Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress? If yes, then you’ve landed at the right place to know that.

eCommerce offers loads of businesses opportunities to increase their product ranges and generate more sales. With the growing competition, businesses are searching for ways to get a better position in the marketplace. 

WordPress is one of the most popular solutions for eCommerce businesses. The best part is there are WordPress eCommerce plugins to easily create an eCommerce site. So, if you’re thinking of building a WordPress site for your online business, then you can simply use an eCommerce plugin. 

However, choosing the best plugin can be a bit difficult. So, we’ve shortlisted some of the best eCommerce plugins for your WordPress site.

Let’s start.

How to Choose an eCommerce Plugin for Your Site?

Before heading towards the list, first, let’s look at some of the points. These are the things that you need to consider while choosing WordPress eCommerce plugins. They are:

  • Easy to Use and Configure: The first and foremost thing is that the eCommerce plugin needs to be easy to use and set up. So, it must provide a simpler process for configuration, adding products, etc. to save your time.
  • Payment Gateway: Next, you must check the payment gateways that the plugin supports. Your chosen eCommerce plugin should have support for your preferred payment gateways by default or through an extension.
  • Price: To avoid future problems, you need to look for the affordability of the plugin. The plugin you choose must fall under your budget and still remain feature-rich.
  • Design Options: The plugin you select must provide beautiful templates and easy customization or design options. This’ll provide a professional layout for your eCommerce site and help to grab the attention of your customers.
  • Plugin Support: The eCommerce plugin you choose needs to be compatible with other plugins and third-party applications. Using them, you can easily manage and grow your business efficiently.
  • Customer Support: Finally, it should have good customer support options for its users. It’s important for solving the issues quickly and saving money.

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Now, let’s get into the list of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress.

8 Best Ecommerce Plugins for WordPress

Here, we’ve shortlisted the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress. So, go through the description, features, and pricing of each of them. 

Then, it’s up to you to choose the perfect one for your online store.

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce WordPress eCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin with 5 million+ installations. It contains everything that you may need to start and run your online business. And it’ll literally take you just a few minutes to set up your store, from the homepage to payment and shipment options.

As a flexible and open-source eCommerce platform, you can use it to build any kind of store to sell anything. It can be physical products or digital content like ebooks, software, etc. Your customers are also able to buy single items or in bundles. Plus, you can also sell subscriptions and get charges for reservations and appointments.

Key Features:

  • WooCommerce mobile app enables you to manage your business easily in real-time and from anywhere.
  • Accepts major credit cards, bank transfers, cash on delivery, and more. Plus, it also offers 140 region-specific gateways like PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc.
  • WooCommerce blocks allow you to choose and display your products in a modular manner. Like adding new products, top-rated products, on-sale products, best sellers, etc.
  • Saves your time with automatic tax calculations, live shipping rates from lead carriers, and more.
  • Offers translation to over 24 languages including Danish, Ukrainian, etc.
  • Compatible with other popular WordPress plugins like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Yoast SEO, etc.


It’s an absolutely free plugin to use for your eCommerce site. Also, there are several other free and premium add-ons and extensions available for adding extra features. 

Want to know more in detail about WooCommerce? Then, look at our article on what is WooCommerce?

2. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads WordPress eCommerce Plugin

Do you want an eCommerce plugin for easily selling your digital products? If yes, then all you need is Easy Digital Downloads. For selling ebooks to PDFs, it’s one of the best plugins to meet your online business needs. Your customers are able to download their purchased files unlimited times however, you can also add certain restrictions.

Not to mention, it allows you to accept credit card payments using Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. Plus, this plugin saves the history of payment records of each transaction in your system. From this, you can easily view all the details of the payments.

Key Features:

  • Contains cleanly designed shopping cart elements. So, customers can add to cart and buy multiple downloads at a time.
  • Consists of customer management features. Like maintaining separate records for each customer, tracking their activity, linking their records to their user profiles, etc.
  • Can create discount codes to offer discounts at flat or percentage rates. Also, can include settings for expiration, maximum usage, etc. to encourage more customers to buy.
  • The data reporting platform enables you to view the stats and make custom reports.
  • Able to monitor the product files that are being downloaded or purchased by your customers. Such as tracking date, time, IP addresses, etc.
  • Integration with plugins and extensions like Dropbox, ConvertKit, AffiliateWP, etc.


Easy Digital Downloads is a freemium plugin available in both free and paid versions. For the free version, you can easily download it from

Also, for purchasing the premium version, there are 4 pricing plans available. They are:

  • Personal Pass: Costs $99/year for getting started with an eCommerce site.
  • Extended Pass: Price of $199/year with extended features. Like selling subscriptions.
  • Professional Pass: Worth $299/year with premium extensions for your business site.
  • All Access Pass: Costs $499/year to build unlimited sites. Offers access to all the extensions.

3. Shopify Buy Button

Shopify Buy Button eCommerce Plugin for WordPress

Shopify is a famous eCommerce platform that offers a plugin, Shopify Buy Button. Using it, you’re able to connect your existing Shopify store with WordPress in minutes. It creates an online store on your WordPress blog or site that can connect directly with your Shopify store. So, you can sell your products from WordPress or the Shopify store as per your wish.

In contrast to WooCommerce, Shopify is a hosted platform that manages the technical components of your site. So, you can easily focus on your business. And with the use of this plugin, provides you a comparatively easy way to run your store.

Key Features:

  • Easily able to add your products to the WordPress site by using the generated code. This reduces the time and work to add and sync your products individually.
  • Consists of 100+ payment gateways to choose from.
  • Able to add unlimited products to your online store.
  • Provides easy integration to order and shipment features.
  • Ability to track your sales and growth trends.
  • With a few clicks, you’ve full control to customize your site as per your needs.


You can start selling your Shopify products on your WordPress website or blog at a cost of $29/month.

4. MemberPress

If you’re looking for a WordPress plugin to sell memberships, then MemberPress is what you need. It’s an all-in-one membership plugin. You’re able to create, manage, and track membership subscriptions. Plus, you can also sell online courses and digital downloads.

Moreover, it allows you to manage your members for granting or revoking access to your content. You can do that based on what membership or digital product they’ve bought. So, you’re able to allow or deny access to pages, posts, tags, categories, and more.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with any popular WordPress theme. Also allows you to use a custom theme for your site.
  • Provides clear and relevant reports to get the information that you need about your site. Such as your earning and products that are selling.
  • Includes integration of payment gateways in a much simpler way. First, you need to enter your gateway API keys. Then, you’re able to set up any notifications the gateway needs. That’s how you can charge your users for your products.
  • Allows you to schedule your content to release on your site on a regular basis. Now, you can also create your courses and release them daily, weekly, or after any specified time.
  • Ability to generate numerous coupons, control the expiry and number of uses, and customize coupon codes. This plays a great role in promotions and giveaways.


It’s a premium plugin that’s available in 3 pricing plans. They are:

  • Basic: Offers standard support to build a site with a cost of $129/year.
  • Plus: Provides priority support and add-ons to build up to 2 sites. The price is $249/year.
  • Pro: Get premium support with advanced features. Able to use for up to 5 sites at a price of $349/year.

5. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart is a freemium eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites. There are thousands of small businesses that use the free version of Ecwid to easily sell online. And with the premium version, you can grow your business to another level.

There’s a key difference between this plugin compared to other WordPress eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce. The Ecwid store can be synced to sell the products across multiple websites and blogs. Along with that, you can also sell your products on social media platforms like Facebook and marketplaces like Amazon.

Key Features:

  • Ability to control everything like order, pricing, inventory, etc. from a single dashboard in a simple yet fast way.
  • Offers an Ecwid mobile app to easily manage your business on mobile.
  • Seamless integration to major shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. Also, shipping rates and tax rates can be calculated automatically.
  • Provides unlimited storage and regular backups along with frequent upgrades and security updates. This secures your online store and offers you the latest features.
  • Contains 40+ payment options including PayPal and Stripe.


The free version of this plugin itself contains many amazing features. If you want to access the premium features, then you can purchase it among the 3 pricing plans available. They are:

  • Venture: Costs $15/month with professional features to grow and manage your store.
  • Business: Offers advanced solutions to expand your business at the price of $35/month.
  • Unlimited: Provides everything you may need to sell online, on mobile, and at retail. It costs $99/month.

6. eCommerce Product Catalog

eCommerce Product Catalog

eCommerce Product Catalog is a free and responsive product catalog plugin for building WordPress eCommerce sites. You can organize the products into multi-level categories and tags. Plus, there are filter and search options that allow your visitors to easily find the products that they are looking for.

This plugin offers you a ‘request for quote’ functionality that you can keep to your product pages. Now, your users are able to request a quote for all or selected products from your product catalog. It’s best to use it when you’re not including the prices of certain products.

Key Features:

  • Consists of intuitive product catalog settings for customizing your site. Such as for colors, headers, product display design, price, currency, and more.
  • Contains shortcodes to show products, categories of products, etc. anywhere on your site.
  • Enable the lightbox gallery option to display your products with immersive effects.
  • Includes shipment management that allows you to state the shipping options for each product.
  • Comes with multiple eCommerce product catalog widgets like that for the category, search, sort, filter, etc.
  • Provides 3 listing templates and 2 product page templates.


Guess what. It’s a 100% free WordPress eCommerce plugin. 

Plus, there are several other extensions available for adding extra features. Such as Product Review, Shopping Cart, Order Form, and more.

7. WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart eCommerce Plugin

WP EasyCart is a single eCommerce store and shopping cart plugin for WordPress sites. Using this plugin, you’re able to sell any kind of product like digital, retail, subscription, service, etc. 

It contains Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and 3D secure payments for better security. As it’s a secure WordPress eCommerce solution, thousands of users trust and use this plugin.

You can freely use any WordPress theme to build your eCommerce site. If you already have a website, then also you can simply add this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Offers powerful eCommerce store tools that you can use to track and monitor sales performance.
  • Tablet and mobile applications are available from which admins can receive notifications about new orders.
  • Can easily manage the entire orders from the WordPress dashboard. It also includes managing shipping, billing, taxation, and more.
  • Contains marketing tools to access gift cards, coupons, and promotions for customer engagement.
  • Able to calculate the shipping charge based on the price, weight, percentage, and quantity. Also allows live rate calculations from shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, etc.


You can purchase the premium version of this plugin from its official website. There are 2 pricing plans for the paid version. They are:

  • Professional: Best deal plan with the price of $69/year to build a site. Comes with 30+ payment options including Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • Premium: The most popular plan that costs $99/year to build a site. Comes with 30+ payment options, all extensions, and access to iPhone, iPad, and Android App.

8. BigCommerce

BigCommerce WordPress eCommerce Plugin

BigCommerce is a powerful and flexible eCommerce platform. It also provides seamless integration with WordPress to sell your products from the BigCommerce store on the WordPress site. Or, you can also redirect the customers to the store from WordPress. Plus, you can also sell the items at marketplaces like eBay and social media platforms like Facebook.

The advantage of using this plugin over others is that you don’t require installing additional extensions. Most of the common features (some advanced) for eCommerce are available in BigCommerce. Such as taxation, shipping calculations, global payment gateways, etc.

Key Features:

  • Supports integration of 65+ international payment gateway and 250+ local payment methods. Also, the preferred payment solution among them is PayPal.
  • Offers a flexible shopping cart with multiple customization options. Also, can include discounts and promotions easily without requiring to write any scripts.
  • Provides real-time reports of your business based on orders, customer data, marketing, and more.
  • Can easily sync your BigCommerce products to your WordPress website. To carry out automatic syncing, you’re able to set the time intervals to do so.
  • Able to create a complex product catalog that’s highly scalable.


The free version of BigCommerce isn’t updated for the latest releases of WordPress. Due to this reason, we recommend you only use the premium version of this plugin.

There are 3 pricing plans available for its paid version. They are:

  • Standard: Create an online store for your business at the price of $29.95/month.
  • Plus: To get the marketing tools, get this plan worth $79.95/month.
  • Pro: Contains more exclusive features that cost $299.95/month.

In a dilemma to choose between WooCommerce and BigCommerce? Then, have a quick look at our article BigCommerce vs WooCommerce.

Why WooCommerce is Best Among Others?

With the increasing number of eCommerce platforms, businesses are confused while choosing among the best WordPress eCommerce plugins. However, when it comes to choosing the one that suits every type of business, WooCommerce will always be the top priority.


There’s the main reason why WooCommerce is preferred over other WordPress eCommerce plugins. It’s because it’s 100% free. Plus, there are certain advanced features on the free version itself. And with the other numerous free and paid extensions, it has become the most widely used platform.

Do you want to know more about why WooCommerce is best among other eCommerce plugins? Then, let’s look at some of the reasons why it’s best than other plugins. They are:

  • Simple and Intuitive: The user interface itself is simple and intuitive. So, you’re able to set up your eCommerce site without any difficulty.
  • Sell Anything: You can sell any kind of product you want. It includes virtual products, appointments, physical products, subscriptions, and reservations.
  • Constantly Improving: WooCommerce is an open-source plugin. So, it’s formed by several dedicated users to keep improving it. It’s able to evolve, adjust, and grow in every version and will still remain free to use.
  • Customization: It provides 40+ free templates. They can be used for building eCommerce sites for any type of business. Plus, it also offers a wide range of possibilities to personalize your store as per your business requirement.

Apart from them, WooCommerce contains certain built-in features. Like payment gateways, advanced inventory management, easy tax calculation, etc. This makes it the best WordPress eCommerce plugin for an online store.


Finally, we’ve reached the end of this article. We hope that you enjoyed reading it. And, you were able to choose the best eCommerce plugin for your WordPress website. Also, we assure you that these plugins will help your online store to be competitive in the marketplace.

Among the given eCommerce plugins, we highly recommend you to use WooCommerce. It’s not just a popular plugin. But it also provides many great features for your site to stand out. However, you can also use the other plugins on the list as per your choice.

Already using any of these WordPress eCommerce plugins? If so, then don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section. Plus, feel free to share your thoughts and queries with us. We’ll try to give you your reply as soon as possible.

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