Best SEO Reporting Software Tools

Are you searching for the best SEO reporting software tools? Do you want to track the progress of your SEO campaigns? If yes, then don’t go anywhere.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for every brand’s online presence. But, to get the most out of your SEO efforts, you must find what’s working and what isn’t.

For that, SEO reporting software tools make the process much more straightforward. Because it gives you a real-time analysis of your website’s SEO performance. Also, you can create detailed reports as proof of your progress.

If you don’t know which tool to go for, then don’t worry. This article contains the best free and paid SEO reporting software tools. So, without any delay, let’s start!

What are SEO Reporting Software Tools? Why are They Important for Your Site?

Before jumping right into the list, let’s learn more about SEO reporting software tools and their significance.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing your web pages to reach a high position in the search results. Moreover, it increases the visibility of your website in search engines. Ultimately, audiences can encounter your site when searching online.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Similarly, SEO reporting tools are the software that analyzes your site and gives SEO reports. An SEO report displays information on your site’s on-page and off-page metrics

Overall, it indicates your site’s performance in search engines for specific keywords. Plus, the metrics about your rankings, traffic, and conversion of your web pages.

Plus, such tools not only track the site metrics but help you perform a lot of actions. And all of them are important for your website.

What are SEO reporting software?
What are SEO reporting software tools?

So, let’s check out the importance of using an SEO reporting software tool for your website:

  • Makes it easy to track the success of your SEO performance.
  • Gives essential data to let you create data-driven SEO strategies and earn more ROI (Return On Investment).
  • It lets you audit your web pages for technical issues.
  • You can improve your site’s loading speed, resolve errors, and avoid security issues.
  • Ability to share the data to educate your clients about the progress.
  • Brings trust and more opportunities to your business.

Hence, you should select a suitable SEO reporting tool for your website. And we’re here to give a list of the top options. But first, here’s a guide on how to choose one. Let’s go!

How to Choose the Best SEO Reporting Software Tool?

To carefully select a perfect SEO reporting SEO tool, you must know the crucial factors to look for. So, these are the things to consider while choosing the best SEO reporting tool. Please keep them in mind.

  • All-in-one SEO Tool: Instead of choosing an SEO tool for reporting, you can select software with diverse features. That includes keyword research, competitor analysis, etc.
  • Types of Reports: Check if your SEO tool can create many reports for a project/plan. Also, see if it offers several types of real-time reports like audit and ranking reports.
  • Customizable Reports: Your tool should let you customize the reports to show the information clearly. Better if it has white-label features to match your brand.
  • Shareable Reports: Also, you can see if it lets you export SEO data to CSV files or spreadsheets. Best of all, SEO tools can schedule and send automated reports.
  • Integrations: You may want to combine your data from many sources. So, check if it integrates with different solutions to give access to more visibility of your campaigns.

Hence, there are several effective SEO reporting tools on the market. Some specialize in reporting, while others are all-rounders. Depending on your needs, you should consider using the ideal tool for your website.

With that, let’s move forward to our main topic of interest.

9 Best SEO Reporting Software Tools (Free + Paid)

Here’s our list of the best SEO reporting software tools. It includes both free and premium tools for your different needs. So, go through them and select an ideal one. Let’s start!

1. Semrush

Semrush is a fully-fledged SEO toolset with 55+ tools and reports. You’ll get reports on its tools like Site Audit and Position Tracking. Each report gives you specific data the tool is for. And every report shows a maximum number of results based on your plan.

Semrush SEO Software Tool

Moreover, the Agency Growth Kit add-on includes a powerful My Reports PDF builder. It lets you create custom PDF reports from scratch or using a template. Ultimately, you can impress your clients and keep their trust.

Further, it lets you schedule automated email reports daily, weekly, or monthly. And you can get these email reports or send them to your colleagues.

Key Features:

  • It can make performance reports using data from your Semrush tools, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Business Profile.
  • Able to save your custom reports as new templates to use in the future.
  • You can integrate the data into Google Looker Studio. Then, build custom reports and dashboards there.
  • It’s white-label, so you can personalize your PDF with your brand logos and colors.
  • Manage your reports and give your clients access using Semrush CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


  • Only 1 person can use Semrush on all plans. Adding more users costs you more.
  • Comparatively, costlier than other SEO reporting software tools.


Semrush has both free and premium pricing plans. The free account gives tools but with restrictions. For example, you can make only 10 requests per day to the Analytics reports. Plus, you can create and manage only 1 project and track 10 keywords in position tracking.

If these features aren’t enough, then go with a premium plan. All of them give a 7-day free trial. So, you can try using this tool and determine if you want to continue. The plans are:

  • Pro: $119.95/mo billed monthly, $99.95/mo billed yearly, 5 projects, 1000 results per report, 500 keywords to track, etc.
  • Guru: $229.95/mo billed monthly, $192.62/mo billed yearly, 15 projects, 1500 results per report, 3000 keywords to track, etc.
  • Business: $449.95/mo billed monthly, $374.95/mo billed yearly, 40 projects, 5000 results per report, 5000 keywords to track, etc.
Semrush Pricing Plans
Semrush Pricing Plans

Most of all, the Agency Growth Kit add-on gives vital features for custom reporting. Hence, you can get it at $150/mo on any of the premium Semrush plans.

User Ratings:

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, Semrush is a freemium SEO toolset with numerous tools offering reports. Also, subscribing to Agency Growth Kit gives more custom features. However, this price is relatively more than other SEO reporting tools. But it has a free plan which is a plus point.

2. Rank Math

Rank Math is one of the best all-in-one WordPress SEO tools. Its reporting function lets you track the SEO performance of each post on your website. 

Rank Math WordPress Plugin

Thus, you can check what keywords each post is ranking for. And how well it’s optimized and how much search traffic it’s generating. Also, it shows the PageSpeed score or loading speed of the pages. All of them help to sustain the performance of your website.

On top of that, it can send regular email reports to keep you updated on your website’s SEO progress. Further, you can also send these email reports to your clients.

Key Features:

  • The reports show your site’s top 5 winning and losing keywords and posts.
  • You can customize the email reports by setting up a custom logo, email subject, etc.
  • Ability to control which sections you want to show and hide on your reports.
  • Lets you run a full SEO analysis to identify problems based on 30 known factors.
  • Includes 15+ built-in modules you can enable and configure based on your needs.
  • Content AI gives AI-generated (Artificial Intelligence) suggestions for your content.


  • Focuses on WordPress websites only.
  • It may be a little overwhelming for beginners.


Rank Math is a freemium WordPress software available in both free and premium price options. The free plugin is present in the plugin directory and its website. Also, you can directly install the plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

However, the free plugin has limited SEO performance email reporting features. Hence, you can go with a premium plan among the following Rank Math price options:

  • Pro: $59/year, unlimited sites, tracks 500 keywords, powerful schema generator, etc.
  • Business: $199/year, 100 client sites, tracks 10K keywords, white-labeled reports, all Pro features, and more.
  • Agency: $499/year, 500 client sites, tracks 50K keywords, all Business features, etc.

Note that all the plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. So, you can try using it and choose to move forward with the software or note.

Rank Math Pricing Plans
Rank Math Pricing Plans

User Ratings:

Bottom Line:

Overall, Rank Math is the most suitable SEO tool for WordPress sites. It contains a single post SEO reporting function to analyze every post. Moreover, you can get custom email reports and send them to your clients. Hence, it’s pretty good for a WordPress plugin.

Do you want to learn more about this SEO tool? Then, here’s our Rank Math review.

3. Google Analytics

Another way to quickly see how your customers interact with your sites is by using the popular SEO tool Google Analytics. It has advanced reporting and analysis functions to check how people engage with your site and the role every channel plays in your business.

Google Analytics AI SEO Tool

In addition, you’ll get many reports with Google Analytics. For example, acquisition reports show how users land on your site to check the effectiveness of your marketing. While the engagement reports show what content drives the engagement and conversions to your site.

On top of that, monetization reports state how much revenue your site generates. That can be from various mediums like eCommerce, subscriptions, or ads.

Key Features:

  • You can collaborate with your team to analyze the data using its simple interface and shareable reports. 
  • Seamlessly integrates with other Google solutions like Google Ads, Google Cloud, Google Search Console, etc.
  • Connecting with multiple systems gives a complete view of your business. Hence, you can measure Points of Sale, CRM, etc.
  • With real-time reporting, you can monitor the activity on your site as it happens.
  • The paid Google Analytics 360 gives reports with global metrics of every country and product line.


  • It has a slight learning curve for newcomers.
  • Lacks features like email reports and custom reports for free.


Google Analytics is a free SEO reporting tool. It’s ideal if you have a small business or starting out as an entrepreneur.

If you want advanced features, then you may need a paid plan. For that, you can go with the premium Google Analytics 360 plan. It costs $15K/year, which includes sophisticated data collecting and analytics features.

User Ratings:

Bottom Line:

Google Analytics is one of the best SEO reporting software tools. This free tool gives many reports about your site, customers, and business. And you can share them to collaborate with your team for quick analysis. That’s ideal for small to medium businesses.

4. Google Search Console

If you want to rank your web pages well on Google search results, then choose Google Search Console. This SEO reporting software has tools and reports to measure the site’s search traffic and performance.

Google Search Console AI SEO Tool

To be exact, you can see which queries bring users to your site. Also, you get to analyze your site’s impressions, clicks, and position on Google Search. Ultimately, this lets you optimize your content for search engines.

Key Features:

  • Some reports let you monitor, test, and track your AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
  • With customized reports, you can test and improve your site’s mobile usability.
  • Monitor and improve the rich results of your structured data on Google Search.
  • It lets you submit sitemaps and individual URLs for crawling. Also, you can review your index for the latest view of your site in Google.
  • Sends email alerts when Google identifies issues on your website. The alerts show the affected URLs from these issues.
  • The URL Inspection tool gives your site’s detailed crawl, index, and serving info.


  • Beginners may take more time to work with this tool.


Best of all, Google Search Console is a completely free SEO tool. Thus, you can start using the software right from your Google account.

User Ratings:

  • Rating of Google Search Console on G2 Reviews: 4.7/5 (160 Reviews)
  • Check more recent reviews.

Bottom Line:

As the name says, Google Search Console is the perfect SEO tool to improve rankings on search results. Using its reports, you can monitor, test, and improve your site. Importantly, it sends email alerts to resolve issues. All of that for free!

5. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an all-rounder SEO toolset with tools like Keyword Research, Site Audit, Page Optimization, Reporting, etc. Its reports give the data you need for your project and business strategies. Moreover, it lets you track the ROI of your efforts.

Moz Pro AI SEO Software Tool

Additionally, you can run and export PDF or CSV reports. Such reports can cover your search rankings, links, site crawl data, etc. And you get to send reports that show a quick snapshot of the results or trends over time.

Key Features:

  • Create custom reports with drag-and-drop functionality to display charts and graphs.
  • Ability to add your own notes and observations on the report results.
  • Choose to auto-deliver the reports to clients daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Add your own logo to personalize the reports according to your brand.
  • Offers clean templates to help you create custom reports.
  • Also, there are templates for notes so that you can tell your SEO story professionally.


  • Improvements can be there to its dashboard.
  • Relatively, some features may be missing.


Moz provides free SEO tools like Link Explorer, Keyword Explorer, SEO Competitive Analysis, etc. And some of those tools provide about 3 reports per day for free.

But for more reporting features, you must use Moz Pro having 4 paid plans. All of them offer a 30-day free trial. The plans are:

  • Standard: $99/mo billed monthly, $79/mo billed yearly, unlimited scheduled reports, 3 campaigns, and more.
  • Medium: $179/mo billed monthly, $143/mo billed yearly, Standard plan features, unlimited branded reports, unlimited report templates, etc.
  • Large: $299/mo billed monthly, $239/mo billed yearly, all Medium features, 25 campaigns, and more.
  • Premium: $599/mo billed monthly, $479/mo billed yearly, every Large feature, 50 campaigns, etc.
Moz Pro Pricing Plans
Moz Pro Pricing Plans

User Ratings:

Bottom Line:

Moz provides some free SEO tools but has limited reports. About 3 reports per day, to be exact. Since it’s not enough, we suggest using Moz Pro. It lets you create and schedule unlimited custom reports. Better because it offers templates to get started.

6. Ahrefs

Yet another one of the widely used SEO reporting software on our list is Ahrefs. It gives reports on tools like Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, SEO Site Audit, Rank Tracker, etc. Each report contains key metrics to get deep insights into your website performance.

Ahrefs AI SEO Tool

Moreover, Ahrefs can send scheduled email reports to you. For example, the rank tracking report displays the most notable changes in the keywords ranking. Plus, it gives a sample of gained and lost SERP features and performance data.

Key Features:

  • You can research a website’s organic and paid traffic using the Site Explorer report.
  • Makes visually appealing reports with colored charts. Also, you can print the reports.
  • Ability to integrate its data into Google Looker Studio and make custom reports.
  • Connecting Google Search Console offers data from both tools at one dashboard.
  • It has an Ahref WordPress plugin that gives automated content edits and suggestions.
  • The Batch Analysis function lets you get SEO metrics for up to 200 URLs.


  • The free trial is available only in the yearly plans.
  • Doesn’t include customization or white-label features.


Ahrefs is a premium SEO reporting tool giving 2 months of free access on all plans for yearly payments. The price options are:

  • Lite: $99/mo, $990/year, 2500 rows per report, 500K rows/mo export, site audit, etc.
  • Standard: $199/mo, $1990/year, report sharing, 30K rows per report, 1.5M rows/mo export, Lite features, and more.
  • Advanced: $399/mo, $3990/year, Standard features, 75K rows per report, 4M rows/mo export, etc.
  • Enterprise: $999/mo, $9990/year, every Advanced feature, 150K rows per report, 10M rows/mo export, etc.
Ahrefs Pricing Plan
Ahrefs Pricing Plan

User Ratings:

Bottom Line:

Overall, Ahrefs has 5 core SEO tools along with a simple dashboard. Other than that, there are some common and exclusive features. And most tools give you visualized reports that can be scheduled for emails. However, it doesn’t include features for custom reports.

7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an easy-to-use SEO tool for small to large businesses. It has 5 tools, Rank Tracking, Site Audit, Keyword Research, Backlinks, and Competitive Analysis. Plus, its paid plans have data reporting features. And each tool gives reports with the respective data.

Ubersuggest Reporting SEO Software Tool

Further, you get a maximum number of reports per day based on your plan. Also, you can export your reports. And the number of data rows you can export depends on your plan.

Key Features:

  • The filtering function lets you segment the reporting results for better analysis.
  • You can organize all your data for every website in a single project dashboard.
  • Also, the dashboard lets you track the changes on your website and get alerts.
  • Provides metrics to improve site speed on desktop and mobile devices.
  • The ‘top SEO pages’ report shows competitors’ pages ranking for popular organic keywords.
  • Gives reports pointing out SEO errors you must fix to increase rankings.


  • Lacks vital tools like brand monitoring, social media tracking, etc.
  • Includes just basic features for backlink research.


With your Ubersuggest account, you get some free features. That includes access to SEO tools, daily rank tracking, personalized SEO suggestions, etc.

However, buy a premium plan for better data reporting features. And every plan offers a 7-day free trial, which is great! The price options are:

  • Individual: $12/mo, 150 reports per day, data reporting, 1 project, and more.
  • Business: $20/mo, 300 reports per day, Individual features, 7 projects, etc.
  • Enterprise/Agency: $40/mo, 900 reports per day, 15 projects, Business features, etc.
Ubersuggest Pricing Plans
Ubersuggest Pricing Plans

User Ratings:

Bottom Line:

Ubersuggest is one of the most well-known keyword research tools. Other than that, it offers various features for your business. Best of all, each tool in Ubersuggest gives reports to analyze your site needs. But, it may lack some exclusive features to other reporting tools.

8. SE Ranking

If you want a 360-degree analysis of your website, then you can go with SE Ranking. It’s an all-in-one SEO software that lets you streamline your SEO workflow. On top of that, it has SEO reporting tools that generate data-rich reports.

SE Ranking SEO Reporting Software

Additionally, this software gives reports containing all the valuable data for your business. That includes your keyword rankings, competitors’ rankings, technical issues, etc. Also, it integrates with Google Analytics to give data on site traffic and conversions.

Key Features:

  • Creates unlimited reports. That can be about simple ranking to deeper SEO insights.
  • Choose from unique and professional report templates, or start from scratch.
  • Customize your reports with a simple drag-and-drop using your brand logo and color.
  • Download the reports in formats like .pdf, .html, etc. Also, you can send them to your customers and colleagues.
  • You can schedule your reporting so that customers get the progress updates on time.
  • Integrates with Data Studio letting you share dashboard and data from any report.


  • It has a bit of a learning curve for first-timers.
  • Social media analytics tools are missing.


SE Ranking gives some free SEO tools such as CMS checker, Subdomain finder, etc. 

But you must purchase one of the premium plans to get reporting features. Each of them contains a 14-day free trial to try using the features. Here are the prices:

  • Essential: $39/mo billed monthly, $31.2/mo billed annually, 100 reports, SEO report builder, 10 projects, and more.
  • Pro: $89/mo billed monthly, $71.2/mo billed annually, 5K reports, all Essential features, unlimited projects, etc.
  • Business: $189/mo billed monthly, $151.2/mo billed annually, 10K reports, all Pro features, and more.
SE Ranking SEO Reporting Pricing Plans
SE Ranking Pricing Plans

User Ratings:

Bottom Line:

SE Ranking is one of the best SEO reporting tools giving advanced reports. It comprises all the necessary features for data reporting. That includes report branding, downloading, sharing, exporting, and scheduling. Hence, you can use this tool if you find a suitable plan.

9. DashThis

Do you want a reporting dashboard for your site? Then, you can use DashThis, one of the best digital marketing and SEO reporting dashboard software.

DashThis SEO Reporting Software Tools

This platform can track all the crucial metrics, from link building to rank tracking. Some include search engine rankings, SERP position tracking, page load speed, organic visits, etc. On top of that, it can track marketing campaigns, give content marketing insights, etc.

Moreover, you can pick any of the preset widgets or create a custom widget. With that, your reports can show the metrics of the valuable information you want.

Key Features:

  • You can link your SEO reporting tools to DashThis. That includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. 
  • Able to create your mailing list. Then, it can send automated SEO reports to them.
  • Choose from an SEO performance report template or create it from scratch.
  • Use the built-in customization tools to show your data the way you want on reports.
  • The white-label reporting options let you add your logo, colors, comments, etc.
  • It can replace the default DashThis URL with the one branded by your company.


  • Lacks dynamic graphical charts for reporting.
  • It should improve the errors one may face while using the dashboard.


DashThis is a premium SEO reporting software giving a 15-day free trial on all plans. So, you can choose any 1 of the following 4 pricing plans:

  • Individual: $39/mo paid monthly, $33/mo paid yearly, 3 dashboards, unlimited data sources, unlimited integrations, etc.
  • Professional: $129/mo paid monthly, $109/mo paid yearly, 10 dashboards, all Individual features, white-label, etc.
  • Business: $249/mo paid monthly, $209/mo paid yearly, 25 dashboards, Professional features, priority support, etc.
  • Standard: $399/mo paid monthly, $229/mo paid yearly, starts at 50 dashboards, every Business feature, etc.
DashThis Pricing Plans - SEO Reporting
DashThis Pricing Plans

User Ratings:

Bottom Line:

To conclude, DashThis is a dedicated reporting software for every business. Also, it works as a full SEO reporting platform to improve your site rankings. The number of dashboards you’ll get depends on your plan. So, it’s ideal for individuals and businesses of all sizes.


And that’s a wrap! Hopefully, you agree to our list of the best SEO reporting software tools. Here, we provide you with free and paid tools that may suit your contrasting needs.

If you want us to recommend it, then we’ll go with Semrush. Because it’s a popular freemium SEO toolset with a collection of various reporting tools. And if want to build a WordPress website, then you can use the freemium RankMath tool.

Nevertheless, all these tools are top-notch, so you can select any. But if there’s any confusion, then you better comment on your queries. We are here to give help.

In addition, please read our articles on the best AI SEO software tools and top eCommerce automation tools.

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