Site Health feature and improvements in performance and PHP version compatibility.
  3. Next, WordPress 5.2, named Jacowas released on May 7, 2019. This release focused on on-site health, bringing tools for identifying and fixing configuration issues and fatal errors.
  4. Similarly, WordPress 5.3, named Kirkwas released on November 12, 2019. It introduced a new default theme (Twenty Twenty), improving the block editor.
  5. WordPress 5.4, named “Adderleywas released on March 31, 2020. This release included improvements to the block editor, privacy enhancements, and new APIs.
  6. NamedEckstine,” WordPress 5.5 was released on August 11, 2020. It introduced lazy loading for images, updates to the block editor, and an XML sitemap feature.
  7. WordPress 5.6, named “Simonewas released on December 8, 2020. It brought a new default theme (Twenty Twenty-One).
  8. Following that, WordPress 5.7, named Esperanzawas released on March 9, 2021. It streamlined migration from HTTP to HTTPS and a new Robots API.
  9. WordPress 5.8, named Tatumwas released on July 20, 2021. Introducing template editing, pattern transformations, and the Query Loop block.
  10. Introducing WordPress 5.9, Josephine,” puts you in control of your whole site, right in the WordPress Admin.

WordPress Version 6

  1. Say hello to Arturo and WordPress 6.0, it comes with nearly 1,000 enhancements and bug fixes.
  2. WordPress 6.2Dolphy,” introduces more ways to style your site, and offers a new distraction-free way to write.
  3. Lionelthe WordPress 6.3 version, you can create beautiful and compelling websites more efficiently without coding.

As we eagerly tread the WordPress journey, the buzz around the upcoming WordPress version 6.4 is reaching its height. Besides, we’re on the brink of something remarkable, as version 6.4 is already in its beta phase.

So, stay tuned for an adventure in innovation, as version 6.4 is about to make waves and take the WordPress experience to exhilarating new heights! 

E. WordPress Plugins and Themes

In the WordPress world, themes define the appearance and style of your website. They include everything from layout and design elements to color schemes and typography. It’s a set of pre-designed templates that give your site a particular look and feel. 

WordPress Free Themes
WordPress Free Themes Repository

On the other hand, plugins are like add-ons that enhance the functionality of your website. They can range from contact forms to social media integrations, etc. Also, plugins empower you to customize and extend the capabilities of your website without complex coding.

Official WordPress Plugin Directory
Official WordPress Plugin Directory

Together, themes and plugins play an active role in shaping the structure and aesthetics of your WordPress website. So, let’s take the facts and statistics about WordPress plugins and themes. 

I) WordPress Plugin Statistics

Plugins are like little helpers for WordPress, adding extra cool features to make your website awesome!

In the WordPress Plugin Directory, you’ll find an amazing collection of over 59,734 plugins that you can get for free. But wait, there’s more! There are 5,200 super plugins you can buy on CodeCanyon

One plugin that’s a bestseller in sales on CodeCanyon is Slider Revolution. It has wowed people and has been bought over 423,290 times. And guess what? There are many other plugins on the platform that are doing well too. So many options to make your website fantastic!

Some WordPress plugin statistics are:

  1. The total downloads for WordPress plugins have exceeded an impressive 1.48 billion. (Source)
  2. Most installed free WordPress plugins are Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Classic Editor, and Elementor Website Builder with 5+ million active installations.
  3. WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce plugin, has found its way onto over 5 million websites.

Let’s go through some of the most used WordPress plugins on a website. 

WordPress SEO Plugins

When it comes to boosting and climbing those search engine ranks, WordPress SEO plugins are the secret weapon. These tools, like the ever-popular Yoast SEO, act as your digital compass in the vast online jungle. 

Why not take a look at some facts and stats regarding these amazing WordPress SEO plugins?

  1. Yoast SEO, with over 5 million downloads and a 4.8/5 rating right now, is available as freemium with a paid plan priced at $99/year.
  2. AIOSEO, with over 3,000,000 downloads and a stellar rating of 4.7/5 (currently), offers both free and paid plans starting at $49.60/year.
  3. Rank Math, a powerful SEO plugin, has over 1 million downloads with an impressive 4.9/5 rating. Available in a freemium model, with paid plans kicking off at $5.75 per month.
  4. The SEO Framework has over 100,000 downloads and a stellar rating of 4.9/5. This plugin offers both free and paid plans starting at $7 per month.
  5. MonsterInsights has over 3 million downloads and a 4.6/5 rating. Offering both free and paid plans starting at $99.50 per year.
  6. Site Kit is a popular plugin with over 3 million downloads. It boasts a 4.1/5 rating, and it’s absolutely free.
  7. WP Statistics boasts 600,000+ downloads and a solid 4.1/5 rating. It’s available for free but get addons starting from $39 per year.
  8. Analytify, with 50,000+ downloads and a stellar 4.7/5 rating, offers freemium access with paid plans starting at $59/year.
WordPress WooCommerce Plugins

WordPress WooCommerce plugin revolutionizes online stores, turning websites into bustling marketplaces with ease and efficiency. 

  1. WooCommerce, with over 5 million installations and an impressive 4.5/5 rating, is a free plugin offering optional paid upgrades and support.
  2. PDF Invoices and packing Slips for the WooCommerce has over 300,000 downloads, boasting a perfect 5/5 rating. It comes with a freemium model, with paid plans commencing at €39.00.
  3. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce have over 60,000 downloads, with a 4.8/5 rating. It offers a freemium model with paid plans starting at just $7.99 per month.
  4. WooPayments, a free plugin, boasts 600,000+ downloads and holds a rating of 2.9/5
  5. MailPoet, with over 700,000 downloads and a stellar 4.5/5 rating, offers both free and paid versions at $10 per month.
WordPress Form Builder Plugins

Ready to turn your website into an interactive powerhouse? Discover the magic of WordPress form builder plugins. Create stunning forms without breaking a sweat.

  1. Contact Forms by WPForms has over 5 million downloads, with an impressive 4.9/5 rating. And offers both free and paid versions at $49.50 per year.
  2. Forminator with 400,000+ million downloads and a stellar 4.8/5 rating, is available for free or at a paid $3 per month.
  3. Ninja Forms has over 800,000 downloads and a solid 4.3/5 rating and offers both free and paid versions at $99/year.
  4. Contact Form boasts 300,000+ million downloads, a solid 4.8/5 rating, and offers both free and paid versions priced at $47/year.
  5. Formidable Forms boasts 300,000+ million downloads and a stellar 4.7/5 rating. It offers both free and paid options starting at $39.50 per year.
  6. MetForm boasts 200,000+ million downloads, a solid 4.7/5 rating. It comes with free and paid versions at $39/year.
WordPress Page Builder Plugins

WordPress Page Builder Plugins are like the superheroes of website design. Letting you create stunning layouts without any coding. They’re the creative magic wands that transform your website vision into a reality, one drag-and-drop at a time.

  1. Elementor Website Builder has over 5 million downloads, boasting a 4.6/5 rating, and offers both a free version and a paid version at $59/year.
  2. Page Builder by SiteOrigin boasts 700,000+ downloads and a stellar 4.8/5 rating, and it’s all available for free.
  3. Otter Blocks has received over 300,000 downloads, boasting an impressive rating of 4.8/5. It offers both free and paid versions at $49 per year.
  4. Essential Blocks is a versatile WordPress plugin with 100,000+ downloads and a solid 4.2/5 rating. It offers both free and paid versions at $49/year.
  5. LightStart boasts 700,000+ downloads with a stellar 4.4/5 rating and comes at no cost.
  6. Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks boasts over 400,000 downloads, a solid 4.4/5 rating, and it’s absolutely free.
  7. Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks has 300,000+ downloads, a stellar 4.7/5 rating, and options for both free and paid versions starting at $69.

II) WordPress Themes Statistics

WordPress themes are like the fashion trends of the web world. Determining how your website looks and feels. They are pre-designed templates that dictate the layout, color schemes, and overall appearance. 

Additionally, these themes range from minimalistic elegance to vibrant and dynamic designs. Also, they allow you to personalize your website without diving into complex coding,

Now let’s take a quick look at the worldwide statistics of WordPress themes. 

  1. The Astra theme is like a superstar in the WordPress family, with a whopping over 1 million downloads.
  2. Imagine a treasure trove of over 11,338 free themes waiting for you in the WordPress theme directory.
  3. Not only that, there are 197,332 detections of WordPress themes in the top 1 Million sites. (Source)
  4. The Hello Elementor is currently the most popular theme with 1,933,715 live websites. (Source)
  5. There are currently 1,077,022 live websites using the WordPress Divi theme. (Source)
  6. Whereas, Avada is the bestseller theme at market with a regular price of $69.

F. WordPress Security Insights

WordPress has many plugins and integrations to keep websites safe from spam and different kinds of attacks. Also, hackers can harm your website with “brute force attacks,” consisting of 16.1% of all attacks. And this might hurt the main part of WordPress, themes, and where the website is hosted.

Let’s look at some numbers to understand how WordPress websites stay secure.

  1. There are about 43,657 vulnerabilities in the database of WPScan.
  2. While 9,962 are unique vulnerabilities, 103,708 are plugin vulnerabilities, 26,307 are for themes, and 670 are WordPress version vulnerabilities. (Source)
  3. Whereas there were 39 new vulnerabilities added in the month of October. (Source)
  4. As per Wordfence, they blocklisted 196,394 malicious IPS with a total of 8,077,859,751 attacks blocked to date. 
  5. Almost 8% of websites get hacked because of weak passwords. (Source)
  6. While 22% of websites get hacked due to security issues in WordPress plugins and 29% by WordPress themes. (Source)

G. Events of WordPress

WordPress events are big online parties where people who love creating websites gather to share ideas and learn new things. These events are like a web adventure, where everyone can join in, have fun, and make their websites even cooler.

Here are some facts about WordPress events:

  1. First comes WordCamps which are non-profit events organized by volunteers worldwide. 
  2. The first WordCamp was organized by Matt Mullenweg in 2006 in San Francisco.
  3. There are a total of 1,1877 WordCamps to date, happening in 394 cities around 65 countries covering 6 continents. (Source)

H. WordPress and Business Applications

WordPress is a popular tool for businesses to create and manage their websites easily. It offers customizable themes and a wide range of plugins. Allowing businesses to tailor their online presence according to brand and needs. 

Moreover, with features like e-commerce integration and SEO optimization, WordPress provides businesses with a powerful platform. Where you can showcase products and services. Therefore, making it a valuable asset for online success.

Here are some statistics and facts about WordPress and its applications in the business world.

  1. WordPress sees an impressive rate of 17 blog posts published every second. (Source)
  2. 20.6% of websites are powered by WooCommerce, showcasing its widespread adoption and dominance. (Source)
  3. WordPress gains a new top 10 million site users approximately every two minutes. Showcasing its widespread adoption and appeal for businesses worldwide. (Source)
  4. It’s impressive that up to 500 new WordPress-based sites are launched daily. (Source)

I. WordPress Revenue

WordPress is like a superstar when it comes to helping people manage their content online. In the year 2020, it made a whopping $1 billion, showing how awesome and flexible it is for everyone to use. 

Let’s look at WordPress revenue at a glance:

WordPress Revenue- WordPress Statistics
WordPress Revenue
YearWordPress Revenue
2017$132 million
2018$155 million
2019$780 million
2020$1 billion
2021$1.3 billion

Here’s how WordPress is doing with the CMS market share.

WordPress Total CMS Market Share- WordPress Statistics
WordPress Total CMS Market Share
Year% of CMS Market Share
201552.00% of total CMS market share
201658.00% of total CMS market share
201759.40% of total CMS market share
201859.90% of total CMS market share
201960.00% of total CMS market share
202063.40% of total CMS market share
202163.50% of total CMS market share
202264.20% of total CMS market share

J. WordPress and Mobile Accessibility

WordPress cares about everyone being able to use it, even if they’re on a phone or tablet. This is called mobile accessibility. 

So, it means WordPress makes sure that all the buttons and words on your website can be seen and used easily. No matter the size of the screen. Hence, it’s like making sure a book is easy to read, whether it’s big or small.

Let’s get more detailed about this feature:

  1. Until today 52.92% of web searches are done through mobile. (Source)
  2. Whereas 1.84% of web searches are done through tablets. (Source)
  3. As per Hootsuite, usage of the internet on mobile devices is increasing by approximately 30% every year. (Source)

Let’s go through the bounce rate due to the mobile page speed rate.

Mobile Page Speed Impact on Bounce Rate - WordPress Statistics
Mobile Page Speed Impact on Bounce Rate
Page Speed% of Probable Bounce Rate
1s to 2s32%
1s to 5s90%
1s to 6s106%
1s to 10s123%


Fun Facts About WordPress

So, we’re done with statistics of WordPress, now let’s move to the fun facts that make WordPress interesting.

  • Birth Year: WordPress was born in 2003, making it older than some social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Name Origins: The name “WordPress” was suggested by Christine Selleck Tremoulet, a friend of founder Matt Mullenweg, combining “web” and “log.
  • Multilingual: WordPress can speak in over 200 languages, making it a polyglot in the digital world.
  • WordPress Logo Mystery: The WordPress logo is called the “Wapuu,” and it’s a fun little creature with a mystery origin story.
  • Famous Users: Many famous websites use WordPress, including The New Yorker, BBC America, and even Beyoncé’s official website.
  • WordPress Emoji: If you type (WordPress) in parentheses, it magically turns into the WordPress logo, and it’s a fun easter egg!
  • Hello Dolly Fun: The plugin “Hello Dolly” is a quirky addition, displaying random lyrics from the song “Hello Dolly” by Louis Armstrong on your admin screen.

WordPress is not just a platform, it’s a world of interesting facts and surprises waiting to be explored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many people use WordPress on a daily basis?

WordPress is used by millions of people daily. However, specific daily usage numbers can vary and are not publicly disclosed. As of the latest data, WordPress powers around 43% of all websites globally, highlighting its extensive user base.

2. Is WordPress available in every country?

Yes, WordPress is available and accessible in every country around the world. It’s a globally accessible platform, and its website and resources can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection.

3. Who invented WordPress?

WordPress is co-founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. The initial release was on May 27, 2003, but its roots trace back to a previous blogging software called b2/cafelog. Then to WordPress, building on the foundations of b2/cafelog.

4. What are some upcoming trends in the WordPress landscape?

Some emerging trends in the WordPress landscape include the rise of Full-Site Editing (FSE). Also, increased use of AI in website design and functionality. Plus, the growing importance of web accessibility, and a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness.

5. What do statistics reveal about the WordPress community?

WordPress has a vast and active community, evident from its global reach and adoption. With a 64.2% share of the CMS market, WordPress stands as a dominant choice for website creation and management.


That’s all folks! We’ve arrived at the end of this article. 

We’ve discussed 100 amazing WordPress statistics you should check out in 2023. Also, with details like highlighted topics on revenue, plugins and theme stats, interesting facts, and so on.

We hope this article helped you to know about amazing WordPress statistics and facts. If you’ve more to add to our list, then please mention them in the comment section. 

If you have any more queries, then feel free to ask us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, share this article with your friends and colleagues. 

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