Rank Math Review

Want to read an honest review on the popular Rank Math SEO plugin? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

Rank math is an all-in-one WordPress SEO plugin that comes with an amazing list of features. It can help your website to gain a good SEO ranking and standards. However, it’s a feature-packed new SEO plugin that you may be overwhelmed by its features.

So, to help you out, we present you with an honest review for beginners on Rank Math. Here, we’ll look into its key features, user interface, pricing, pros, cons, etc. 

So, here we go! 

A) What is Rank Math SEO?

Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin and Tool
Rank Math

Before start reading the Rank Math review, we recommend you to learn what is SEO and how does it work. If you are familiar with the term SEO, then you can keep reading this article.

Rank Math is one of the best and fast-growing WordPress SEO plugins that help your website in improving its SEO and attract more traffic. It’s considered a game-changer in the world of SEO plugins as it provides you with a comprehensive set of features. 

Rank Math makes it easier for anyone to optimize their content with its built-in suggestion based on widely accepted practices. Besides that, within a small period, it has become popular among a wide range of users. 

The best part is that most of the features that you get with it can be found within its free version. Hence, it’s a perfect SEO plugin for you if you also wish to do more on the SEO part of your website.

It comes with intelligent features that give the power of entire SEO capabilities with just a few clicks. In fact, it has the power of multiple plugins so you won’t need to download any other plugins. 

Therefore, Rank Math is also marketed as the “Swiss army knife of WordPress SEO”.

B) Features of Rank Math

Rank Math provides you with a plethora of features that are very powerful and useful. Now let’s look at some of the top features which you’d get if you use them:

  • Allows you to optimize your content with up to 5 keywords.
  • You can track your keyword rankings in Google.
  • Offers XML sitemaps.
  • Supports more than 15 types of schema markup aka rich snippets.
  • Suggests you multiple keyword variations of your focused keyword.
  • Check the keyword density for your focused keyword.
  • Built-in smart redirection manager.
  • Built-in 404 error monitor.
  • Suggest you if internal or external linking is missing in your blog post.
  • Fully support WordPress multi-user website.
  • One-click import from Yoast and AIOSEO.
  • AMP support.
  • Robots.txt and .htaccess editor.
  • Overlay icons on social images.
  • Open Graph support.

C) How to Install and Configure Rank Math SEO Plugin?

Just like any other WordPress plugin, Rank Math is also quite easy to install and configure. The process is so easy that even beginners can install and set up the plugin without any hassle. 

Now let’s look stepwise at how you can install and set up the Rank Math SEO plugin:

Step 1: Installing and Activating the Plugin

To install and activate the Rank Math, you have to log in to your WordPress dashboard and then go to Plugins > Add New.

Installing Rank Math
Installing and Activating the Plugin

After that at the very top, on the right-hand side, you would see the search field. There type in Rank Math and find the plugin.

Once you found your plugin click on the Install Now button. After installing it, click on the Activate button. This is how you fully install Rank Math on your website.

Step 2: Creating a Rank Math Account

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you now need to start the setup wizard. But before that, it would be a good idea if you create your Rank Math Account and then connect it to your website. And after that, you can proceed with your setup process.

To create a Rank Math Account you need either go to their official website and from there you can register yourself out there.

Creating Rank Math Account
Creating Rank Math Account

Another way would be to go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Rank Math >> Dashboard >> Help and click the Connect Now button. Once you have clicked the button, it’ll redirect you to their login site and there you can create a new Rank Math account.

Step 3: Selecting User Mode

At first, it’ll ask you to select the user modes. As you can see that Rank Math has 3 modes currently – Easy, Advanced, and Custom Mode (Pro only). You can select any one of them but Custom Mode is only available for Rank Math Pro users.

Selecting User Mode
Selecting User Mode

Next, you’ll see the Start Wizard button that you’ve to click on to start the setup wizard. From here you’ll officially begin the process of setting up the wizard.

Step 4: Setting up Wizard

Rank Math Your Website Setting
Rank Math Your Website Setting

After that, it’ll take you to this option called Your Website. There you’ll be able to add basic information about your website. Like, what type of website you’re running, logo for Google, default social share image, etc.

Following that, you’ll also be able to configure:

  • Connecting to Google Services.
  • Sitemap configuration.
  • Tweaking some SEO settings like making external links nofollow, redirecting, etc.

Once you’re ready, click on the Save and Continue button to complete the setup wizard.

Step 5: Advanced Options

After completing the setup wizard, you can either Setup Advanced Options or Return to the Dashboard. In the advanced option, you’ll be able to take care of Role Manager, 404/Redirection, and Schema Markup.

Hence, this is how you install and set up Rank Math from scratch. It’s extremely easy and simple to configure. If you still find it hard, then go with Easy Mode in the setup process. 

Rank Math Dashboard
Rank Math Dashboard

In the Rank Math Dashboard, you’ll get everything that you need for providing a better user experience and creating an SEO-friendly website. There you’ll find modules such as 404 monitor, AMP, sitemap, Image SEO, role manager, etc.

D) Using Rank Math – How to Optimize Your Posts/ Page for SEO? 

In this section, we’ll talk about different features of Rank Math that help you optimize your website for better ranking in search engines. Let’s see the use of these features separately and try to understand their importance in optimizing your post for SEO.

i) How user-friendly is Rank Math’s user interface?  

Rank Math comes with a pretty clean and simple to use yet quite a powerful user interface. Its visually attractive interface makes it easier to distinguish all the features that are present in this plugin. 

Rank Math Interface in Block Editor
Rank Math Interface in Block Editor

While creating or editing posts Rank Math will allow you to see the SEO information in two different places on the editor. The Gutenberg block editor will allow you to see the information in the editor sidebar.

Likewise, if you’re using classic editors, then you can find out the SEO analytic section only at the bottom of the page.

Now let’s look at how you can analyze your website and how Rank Math can help you improve it. 

ii) How does Rank Math analyze your website and improve its SEO?

Rank Math Score
Rank Math Score

If you go to your WordPress editor, you could see the score at the top right of the editor. Right now the score is 24 of 100 which is not good. 

Rank Math Page Analysis
Rank Math Page Analysis

But once you click the score box it’ll open up a single-post analysis which will show you some tips on how to SEO for your page. Before that, don’t forget to insert the focus keyword that you want to rank for.

Rank Math Focus Keyword
Rank Math Focus Keyword

As you could see, we’ve used 2 focus keywords for this article i.e. ‘what is WordPress’ and ‘what is WordPress used for.’ Also, if you look at the score again, then it has changed to 79/100 which is considered to be good.

Likewise, you can also check each keyword to see how well is your content SEO-optimized for that keyword. Rank Math allows you to optimize your content with up to 5 keywords in its free version.

If you again look back at those tips then you’ll see that the number of suggestions that were there has also reduced. 

iii) How good are content analysis and readability analysis of Rank Math? 

You could see that your results are categories into 4 groups – Basic SEO, Additional, Title Readability, and Content Readability. Based on that Rank Math will provide you different suggestions on how you can improve it.

Rank Math has reviewed your content and gives scoring using some color-coding. If your score is given with a “Green” indicator then it’s good and if  “Red” then you need to improve.

Basic SEO section
Basic SEO Section

For the focus keyword – what is WordPress, you could see that in the basic SEO section everything is indicated with Green color. This means that there isn’t an issue that can affect your SEO. 

Similarly, if you look at the Additional and Title section then there are three errors each in both sections. And we could also see that each error is dedicated to red colors. These are the issues that we’ve to resolve if we wish to improve the overall SEO score of the content.

Content Readability Section
Content Readability Section

Likewise, if you look at the Content Readability section then you could see that it’s green and has said All Good. However, there is one small issue in “Your content contains images and/or videos(s)”. You could see that it’s slightly toward red coloring. This indicates that you don’t have enough images/videos on your content and adding some more can improve your overall SEO score.

Preview Snippet Editor
Preview Snippet Editor

Besides that, it also comes with a preview snippet editor that allows you to edit the title, permalink, and description of your post. At the same time, you can also live preview your snippet for both desktop and mobile devices. 

Hence, we could say that Rank Math does a pretty good job when it comes to optimizing your post for SEO. It indicates and suggests to you some tips that you can clearly and easily follow for better results.

E) Sitemap Configuration in Rank Math

Similarly, if we look at sitemap configuration in Rank Math, then it’s an extremely easy process to carry out. Unlike other SEO plugins, Rank Math allows you to configure this setting at the very start of the setup wizard only.

Rank Math Sitemap Configuration
Rank Math Sitemap Configuration

In that very process, it allows you to enable sitemaps for your website along with that you also enable sitemaps for images too. This feature allowing you to configure at the beginning only shows how important it is to create a sitemap for your website.

Whatsoever, if you missed it at the beginning, then, you can configure it now.  Go to Rank Math >> Sitemap Settings in your Rank Math menu. This will take you to the General Section which provides you all the Global Sitemap settings.

Rank Math Sitemap Setting
Rank Math Sitemap General Setting

From there you can set the maximum number of sitemaps per page, option for including featured images, exclude entire taxonomies, and more. Likewise, you can change sitemap settings for single posts, pages, and attachments separately also.

Hence, generating the sitemaps for your website is easy and anyone can learn how to use them without any technical support. 

F) Rank Math Pricing 

Now let’s talk about the pricing and the cost involved in downloading Rank Math. 

Rank Math is a freemium WordPress plugin which means that you get this plugin for both free and premium plans. If you want a free version of this plugin, then you can download it from the official WordPress plugin directory.

However, if you think that you or your business has a budget, then you can go with the premium plans. When it comes to premium plans, Rank Math seems to offer you two different plans. 

Rank Math Pricing
Rank Math Pricing

The first one is called Pro Plan which will cost $59/year. It can be used for unlimited personal websites and can track up to 500 keywords.

Similarly, the second one is called Business Plan which will cost $199/year. It can be used in unlimited personal and client websites and can track up to 10,000 keywords. This plan is perfect for all those freelancers, businesses, and agency owners.

However, after purchasing this plugin if you feel that this isn’t the one for you then they guarantee you money back within 30 days. 

G) Customer Support Options

Rank Math provides you lots of awesome features within its free version that sometimes become extremely overwhelming for lots of users. Because of that, you might get stuck in the middle of using those features on your own.

Rank Math Help Menu

The best thing you could do when you need help is to go to their official website and click on the HELP menu at the top of the page. On clicking that, it’ll show you two options – Support and Knowledge Base.

Rank Math Knowledge Base
Rank Math Knowledge Base

If you click on the Knowledge Base option then you’ll find all the pre-written information that you might need starting from Plugin Requirements to Fixing 404 Errors. Also, you can type in the queries and search for your answer. 

Rank Math Support
Rank Math Support

Likewise, the Support option will redirect you to another page and there you can search for your queries. Then, it’ll provide you a suitable solution from its Knowledge Base or Blog.

Also, you can check its support forum in WordPress.org. This is a really good place for free users who are looking for some help.

In fact, if you still need help, then you can issue a ticket as well. There you’ll be able to address your issue and then the team of experts will contact you and provide you the solution. However, you have to first create a Rank Math account to be able to issue a ticket.

But if you want support from experts only then you’ll have to purchase one of their premium plans. In which if you go with the Business plan, then only you’ll get 24/7 priority support. Or else, you’ll get 24/7 standard customer support only. 

H) Pros and Cons of Rank Math

So, let’s quickly look at some of the pros and cons of Rank Math.

First, let’s start with the pros:


  • Lightweight and fast WordPress plugin
  • Get premium-like features within a free version
  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Distinguished and user-friendly user interface
  • Optimize your content with 5 keywords at a time
  • Provides great customer support
  • Compatible with all popular WordPress themes


  • Sometimes it becomes overpowering and complicated for beginners to get started with
  • Lots of features get unnoticed and unused
  • Compatibility issue with other WordPress SEO plugins

I) Rank Math Alternatives 

There is no doubt that Rank Math is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. It’s quite beginner-friendly as well as comes with a plethora of useful features. But there are other SEO plugins too in the market which come with their unique features and functionalities.

Now, let’s look at some of those alternatives to Rank Math:

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Popular WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is a widely popular SEO plugin that comes with a complete set of website optimization tools. It’s extremely easy to use and comes with everything that you need for improving your SEO. 

In fact, Yoast SEO only lets you optimize your content with one keyword, and if you wish more than to have to purchase its premium plan.  However, Rank Math allows you to optimize your content with up to 5 keywords. 

2. All in One SEO

All in One SEO

AIOSEO is another popular SEO alternative to Yoast SEO and Rank Math that provides you with powerful and easy-to-use features. As the name suggests, it provides a comprehensive set of tools for improving your website’s SEO rankings.  

AIOSEO is a really good alternative to other SEO plugins if you’re looking for something simple yet powerful enough to do your work. Also, it comes with TruSEO Score On-page Analysis that can provide you in-depth analysis of your on-page SEO.

3. SEOPress 

SEOPress WordPress SEO Plugin and Tool

SEOPress is yet another simple yet fast and powerful SEO plugin for WordPress. This plugin comes with all the features that you need for optimizing your WordPress website. It has more than 100,000+ active installations and is perfect for boosting your traffic and improving your social sharing.

Unlike Rank Math, SEOPress is fully white-labeled and ad-free. It means there is no advertising and footprints in both the backend and frontend. Also, it’s really easy to import or switch from one to SEO plugin without losing any data.

J) Our Final Verdict on Rank Math – Should You Use it?

According to use, Rank Math has the potential to be that SEO plugin that can do work of 5-7 plugins by itself. It’s quite easy to use and provides you a better experience than the other SEO plugins you have used to date. 

Hence, we think that you should give it a try whether you’re a newbie or an SEO expert. As it guarantees you to provide you with better SEO optimization of your WordPress website. 

However, we suggest you install and explore it by yourself to truly understand how convenient it’d be to use it as an everyday SEO tool.


That’s about it. This is a brief review of the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin. We hope that you’ll agree with our review.

If you’ve any further queries about Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin, then please leave a comment below. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Also, check out our article on the 25 best WordPress SEO plugins and tools And also check out the 15 best keyword research tools for better SEO. If you are new to the term SEO, we have a detailed guide on what is SEO as well. Be sure to go through it once. 

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