How to Set Homepage in WordPress ?

Do you want to learn how to set homepage in WordPress? If yes, then stay here!

Your homepage is the first page your website visitors see. So, it must be inviting and engaging enough to capture their attention and guide them through the content.

Fortunately, you can create a custom WordPress homepage that displays your vital content instead of just the latest blog posts. But do you know how to set that page as your website’s homepage?

This article covers the entire process of guiding you on how to set a page as a homepage in WordPress, even if you’re using a block or classic theme. So, let’s dive in!

A. Setting the Homepage – Video Tutorial

Do you prefer watching a video tutorial? We have an easy video tutorial embedded below on setting the homepage in WordPress. Get ready to watch it now!

Video Tutorial on ‘How to Set Homepage in WordPress?’

Want to keep notes? Then, read the detailed guide below to memorize the process!

B. What is a Homepage?

Before moving into the tutorial, let’s quickly have an overview of homepages!

A homepage is the main page of a website. It serves as the starting point for navigating through the website’s content.

Moreover, it communicates your site’s purpose and proposed value. So, this page defines how you can meet your visitors’ needs and entices them to explore further.

But what does a homepage generally contain? A homepage provides an overview of what the website offers and includes navigation menus with links to crucial website pages and sections.

In addition, it contains call-to-action buttons that let visitors take the next step. For example, subscribing to a newsletter.

The homepage of SiteNerdy contains all the things mentioned above. Plus, it includes the latest and most popular blog posts as a blog website.

SiteNerdy Blog Example
SiteNerdy (A Homepage Example)

C. What Kind of Homepage Do You Want? (Static vs Latest Posts)

Initially, you must decide what kind of homepage you want for your website. Note that a homepage can be static or dynamic.

A static homepage is beneficial if you want to showcase specific content that doesn’t change frequently. For instance, the mission statement, key products, services, or crucial information about your business.

On the other hand, a dynamic homepage features the latest posts. Suppose you regularly publish new content or want to keep visitors informed about your latest news, events, or blogs. Then, this page encourages visitors to return to your site.

Static vs Latest Posts - How to Set Homepage in WordPress
Static vs Latest Posts

Thus, the choice between a static homepage and one featuring the latest posts depends on your goals, content strategy, and audiences’ preferences.

For example, static homepages can be landing pages, brochure websites, and informational sites. Similarly, news websites, magazine sites, and blogs require the latest posts on their homepage. So, be clear about the site’s niche and its goals!

By default, WordPress sets the homepage with the latest posts from your site. Here, we’ll teach you how to create custom homepages with different content types.

D. How to Set Homepage in WordPress Full Site Editing? (Twenty Twenty-Four)

Now, let’s show how to set homepage in WordPress full site editing

Since WordPress 5.9, block themes have been introduced with the FSE capabilities. They let you stylize and edit the entire website in one place. 

So, let’s refer to the latest default WordPress FSE theme, which is Twenty Twenty-Four.

Learn the theme installation process here!

Twenty Twenty Four WordPress Block Theme
Twenty Twenty-Four

Did you know? This theme comes with a default homepage that you can customize, and your visitors can see it right after you publish it.

But what if your theme doesn’t provide you with a homepage? Or suppose you want to create a custom homepage from scratch but don’t know how to declare it as the front page of your website.

We’re here for the rescue!

Step 1: Create a Homepage in the Site Editor

First, log into your WordPress dashboard and go to ‘Appearance > Editor’.

Open Appearance and the Editor
Open Appearance and the Editor

Next, press the ‘Pages’ option.

Open Pages of Site Editor
Open Pages of the Site Editor

Then, click ‘+’, give the page title like ‘Homepage’, and click ‘Create draft’. 

Add a New Page to the Site Editor
Add a New Page to the Site Editor

This opens the site editor, where you can first locate ‘Template’ on the right side. There, click ‘Pages’ followed by ‘Create new template’.

Create a New Template
Create a New Template

Here, enter the template name, like ‘Main Page’, and press ‘Create’.

Click 'Create'
Click ‘Create’

Step 2: Save the Custom Homepage in the Site Editor

Now, let’s make a homepage template using the available block patterns. Begin by removing the existing blocks. 

Just select the block, click ‘Options’, followed by ‘Delete’.

Delete the Existing Blocks
Delete the Existing Blocks

Afterward, click ‘+’ at the top left and open ‘Patterns’. There, you can find ready-made designs for different website sections. 

Here, let’s add one pattern each from the ‘Featured’ and ‘Posts’ options. But before that, you must add the header and footer sections to your template. To create the header and footer, here’s our guide on adding pages to the menu.

Once these template parts are ready, you can add them to your new template. For instance, add the ‘Template Part‘ block and click the ‘Choose‘ button.

Add Template Part
Add Template Part

After that, search and select the header template part, and then do the same for the footer.

Now, let’s take an example for the pattern. Open ‘Featured’ and press a pattern to use.

Insert a Pattern to Add Content to Home
Insert a Pattern to Add Content to Home

Once you add these patterns, close the block inserter. Afterward, you can edit the content, including text and images. Just select the text block and change its content.

Edit the Text
Edit the Text

Similarly, select the image block and click ‘Replace’ on its toolbar, followed by ‘Open Media Library’.

Open Media Library
Open Media Library

There, upload the image, enter its details, and click ‘Select’. Do that for every page section.

Insert the Image to the Block
Insert the Image to the Block

Moreover, you can select a block and customize its design. Just select it, and on the block settings, you’ll find ‘Settings’ and ‘Styles’ that let you configure the media width to adjust the block dimensions.

After you finish creating the page, hit the ‘Save’ button twice. But to publish this draft page, press the ‘Back’ option on the navigator.

Customize Homepage
Customize Homepage

Set the ‘Status’ to ‘Published’ in the ‘Page’ settings. Lastly, click ‘Save’ again.

Publish the Homepage
Publish the Homepage

That’s how you can create a custom homepage for your website. But does it show up on your website when previewing? No, right? Keep reading!

Step 3: Set the Static Page as Homepage

Once your homepage design is ready, press the WordPress logo twice to close the editor. Now, navigate to the ‘Settings > Reading’ menu. 

This is where you actually set the homepage for your WordPress site.

Navigate Settings and then Reading
Navigate Settings and then Reading

On the ‘Your homepage displays’ option, choose ‘A static page’. Under it, you’ll find the ‘Homepage’ option. Open its drop-down menu and pick your newly created homepage.

Lastly, click on the ‘Save Changes’ button. 

Choose the Static Page as Homepage
Choose the Static Page as the Homepage

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up a homepage on your WordPress website. Couldn’t believe it? 

Just visit your website URL and see that the new homepage opens like magic!

Preview of Homepage Using an FSE Theme
Preview of Homepage Using an FSE Theme

E. Setting the Homepage in WordPress with Classic Themes (Astra)

Moving forward, let’s check out the process of setting the homepage in WordPress with classic themes. Shall we?

The WordPress theme directory has thousands of free themes. Among those WordPress themes, we’ll go for the most popular classic theme, Astra.

Here’s a complete guide on how to install a WordPress theme.

To use the Astra templates and elements, you must utilize the ‘Starter Templates’ plugin. Hence, ensure you install the plugin in your dashboard with this guide.

A point to be noted! If you’re using a complete site template given by the theme, then you can simply customize it. Your visitors can see that homepage right on the site.

However, suppose your theme doesn’t offer a homepage template. Or if you want to build a custom homepage from scratch but don’t know how to set it as the first page of your website. Then, what should you do?

It’s easy-peasy with this tutorial! Keep reading.

Step 1: Create a Homepage Using a Template

First, log into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to ‘Pages > Add New Page’.

Go To Pages And Click Add New
Go To Pages And Click Add New

Now, give the page title ‘Homepage’. But remember to hide this page title to make it show up on the site. Just select the page title block and click on the ‘eye’ icon.

Following that, click the ‘Design Library’ button.

Hide Page Title
Hide Page Title

Astra provides you with single-page templates for your homepage, so let’s open the ‘Home’ option in the ‘Pages’ tab.

Among the several choices, click the ‘Install Spectra & Insert’ button after hovering over the one you like.

Install Spectra and Insert
Install Spectra and Insert

Afterward, click ‘Get Started’ on the popup and ensure to leave the current page for the process.

Get Started - How to Set a Page as a Homepage in WordPress
Get Started

Following that, log into the software with your Google account. This redirects you to the ZipWP connection page, where you can click ‘Continue’

Continue ZipWP Connection
Continue ZipWP Connection

After a while, you’ll be redirected back to the block editor with the newly added template. Now, you can begin the editing and customizing process. Just select a heading or paragraph block and change the text.

Change Text of Classic Theme
Change Text of Classic Theme

Similarly, select the image block, then click the ‘Replace’ button on the toolbar, followed by ‘Open Media Library’.

Open Media Library
Open Media Library

Next, upload an image, enter the image details, and press ‘Select’.

Select Image to Add
Select Image to Add

Once you edit the content of the entire page, customize it. For example, select a section and find the General, Style, and Advanced options by Astra.

  • The ‘General’ tab lets you alter the layout.
  • The ‘Style’ tab provides options for background, color, spacing, etc.
  • Lastly, the ‘Advanced’ tab contains options for animations, responsive controls, etc.

Afterward, hit the ‘Publish’ button twice to save the changes. Then, go back to the dashboard by clicking the WordPress logo.

Customize and Publish Homepage
Customize and Publish Homepage

Step 2: Customize the Homepage in the WordPress Customizer

But notice that your menu isn’t complete yet. In classic themes, the block editor lets you edit the body section only. 

So, first, add pages to your menu following this tutorial. With that, your header and footer, essential for the homepage, will be ready.

For their customization options, you must use the WordPress customizer. So, go to the customizer from ‘Appearance > Customize’ and use the different options.

Go to Appearance and then Customize
Go to Appearance and then Customize

For example, select the header menu and click the ‘Edit’ option. This gives the ‘General’ and ‘Design’ options to use. Once you’re done, click ‘Publish’.

Header Customizer - How to Set Homepage in WordPress
Header Customizer

Step 3: Set the Static Page as Homepage

After your home design is ready, it’s time to set that page as the official homepage of your website. This can be done in 2 different locations. So, let’s check them out.

1. From the Website Settings

Like the FSE themes, you can open the ‘Settings > Reading’ menu.

On the ‘Your homepage displays’ option, select ‘A static page’. Below that, there’s the ‘Homepage’ option, where you must open the drop-down menu and pick your newly created homepage.

Afterward, hit ‘Save Changes’. That’s all!

Save the Static Homepage
Save the Static Homepage

2. From the WordPress Customizer

Another way is to do it from the WordPress Customizer. So, navigate back to the customizer.

There, open the ‘Homepage Settings’ option on the left side.

Open the Homepage Settings
Open the Homepage Settings

Following that, choose ‘A static page’ in the radio button.

Now, on the ‘Homepage’ option, click ‘Select’, and choose your newly built homepage. Lastly, hit the ‘Publish’ button.

Publish Settings on Customizer
Publish Settings on Customizer

Congrats! This is all you need to do to set up a homepage on your WordPress website.

Just open your website URL and see the new homepage! Amazing, isn’t it?

Preview of Homepage Using a Classic Theme
Preview of Homepage Using a Classic Theme

Want to build an entire website? Here’s a guide on how to create a site.

F. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Know the answers to some common FAQs below to solve all the confusion.

1. Can I change my homepage design after setting it up?

Yes, absolutely! WordPress lets you change your homepage design at any time even after setting it up and making it live. According to your preferences, you can customize the layout, content, and design elements.

2. How can I optimize the homepage for SEO?

To optimize the homepage for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ensure that its title and meta description reflect your site content. Further, use the heading tags, incorporate relevant keywords naturally on the page, optimize image alt tags, etc.

3. Are there WordPress plugins to set and customize the homepage?

Yes, many WordPress plugins can help you set up and customize your homepage. Such page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi offer customizable templates and drag-and-drop functionality.

4. Can I have a different homepage layout for mobile devices?

Yes, you can create a different homepage layout for mobile devices. Many WordPress themes and page builders offer options to customize the layout for various screen sizes. Otherwise, you can utilize a mobile-specific plugin too.

5. Will changing my homepage affect my website’s SEO?

Changing your homepage design or layout may have some impact on your site’s SEO on factors like page load speed, mobile responsiveness, or keyword optimization. However, following the best SEO practices can lower the impact.


That’s all! This concludes our guide on how to set a homepage in WordPress.

Hopefully, you were able to create a captivating and user-friendly homepage. Also, we hope that you can set your custom page as the homepage of your website.

If you’re still confused, then leave your questions in the comment section. We’ll answer your questions to resolve the confusion.

Meanwhile, read our other WordPress guides on how to start a mobile-friendly website and how to find page ID.

Lastly, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to come across more articles like this.

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