Most Popular Online Courses Websites

Are you in search of the best examples of online courses websites? Or, looking for inspiration to start your own online course website? Then, you’ve landed in the right place.

Generally, an online course is a set of lessons that may be viewed at any time. Also, from any location using a web browser or mobile device. Essentially, these courses are delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows for two-way communication between educator and learner.

These days, online course websites have become a platform for online learning. Furthermore, this provides much flexibility as people can learn at their own space and pace. There’re tons of examples of online courses websites today. So, it’s quite hectic to find the one that inspires.

But, don’t worry anymore! In this article, we’ve come up with a list of the most popular and inspiring online courses websites examples. 

Let’s get started!

Importance of Online Courses Websites

In this era of the internet and digitalization, online course websites play a significant role in all of our lives. Some notable importances are mentioned below:

  • Shared Knowledge: Online course websites are ideal platforms to share your knowledge, skills, and experiences with the general public.
  • Monetization of Skills: It paves the way for making money through proper monetization of skills.
  • Increased Productivity: When you do something instead of sitting idle, you will always be more productive.
  • Acquire Technical Skills: One of the most important aspects of digitalization is the use of online course sites. Furthermore, you can pick up technological skills while creating your own course site.
  • Change Maker: You can have an influential impact on people through your shared knowledge, skills, and perceptions and be a change maker!

By saying that, let’s move forward!

25 Most Popular Online Courses Websites 2022

Here, we’ve listed some of the most popular examples of online courses websites for 2022. You can go through them and find the right one that inspires you.

1. Udemy

Udemy - Examples of Online Courses

Udemy is one of the most popular examples of online course websites that includes various courses. It has a broad selection of courses in areas such as business, design, IT & software, and more. Importantly, its courses are available in 65 different languages. Furthermore, it allows you to do both studying and teaching, which means you can also sell your skills.

  • Main Courses Offered: Python, Business Analysis, Cryptocurrency, Time Management, and more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Price ranges from $13.99
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

2. FutureLearn

FutureLearn - Best Example of LMS Websites

FutureLearn is another popular website where you can learn anything. Essentially, you can explore a variety of subject categories that interests you. Importantly, its courses are created by some of the most reputable institutions and organizations. Moreover, you can further deepen your education by enrolling in online courses and getting a degree.

  • Main Courses Offered: Business & Management, Teaching, Law, History, Language, Literature, and more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Get Free Course, Upgrade Course, or Unlimited Course
  • Social Media: Facebook  and Twitter

3. EdX

EdX Websites

EdX is one of the leading providers of free online courses. It provides university-level courses in a variety of subjects. Basically, you can look for information on topics such as computer science, language, data science, engineering, and others. Additionally, there are video tutorials, on-campus discussions, and textbooks available on the site.

  • Main Courses Offered: Computer Science, Psychology, Business & Management, Marketing, Biology, and so on.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses
  • Social Media: Facebook

4. Alison

Alison - Top Examples of Online Courses

Alison is a widely popular online courses website. It offers standard informative and educational programs. Importantly, its courses are relevant, engaging, and flexible. Moreover, it offers lessons in English, Spanish, German, French, and Arabic, among other languages. 

Basically, there are three types of courses available on the website. Namely: certificate courses, diploma courses, and learning paths (creating self-learning experiences). 

  • Main Courses Offered: Technology, Lifestyle, Science, Business & Marketing.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free. For Premium, the price ranges from $ 7.99/month.
  • Social Media: Facebook and LinkedIn

5. LinkedIn Learning

Linkedin Learning - Most Popular Online Course Website

LinkedIn Learning is a website that provides video courses taught by professionals. There are up to 15,000 free and subscription-based courses available in more than 7 languages. Additionally, the platform makes individualized course recommendations depending on your abilities. Moreover, it offers a certificate for each session you finish.

  • Main Courses Offered: Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Visual Effects, Personal Effectiveness, and more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free and Paid Courses. For paid courses, the price ranges from $19.99/month.
  • Social Media: Facebook

6. TEDEd 

TedEd Popular Online Courses Websites

TEDEd is another excellent resource for more general learning. Importantly, it’s a network of over 250000 teachers and students around the world. It’s an educational site full of informative videos. Also, its videos include amazing animation and are all under 10 minutes long. Furthermore, this leads to more joyful learning and interactive lessons.

  • Main Courses Offered: Social Studies, Teaching & Education, Thinking & Learning, Psychology, Literature & Language, and so on.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free
  • Website Platform: WordPress
  • Social Media: Twitter and Facebook

7. Coursera 

Coursera Online Course Websites

We’ve another most popular educational courses website, Coursera. It has collaborated with 200+ leading universities and companies. Also, provides affordable, flexible, and job-specific online learning to individuals throughout the world. Indeed, it’s a one-stop-shop for all, be it general courses, specialized courses, or even university-recognized degrees.

  • Main Courses Offered: Business, Art & Humanities, Science, Social Sciences, Languages, and more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free as well as price ranges from $29 per course.
  • Social Media: LinkedIn and Twitter

8. Harvard Extension 

Harvard Academy Website

Harvard Extension is one of the top examples of online learning sites that offer online courses from Harvard University. Basically, it offers a wide variety of courses on various subjects. It includes Business, Data Science, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, and so on. 

Moreover, students can use it to look for courses based on their professional certification. Furthermore, courses are divided into three difficulty levels namely beginner, intermediate and advanced.

  • Main Courses Offered: Art & Design, Education & Teaching, Health & Medicine, Programming, and more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free as well as price ranges from $30 per course.
  • Social Media: Twitter and Facebook

9. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy Most Popular Online Courses Websites

Khan Academy is a free educational website that covers a wide range of topics. It’s one of the insightful sites that help to achieve your learning objective. Additionally, this site’s resources are available both online and through the app. Moreover, its content is offered in a variety of languages, including English, French, German, Italian, and others.

  • Main Courses Offered: Math, Science, Economics, Humanities, Computing, and so on.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses
  • Social Media: Facebook

10. AcademicEarth 

Academic Earth Online Course Websites

AcademicEarth is another leading educational platform that offers in-depth courses from a variety of universities. Importantly, its courses are tailored to your personal and professional requirements. Moreover, it has proper lesson plans and original video sessions of lectures for its courses. Furthermore, this facilitates efficient and effective learning. 

  • Main Courses Offered: Accounting, Art History, Biology, Economics, Engineering, Chemistry, and more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses
  • Website Platform: WordPress
  • Social Media: Facebook

11. Udacity 

Udacity - Popular Online Courses on Web

Udacity is a free online learning platform that focuses on software development. It offers courses in programming, data science, and web development. Moreover, it provides a nanodegree program for individuals aspiring to master a skill set in computing and technology. 

Additionally, it has the Udacity Talent Program that connects users with major employers like Google.

  • Main Courses Offered: Cloud Computing, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, and more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free courses and prices range from $599 for a nano degree.
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

12. Pluralsight 

Pluralsight Website Example

Pluralsight is a prominent online course website for keeping up with the latest development technology. Importantly, its courses are frequently updated. Also includes tests, learning paths, and courses created by industry professionals. Furthermore, it has met people’s standards through its appropriate creative courses.

  • Main Courses Offered: Game Design, Web Design, CAD Software, 3D Development, and so on.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses that range from $29/month.
  • Social Media: Facebook

13. Codecademy 

Codecademy Websites

Codecademy is another popular online course website that’s solely focused on coding and computer programming. Importantly, it offers regular practice sessions as well as interactive tutorials. Furthermore, this platform teaches you how to code. It includes JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Python, among other programming languages.

  • Main Courses Offered: Web Development, Data Science, Game Development, Programming, and much more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Basic Courses and Pro Courses price range from $11.99/mo for individuals
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

14. W3Schools 

W3Schools - Top Examples for Online Courses Websites

W3Schools is one of the most popular online courses site examples for web developers. Basically, it displays 3 billion pages per year and receives 60 million monthly visitors. Additionally, it’s a web developer school that covers all areas of web development. Moreover, its tutorials begin with the fundamentals and progress to professional references.

  • Main Courses Offered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, PHP, C++, and so on.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses and Premium Courses price ranges from $45 per course
  • Website Platform: WordPress
  • Social Media: LinkedIn and Facebook

15. Yoast Academy

Yoast Academy

Yoast Academy is another renowned online education website. It’s one of the most effective SEO training platforms available. Importantly, Yoast’s tools act as a large reference library for SEO guidance. 

Moreover, each module includes rich video content as well as downloadable PDFs. Furthermore, this leads to creative learning and is really beneficial even for the SEO newbie.

  • Main Courses Offered: SEO for beginners, All around SEO, Site Structure, Structured Data, Yoast SEO for WordPress, and many more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses and price range from $99/year for Premium Courses.
  • Website Platform: WordPress
  • Social Media: Facebook

16. SkillShare 

SkillShare Website Example

Another popular online learning website with lots of interesting lessons is SkillShare. Essentially, it focuses on areas for creative people such as sketching, design, photography, and more. Moreover, its courses are also designed to be bite-sized for maximum flexibility. Importantly, many people turn to Skillshare for inspiration and to advance in their creative pursuits.

  • Main Courses Offered:  Lifestyle, Technology, Creative, and more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses and Premium Courses range from $19 per month.
  • Website Platform: WordPress
  • Social Media: Facebook

17. MasterClass 

MasterClass Website

MasterClass is one of the fastest-growing websites that provide insightful courses in the creative sector. It offers world-class online learning in a wide range of subjects. Essentially, it provides you with one-on-one instruction from well-known heroes, idols, and experts in their fields.

  • Main Courses Offered: Photography, Acting, Culinary, Business and Leadership, Music, Sports, and more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & Experts
  • Course Pricing: Price ranges from $15 per month (billed annually)
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter.

18. CreativeLive 

CreativeLive Online Courses Websites

Another one of the most popular online courses website examples is CreativeLive, which is specifically crafted for creative individuals. Importantly, it provides over 2,000 tailored classes taught by over 700 handpicked instructors. Also, offers specialized courses to teams and employees. Moreover, its tutorials are of the highest quality.

  • Main Courses Offered: Fundamentals of Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Design, Videography, and more.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses and Paid Courses range from $13/mo.
  • Social Media: Twitter and Facebook

19. Duolingo 

Duolingo Website

Duolingo is the most widely used and free language-learning website. Importantly, they teach a total of 35 languages, including French, English, Spanish, Hindi, and Arabic. Essentially, its classes are meant to feel more like a game than a dry textbook. Furthermore, this has also proven to improve retention and make language learning enjoyable.

  • Main Courses Offered: Spanish, French, Japanese, German, and Korean languages have the highest number of learners.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & Tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses. However, you can pay a price i.e. $ 12.99/month for ad removals.
  • Social Media: Facebook

20. MaxKnowledge 

MaxKnowledge Website

Another well-known online course website that offers free online training is MaxKnowledge. Basically, it focuses on the fundamentals of workplace abilities. Moreover, courses are developed with professional development in mind. Additionally, it’s a community of over 120,000 career experts who are all working together to make a difference.

  • Main Courses Offered: Career Development, Communication Skills, Creativity & Innovation, Supervisory Skills, and so on.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students & Tutors
  • Course Pricing: Free Courses. However, for certification, it charges $19/month.
  • Social Media: LinkedIn

21. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is one of the best examples of online courses websites. It gives free online courses, training programmes, and certification. 

With its fast and self-guided courses, you can build your marketing skills across platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Plus, its site is clean and well-structured to showcase its guides.

  • Main Courses Offered: Marketing courses for platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  • Target Audience/Users: Small businesses, brands, agencies, educators, developers, etc.
  • Course Pricing: Free courses.
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

22. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy Online Courses

Another free and most popular online course site is HubSpot Academy. Its main goal is to educate users on the HubSpot software so that they can market, sell, and grow their businesses.

Moreover, it gives unlimited access to hundreds of topics to learn everything you need to know for your business. Further, it also offers quick practical courses to comprehensive certificates to help you advance your career and show off your skills.

  • Main Courses Offered: Marketing, Sales, Service, Data Privacy, Web Design, etc.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students and tutors.
  • Course Pricing: Free courses.
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

23. Treehouse

Treehouse - LMS Website Examples

Treehouse gives great online coding classes on on-demand programming topics. In addition, it includes expert-led video courses and multiple quizzes for interactive learning. Further, this site also introduces Bootcamps. So, you can enroll in a Techdegree program that makes you complete projects for a specific duration.

  • Main Courses Offered: 300+ courses on programming topics like HTML, CSS, PHP, Design, Database, and others.
  • Target Audience/Users: Students and tutors.
  • Course Pricing: Free for 7 days, then $25/mo (for the starter plan).
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

24. General Assembly

General Academy

General Assembly offers part-time and full-time courses for individuals and companies. You can find 20+ online classes led by instructors that last 1 week to many weeks. Also, you can choose an on-demand course to learn at your pace with 1:1 mentor support.

On top of that, you’ll also see upcoming online workshops and events in which you can take part. And if you’re confused about which course to select, then go to the ‘Find Your Course’ menu.

  • Main Courses Offered: Coding, Data Analysis, Data Science, Digital Marketing, etc.
  • Target Audience/Users: Individuals and companies.
  • Course Pricing: Premium courses depending on the course you choose.
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

25. Domestika

Domestika Online Course Website Examples

Yet another online course site that comes under our list is Domestika. It offers online courses by the top creative experts to share their knowledge and skills with the creative community. Here you can find courses based on categories, areas, and software. In addition, you get to make your own course bundle to easily purchase them together.

  • Main Courses Offered: Illustration, Craft, Design, Photography & Video, Fashion, etc.
  • Target Audience/Users: Creative professionals.
  • Course Pricing: Premium courses depending on the course you choose. Most courses cost you $10.99 with an 82% discount currently (the original price is $59.99).
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

How to Make Online Courses Websites?

Going through the list of all these beautiful and popular online course websites, you may have got some inspiration. Don’t you?

So, do you want to set up your own LMS site, then? If yes, then here’s a quick guide to help you with that.

Step 1: Choose the Right Website Platform

Nowadays, making a website is quite easy and simple. There’re many website builders that let you develop a website in just a few clicks. All you need to do is choose the right platform for your website.

WordPress – Our Recommendation

Out of all the other website builders, we recommend using WordPress. That’s because it’s the most popular and widely used CMS (Content Management System) platform. Since over 42% of sites are made up of WordPress on the web.

WordPress Logo Banner
WordPress – Our Recommendation

To know more about WordPress, go through our complete guide on what WordPress is. Also, make sure to read our blog on how to create a website.

Not to mention, WordPress is super user-friendly, so you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner. It includes WordPress plugins and WordPress themes designed for creating online course websites. We’ll mention them later.

Step 2: Register a Domain Name and Set Up Web Hosting

After that, you’ll need a domain name and a web hosting platform. To begin, a domain name is a unique identifier for your website that visitors will use to access it. For example, Google’s domain name is Similarly, the domain of our site is

Domain Name Example SiteNerdy
Domain Name Example (

You can look into our list of the best domain name generators to find a good domain name for your site. And then, register a domain from one of the popular domain registrars.

Second, as a means of bridging the gap between your website and the internet, use a web hosting platform. There are a plethora of hosting service providers that offer low-cost hosting.

Go through our blog on how to choose a web hosting company and select the right one for your site. Some of our top recommendations are Cloudways and SiteGround.

Cloudways - Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Step 3: Create Your Website on WordPress

We find WordPress to be one of the most user-friendly website platforms out there. Once you obtain a domain name and web hosting, simply install WordPress. You can then do the necessary customization by installing a suitable WordPress theme and multiple WordPress plugins as needed.

Use a Suitable WordPress Theme

The theme repository has several free WordPress themes for you to choose from. Also, there are premium themes in multiple marketplaces such as ThemeForest.

For making your online course website, you can choose a multipurpose WordPress theme like Astra, GeneratePress, OceanWP, etc. While you can even select a theme designed specifically for an LMS site. Here’s the list of the best LMS WordPress themes.

Astra Free WordPress Theme
Astra WordPress Theme

Learn how to choose a suitable WordPress theme here. And then, install and activate the WordPress theme to easily get started.

Use a Suitable Online Course Plugin

Similarly, WordPress has a plethora of plugins to help you build an online course site. Some of the best plugins we recommend are LearnDash, TutorLMS, LifterLMS, etc. To know more of them from our top WordPress LMS plugins list.

Check out a detailed review of LearnDash, TutorLMS, LifterLMS, and LearnPress to use one of them for your site.

Step 4: Create and Publish Your Content

Finally, you may begin creating the essential content for your online course website. Documents, video tutorials, downloadable PDFs, photos, quizzes, and much more can be included in the content. All that’s left to do now is post the content and reap the benefits of having an online course website.


So, that’s all! We’ve reached the end of this article. We did our best to compile examples of the most popular online courses websites in 2022. Along with a simple guide to get started with making your own online courses website.

Recently, online courses websites have become one of the most visited sites. Additionally, creating an online course site definitely helps you share your knowledge, skills, and experience. Furthermore, it also helps you make money.  

We truly believe this article will assist you in evaluating all these popular online sites and determining which type of site, to begin with. If you’ve any queries related to this article, then please do not hesitate to write a comment below. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

Also, you might want to check out our comprehensive guide on LifterLMS vs LearnDash and the best LearnDash alternative WordPress plugins.

If you find this article informative, then do forward it to your friends and family. Kindly, mind to give us a like on Facebook and Twitter

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