Blogging Statistics to Know

Are you curious about the blogging statistics in 2023? If yes, then look no further than this article.

Today, blogging remains the dominant venue for showcasing one’s ideas, disseminating knowledge, and creating online communities. Thus, as we move deeper, one must constantly keep one step ahead of the competition.

And this is only possible when one closely monitors the newest trends and insights that influence the blogging setting

In this article, we’ve got you covered with 100 exciting blogging statistics to provide a comprehensive overview of the blogging landscape.

So, let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of blogging in 2023.

Is Blogging Still Alive?

Today is an age dominated by short attention spans, a social media frenzy, and constantly evolving digital platforms. So, it’s likely you might wonder: Is blogging still alive? 

Or say, with the endless stream of information available in bite-sized chunks, has the art of creating long-form content become irrelevant? 

Is Blogging Still Alive?
Is Blogging Still Alive?

Well, our answer to that is, “Blogging is not only alive but thriving in the digital landscape. It certainly has evolved and adapted to the changing times. But, it’s positioned itself as a cornerstone of influence and communication online.

Again, don’t just go with our words! The number speaks for itself. Exposing a strong ecology that continues to fascinate readers, stimulate thinking leaders, and more. Ultimately, this definitely encourages content writers across multiple domains. 

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100+ Interesting Blogging Statistics to Know in 2023

As we mentioned before, the data speaks volumes. Thus, let’s discover the reality of blogging’s ongoing impact. As we embark on this journey of 100 interesting blogging statistics to know in 2023.

A) Blogging Demographics

Blogging isn’t just for millennials and tech-savvy individuals anymore! Today, bloggers come from all walks of life whether it be men, women, young, or aged, from all over the world. Indeed, it’s more diverse than ever before. 

So, who’s behind the keyboard?

Blogging Demographics
Blogging Demographics

Let’s look into some fascinating blogging statistics that highlight the demographic of bloggers in 2023. Get ready for a surprise as we reveal the unique and diverse world of bloggers who bring the blogosphere to life. 

  1. Women account for 67.1% of bloggers, while men make up the remaining 32.9%. (Source: Zippia)
  2. The largest age group of bloggers is under the age of 30, making up 54% of all bloggers. (Source: Pew Research Center)
  3. 78% of bloggers have a bachelor’s degree with 16% of them majoring in communication. (Source: Zippia)
  4. The most popular kind of blogging article is how-to articles, with 76% of bloggers writing in this niche. (Source: Orbit Media)
  5. 60% of bloggers are from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom at 10% and Canada at 4%. (Source: We Are Social)
  6. WordPress is the most popular, with a 63.4% market share among content management systems. (Source: W3 Techs)
  7. 45% of bloggers spend 1-3 hours writing a blog post. (Source: Orbit Media)
  8. Just 40% of marketers have a written content strategy. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)
  9. Within 6 months, 27% of bloggers start making money. And 38% have a full-time income within 2 years of starting their blog. (Source: Productive Blogging)
  10. About 46% of people claim to follow recommendations or guidance from bloggers. (Source: Blue Orchid Marketing)

As you can see, bloggers come from a variety of backgrounds and are always changing. In 2023, anyone can become a blogger, with women leading the blogging industry and bloggers of all ages and educational levels. 

So grab a keyboard and start sharing your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world like the millions of other bloggers are doing!

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B) Blogging Platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS)

When it comes to blogging, choosing the right CMS platform can make all the difference. In 2023, bloggers have a plethora of options to choose from, each with its pros and cons. 

Blogging Platforms & Content Management System
Blogging Platforms & Content Management System

So, which platforms and CMS are bloggers using the most? Let’s take a look at some interesting blogging statistics:

  1.  There are more than 800 different CMS platforms on the market in 2023. (Source: Meetanshi)
  2.  WordPress is the most popular CMS, used by 63.2% of bloggers. (Source: W3 Techs)
  3.  Currently, contains 5583 WordPress themes and 60464 WordPress plugins. (Source:
  4.  Blogger is the second most popular blogging platform, used by 16% of bloggers. (Source: Built With)
  5.  With a market share of 5.6%, Shopify is the 2nd leading platform in the CMS category. (Source: W3 Techs)
  6.  2.5% of all websites utilize Wix, which accounts for 3.7% of the total content management system. (Source: W3 Techs)
  7.  Squarespace covers a total of 3.1% of all total CMS which is around 2.1% of all websites. (Source: W3 Techs)
  8.  Around 1.8% of websites use Joomla, which accounts for 2.7% of all CMS overall. (Source: W3 Techs)

As you can see, WordPress continues to dominate the CMS market. But there are plenty of other options for blogging platforms to choose from. 

Whether you favor a cost-free CMS like Shopify or a paid platform like Blogger. There’s a platform out there that will suit your needs. 

So, go ahead and choose the platform that works best for you, and start creating magical content that will captivate your readers!

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C) Blogging Trends and Preferences 

Blogging is constantly evolving. Therefore, staying on top of the latest trends and preferences is crucial if you want to stand out from the crowd. 

Blogging Trends & Preferences
Blogging Trends & Preferences

So, what are the hottest trends and preferences in the blogging world in 2023? Let’s take a look at some exciting blogging statistics:

  1.  The global content marketing market is anticipated to expand by $584.02 billion between 2023 and 2027. (Source: ReportLinker)
  2.  73% of marketers use content marketing as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)
  3.  58.33% of all internet traffic is now accessed through mobile devices. Thus, bloggers must have mobile-friendly sites. (Source: Statista)
  4.  Blog entries that are 1,500 words or more receive more social media shares than shorter postings. (Source: Semrush)
  5.  Posts that take more than 7 minutes to read experience a decrease in engagement. (Source: Medium)
  6.  73% of those surveyed admit to skimming blog postings, compared to 27% who read them thoroughly. (Source: HubSpot Report)
  7.  15% of bloggers create and publish content every day and 60% of those who do so say their efforts have been successful. (Source: FirstSiteGuide)
  8.  The most effective content types, accounting for approximately 35% of the market, are guided and gated content. (Source: Orbit Media)
  9.  75% of the audience favors reading blogs with fewer than 1,000 words. (Source: Contently)
  10.  Blog reading time is 3X longer than email reading time among US internet users. (Source: OptinMonster)

So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve in the blogging world, then it’s important to keep up with these trends and preferences. And incorporate them into your blog content.

D) Blogging Traffic and Engagement

Without traffic, your blog is like a lonely island lost in the sea of the internet. And without engagement, your blog is like a silent movie playing in an empty theater.

Blogging is more than just creating great content. Importantly, it’s also about getting that content in front of as many eyes as possible. 

Blogging Traffic & Engagement
Blogging Traffic & Engagement

So, how are bloggers driving traffic and engagement to their blogs in 2023? Let’s take a look at some fascinating blogging statistics:

  1.  Blogs incorporating H1, H2, or H3 headers exhibit a notable increase in performance. As compared to those that do not utilize such header tags. (Source: Semrush)
  2.  Listicles (blog posts in a list format, such as “Top 10” or “5 Tips”) are shared 218% more on average than other types of blogs. (Source: Backlinko)
  3.  Guest blogging on other reputable sites can bring an average increase in referral traffic by 175%. (Source: HubSpot)
  4.  Including a video in a blog post can increase organic traffic from search engines by up to 157%. (Source: LinkedIn)
  5.  Blogs containing 7 or more images per post are 2.3 times more likely to report robust and favorable outcomes. (Source: Orbit Media)
  6.  Bloggers who include visuals in their content experience an impressive increase of 94% more views. (Source: B2B Marketing)
  7.  Bloggers who write more than 16 blog entries each month receive 3.5 times more visitors than those who only post 4. (Source: HubSpot)
  8.  47% of bloggers use email marketing to drive traffic to their blogs. (Source: Orbit Media)
  9.  60% of bloggers say that engagement metrics are the best way to measure the success of their blog. Such as comments, social shares, etc. (Source: OptinMonster)
  10.  Blogs that consistently produce high-quality and valuable content experience an average growth rate of 30% in traffic over time. (Source: HubSpot)

According to the information presented above, engagement metrics are the most accurate way to assess a blog’s performance. And bloggers are increasingly using video and interactive material to increase engagement. 

As a result, if you’d like more people to read your blog posts, then you should certainly consider the above facts.

E) Blogging Monetization

Let’s be real, one of the main goals of starting a blog is to make some money. Whether you’re looking to turn your blog into a full-time job or just earn some extra cash. There are many ways to monetize your content

Blogging Monetization
Blogging Monetization

So, what are the most successful blogging monetization strategies? Let’s take a look at some interesting blogging statistics.

  1.  The top-earning bloggers in the world make millions of dollars per year. With the highest-earning blogger making over $250 million per year. (Source: Moneymint)
  2.  The second most popular method after Google AdSense for bloggers to monetize their websites is affiliate marketing. (Source: GrowthBadger)
  3.  Display advertising is another popular way to monetize a blog, with 48% of bloggers using this method. (Source: Orbit Media)
  4.  67% of bloggers sell digital products, such as e-books and courses, to monetize their blogs. (Source: Oberlo)
  5.  Bloggers can earn anywhere from $3000 to $100,000 or more annually through digital product sales. Depending on the product’s quality and target audience. (Source: DiggityMarketing)
  6.  Sponsored social media posts can provide additional income streams for bloggers. With rates ranging from $100 to $5,000 per post. (Source: Millennial Money)
  7.  Depending on the exclusivity and value of the content, bloggers can earn $10 to $100 per month per subscriber from membership sites. (Source: Hostinger)
  8.  10% of bloggers sell services, such as writing or design services, to monetize their blogs. (Source: Orbit Media)

As you can see, affiliate marketing is the most popular way to monetize a blog, followed by display advertising and selling digital products. Additionally, bloggers are increasingly selling physical products, offering coaching or consulting services, and using sponsored content to monetize their blogs. 

So, if you want to turn your blog into a business, then consider incorporating one more of these monetization strategies into your blogging plan. Who knows? You might just make a living doing what you love.

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F) Blogging and SEO

Blogging is a fantastic way to express your ideas and views to the world while also providing a great opportunity to make money. But how do you make sure your blog is seen by as many people as possible?

Well, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to getting your blog noticed by search engines and driving traffic to your site. 

Blogging & SEO
Blogging & SEO

So, how are bloggers optimizing their content for SEO in 2023? Let’s take a scoop at some interesting blogging statistics:

  1.  Google is the most widely used search engine, dominating the market with over 90% of all users. (Source: Statcounter Global Stats)
  2.  According to research, websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages. (Source: OptinMonster)
  3.  Long-form content is the most effective type of content for SEO. With the average length of top-ranking content being 1,447 words. (Source: BackLinko)
  4.  Around 50% of bloggers conduct keyword research for the majority of their content. (Source: Orbit Media)
  5.  53% of visitors are likely to click right away if a web page on Google SERP takes longer than three seconds to load. (Source: Marketing Dive)
  6.  The top 3 organic Google search results get 75% of clicks, with the #1 result taking over 31%. Clicks decrease as you move down the list. Only about 1% go to the next page. (Source: BackLinko)
  7.  Bloggers who update outdated material are 2.8 times more likely to note positive SEO outcomes. (Source: Orbit Media)
  8.  Just 5.7% of pages appear in the top 10 search results within a year after publication. (Source: Ahrefs)
  9.  72% of bloggers say that they use internal linking to boost their SEO.  (Source: Orbit Media)
  10.  More than 70% of bloggers agree that SEO drives the most traffic to their blogs. (Source: Blogging Guide)

As you can see, when writing material, bloggers prioritize SEO. With long-form content and on-page optimization as the most successful strategies. 

So, what’re you waiting for? Try optimizing on-page elements, building a strong backlink profile, updating articles, and so forth.

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G) Influencer Marketing and Bloggers

Influencer marketing and bloggers go hand in hand, revolutionizing the way brands connect with their target audience. Similarly, bloggers, with their authentic voices and engaged following, serve as trusted influencers for brands to promote products or services. 

Influencer Marketing & Blogging
Influencer Marketing & Bloggers

Therefore, get ready for some fascinating stats on the world of influencers and bloggers. We’ll uncover the secrets behind their success and the cash-making strategies they employ. From Google AdSense to marketing, they know how to make that dough. 

Now buckle up and let’s dive into the intriguing world of digital fame and fortune! Here are the mind-boggling numbers:

  1.  In 2023, approximately 50% of organizations are expected to hire content producers. Out of these, 25% will focus on content marketers, while 22% will seek social media specialists. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)
  2.  A significant 21% of high-income bloggers prioritize marketing over content, whereas only 3% follow the same approach. (Source: Growth Badger)
  3.  A notable 29% of organizations consider themselves very successful with their content marketing efforts. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)
  4.  As for B2B marketers, 50% plan to increase content marketing spending. Among them, an impressive 14% aim to boost it by over 9%. (Source: Statista)
  5.  The global content marketing industry’s revenue was estimated at a staggering $63 billion. (Source: Statista)
  6.  The content marketing industry’s revenue would increase to 72 billion in 2023 and continue growing to reach 107 billion in 2026. (Source: Statista)
  7.  To fuel these strategies, monthly content marketing budgets for 2022 ranged between $10,000 and $20,000. (Source: Statista)

So, hold onto your hats because the global content marketing industry is on the verge of a massive boom. The future of content marketing is about to rewrite the rulebook. 

Don’t miss out on this thrilling journey!

H) Blogging and Social Media

Blogging and social media form a dynamic duo, propelling content creators to new heights of influence. Also, bloggers leverage social media platforms to amplify their reach, engage with readers, and drive traffic to their blogs. 

Blogging and Social Media
Blogging and Social Media

So, we’ll dive into a world where links won’t go unclicked. Where bloggers embrace the social media frenzy, and billions of people are caught on the web. Brace yourselves for mind-boggling numbers that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew!

Here’s the scoop:

  1.  Shockingly, 59% of links shared on social media go unnoticed, never being read. (Source: Chicago Tribune)
  2.  It’s no secret that almost all bloggers promote their content through social media platforms. (Source: Buffer)
  3.  A staggering 4.59 billion people, accounting for 58% of the global population, are active social media users. (Source: Oberlo
  4.  Facebook takes the crown with 2.94 billion users, making it the most popular social media platform. (Source: Oberlo)
  5.  Currently, over 4.26 billion people are on social media, with projections nearing six billion by 2027. (Source: Statista)
  6.  A whopping 90% of respondents leverage social media to drive blog traffic, while 10% collaborate with influencers. Additionally, 13% use paid services for this purpose. (Source: Statista)

The future of social media is a mystery waiting to unfold. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the ever-evolving world of blogging and social media!

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I) Blogging Visual Content Statistics

The other visual format is a video which can help a blog stand out from the crowd. Get ready for some eye-catching insights into the world of blogging and visual content! 

Blogging Visual Content Statistics
Blogging Visual Content Statistics

We’re about to uncover the secrets that can make your blog shine brighter than a disco ball. From videos to captivating images, these statistics will have you on the edge of your seat. 

So, let’s dive in and unlock the power of visual content in the blogosphere!

Here’s what the numbers reveal:

  1.  Bloggers have witnessed an increase in video content usage, capturing the attention of their audience. (Source: Orbit Media)
  2.  Adding videos to posts leads to a remarkable 4x improvement in engagement metrics. (Source: Orbit Media)
  3.  In 2023, a whopping 91% of businesses embrace video content as a vital marketing tool. (Source: Wyzowl)
  4.  Bloggers who use 7+ images per post are 2.3x more likely to report strong results. (Source: Orbit Media)
  5.  70% of ‘non-video-marketers’ plan to start online video marketing in 2023. (Source: Wyzowl
  6.  Video marketers recognize the value of views, with 63% considering it a crucial metric for measuring ROI (Return on Investment). (Source: Wyzowl)
  7.  A staggering 96% of people have watched explainer videos to gain insights about products or services. (Source: Wyzowl)
  8.  Shoppers prefer short videos, with 73% choosing them to learn about products or services. (Source: Spiceworks)
  9.  The persuasive power of videos is undeniable. As 88% of viewers claim to have been convinced to purchase by watching a brand’s video. (Source: Wyzowl)
  10.  94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. (Source: Wyzowl)

These compelling figures demonstrate the immense impact of video content in captivating and influencing audiences. So, unlock the true potential of visual content in the blogging world. From dazzling videos to captivating images, the sky’s the limit. 

Step into the realm of engagement, creativity, and ROI like never before. Captivate your audience and make your blog an unstoppable force of visual delight!

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J) Blogging eCommerce Statistics

In the realm of blogging, eCommerce reigns supreme, transforming websites into virtual marketplaces. From selling products to offering digital downloads, bloggers are tapping into the lucrative world of online commerce. 

Blogging eCommerce Statistics
Blogging eCommerce Statistics

Prepare to be dazzled by the world of blogging eCommerce Statistics! We’re about to uncover the secrets that can set your blog apart from the competition. 

Here’s the scoop:

  1.  Global eCommerce sales are projected to reach $5.9 trillion in 2023, with a growth rate of 8.9%. (Source: Obrelo)
  2.  This growth rate is expected to rise to 20.2% and eventually reach 23.3% by 2026. (Source: Obrelo)
  3.  The beauty and personal care industry boasts the second-highest add-to-cart conversion rate at 10.4% in February 2023. (Source: Obrelo)
  4.  Overall, eCommerce transactions have witnessed a significant increase of around 20%. (Source: Data Reportal
  5.  A whopping 59% of shoppers turn to Google for product research before making a purchase. (Source: Contentserv)
  6.  Marketers leverage websites or blogs to attract and convert leads, with 29% adopting this strategy. (Source: Hubspot)
  7.  56% of people have bought something from a company after reading their blog. (Source: Hubspot)

Therefore, unlock the power of explainer videos because a staggering number of viewers have watched them. 

It’s time to grab your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more. The world of blogging eCommerce is buzzing with video magic, waiting for you to seize the spotlight!

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K) Challenges and Opportunities for Bloggers

Get ready for a wild ride as we uncover the challenges and opportunities that lie in the realm of blogging. It’s a rollercoaster of creativity, budget constraints, and engaging content. 

Challenges and Opportunities for Bloggers
Challenges and Opportunities for Bloggers

Hold onto your hats as we dive into the thrilling world of bloggers. Where obstacles are faced head-on, and every challenge presents an opportunity for growth and success.

So, let’s take a look:

  1.  Budget constraints pose the biggest challenge for 47% of marketers when it comes to creating effective content articles. (Source: Marketing Charts)
  2.  Prospecting and lead qualification top the list of salespeople’s biggest challenges, as reported by 34% of respondents. (Source: Hubspot
  3.  43% of marketers struggle to determine if their created content is truly influencing and engaging their audience. (Source: Marketing Charts)
  4.  Creating engaging content that appeases both readers and Google becomes a hurdle for 65% of marketers. (Source: Smallbizgenius)
  5.  Translating ideas into reality and tackling design and visual components prove to be challenging for many. (Source: Marketing Charts)
  6.  Also, finding out that specific elements, such as design and visual components, are more challenging to produce. (Source: Ziflow)
  7.  Collaboration on content development, especially with teams outside of marketing, poses its own set of obstacles. (Source: Marketing Charts)
  8.  Budget issues continue to be a top challenge, with 40% of marketers facing difficulties when outsourcing content marketing. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)
  9.  The never-ending quest for time is a struggle for 52% of marketers when it comes to content creation and promotion. (Source: Orbit Media)
  10.  B2B bloggers report that getting support from within the organization presents an 18% challenge. (Source: Orbit Media)

As bloggers navigate these challenges, they uncover countless opportunities for growth, innovation, and building a loyal following. Also, embracing creativity, adapting to changing trends, and connecting with like-minded individuals leads to success. 

So, grab your keyboard and get ready to conquer the blogosphere with your unique voice and unwavering determination!

L) Future Trends in Blogging

Lastly, we’ll dive into the future trends of blogging that will leave you both informed and entertained! This is where possibilities collide with creativity and innovation! 

Future Blogging Trends
Future Blogging Trends

Get ready to explore captivating statistics and insights that will leave you inspired and craving for more.

But wait, what does the future hold for bloggers? Well, let’s dive in:

  1.  AI copywriting tools, like the remarkable ChatGPT by OpenAI, will continue to evolve. Revolutionizing the way content is crafted and captivating readers’ attention. (Source: Visual Oak)
  2.  Companies that prioritize relevance and inclusivity will stand out, capturing the hearts and minds of consumers amidst the ever-growing sea of online ads. (Source: Visual Oak)
  3.  With 28% of marketers utilizing AI for product recommendations and 26% optimizing their campaigns. (Source: Blueshift)
  4. Brace yourself for a bigger deployment of mobile-first indexing by Google. Shaping the future of website visibility and user experience. (Source: Finances Online)
  5. Whether in business or non-business, online research is the norm. Customers turn to the internet to gather information before making purchase decisions. (Source: Finance Online)
  6. As 45% of B2B brands increase their content marketing budgets. While native advertising and organic content gain prominence in response to the rise of ad blockers. (Source: CMI)
  7. Voice search will also continue to flourish through 2023 and become a necessary part of content marketing. (Source: Finance Online)
  8. While native advertising and organic content gain prominence in response to the rise of ad blockers in 2023. (Source: Finance Online)
  9. 95% of B2B buyers say they view content as a marker of trust when making crucial decisions. (Source: Ziflow)

As the blogging world ventures into the future, these trends shape the path forward. Beckoning bloggers to embrace innovation, creativity, and authenticity. 

Hence, prepare and ride the wave of ever-evolving trends that will shape the blogging landscape like never before. 

Stay tuned for the extraordinary journey that lies ahead!

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That’s all, folks! We’ve come to the end of our article on the 100+ interesting blogging statistics to know. 

These fascinating blogging statistics provide a glimpse into the ever-evolving world of content creation, digital marketing, and audience engagement. 

As bloggers and marketers navigate the future, it’s crucial to stay informed about emerging trends. 

If you’re already following the above-mentioned blogging trends, then do share your experience. This can help our other fellow readers make the right decision.

Also, browse our detailed comparison article on blog vs website. Also, you might check out our article on the best WordPress website examples for inspiration.

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